The Anti-Christ / Anti-Life Consciousness

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February 2005 Message : The Anti-Christ / Anti-Life Consciousness

Nine-Day Intensive

A Journey in England


By now, many of you may have read the January 2005 newsletter addressing the consciousness of cancer and my own personal experiences with this dis-ease. If you have not done so, it might be valuable for you to review that newsletter before reading the additional information in this one. Our December 2004 newsletter, spoke a little about our trip to England and the challenges that came up for us during that time. Looking back, all we can say is that we found our journey painful. This path we took is not any different than the journey each of you may find yourself presently taking in search of your own spiritual truths. This is just another story.

The intensity felt as if we were in a place where energy, emotions and different collectives of consciousness were crashing into themselves in a way I had never before witnessed or experienced. The closest word to describe this would be pure ‘chaos’. A collective consciousness that needs to take another form can be very dangerous, for it will either explode or implode. Pockets of these types of consciousness can be found all over the planet. Because we are, in some ways, the creators of all energy, we as humans can change its form – back into pure creativity.

One of these pockets of chaotic consciousness could be felt around the institution where I was working in England. It had previously been a place where I felt at home with several close friendships. Since my last visit, many of the staff had left and new people were filling those roles. This created a completely new set of energetic dynamics within the school. To me, it felt as if an empty hole had been created. The new people were doing the best they could in jobs that had in the past, been performed by more experienced individuals. This change created a space that was attracting different forces. Working there for three weeks, it was easy to peek in and witness the shifts and challenges occurring on so many levels. Because of the hundred-year-old history of this place, I knew this was a very old consciousness.

I have shared before my belief that our process time is collapsing. In the past, we often had time in between each process to re-group, breathe, rest and recognize completion with our past. Now, a process can be so intense, there is not sufficient time to complete it before the next process hits. That’s exactly what is happening all over the world, only ten to one hundred times greater than before; such intensity that it can be explosive in nature. This type of forceful energy can be very dangerous. I believe it can even add to the dynamics of a natural disaster. Human projections are more powerful than we can imagine.

To me, it felt as if I barely made it out of London alive. This sounds a bit melodramatic I know, but it is how I truly felt. Emotionally, I had been seriously wounded, and it was hard to keep myself from falling into depression, or the vibration of everything that is serious. Still in our process, Nancy and I were off to Glastonbury. Having had several powerful, personal experiences in the past, I was aware of the dynamics in this part of England. Each time that I have gone to Glastonbury, I have slept in the same room at Shambhala Healing Retreat. A lot of information has come to me there during lucid dreaming. This time was no different. It is like tuning in to the radio station frequency and getting all kinds of information. A few days later, an even bigger picture was revealed. The consciousness felt in London was actually the Anti-Life energy – the actual basis for polarity, or the Anti-Matter of Creation. This took me back to 1999 when I found the Anti-Christ Consciousness in Australia that I spoke about in ‘The Life Changing Event’. Somehow, this Anti-Life energy had triggered a vibration within me. It all made sense – finally!! The way I was to assist change in this consciousness was yet another journey. Sometimes change happens with awareness. That is why we take the time to write these newsletters. Imagine the power of group awareness!

I also knew I had to see an old friend, one that had died on January 8, 1946. Her name was Violet Mary Evans, better known as Dion Fortune. Although I had visited her gravesite a couple of years ago, there seemed to be a driving force behind this visit as if something big would happen. In many ways, it has felt to me that Dion Fortune and I have shared a life in the past. I feel a connected sense of being or a presence with this woman. She wrote numerous books, many of which continue to be published to this day, authorized by The Society of the Inner Light. For those of you who have read past newsletters, you know that I am cautious in sharing the identities of my past so as not to suggest any importance. Perhaps it is merely being in alignment with certain people, their vibration or their past presence that allows our own energy and vibration to become one with them.

The fact appeared to me that a missing part might still be there at that cemetery. I had looked at the Anti-Christ energy and knew that Dion Fortune had psychically worked with a group of people on many different levels to fight or balance Hitler during World War II. There was a book written about her during the war: The Magical Battle of Britain, Golden Gates Press, Wiltshire, U.K. 1993 with an introduction and commentary by Gareth Knight. (ISBN 1-898260-00-1) That book listed what Dion Fortune and her psychic group did on a daily basis to balance the projections focused onto Britain by Hitler’s Administration during World War II.

I have also read and recommended a book called The Spear of Destiny by Trevor Ravenscroft. Samuel Weiser, Inc., Maine USA, 1982. (ISBN 0-87728-547-0) That book details how Hitler used occult powers with the spear, which had reputedly been used by the Roman soldier to pierce the side of Christ at the crucifixion. Hitler attempted to harness those occult energies in his desire to conquer the world. The Anti-Christ Consciousness is important to understand. This book clearly provides insight into history and how Hitler effectively used that consciousness for specific outcomes.

The next authoritative text in my opinion is The Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion by Ralph Manheim. Victor Gallancz, 1944. Much of the informative and historical text is found within The Spear of Destiny. This purports to be a record of the proceedings of the World Congress of Jews held in Basel in 1897 at which it was claimed that plans were laid and revolutions carried toward achieving world domination. The Protocols proved to be an appendix to a work called The Anti-Christ written by Nilus, a Russian journalist who was also an agent of the Czarist secret police (the parent of the OGPU & KGB). Nilus was also a pupil of Soloviev, a Russian philosopher. The Protocols were a blatant forgery designed to smear European Jews. Hitler used these writings in his attempt to further discredit the Jewish population. These factors, including how Hitler was able to obtain the support of the German people in his hatred for the Jewish population, was how he came into alignment with the energy of the Anti-Christ that history had charged for thousands of years. Hitler believed he was the savior of the white race. I believe we can all agree – there are many evil projections that are put into the consciousness of war. These projections contain the most deadly vibration that mankind has ever participated in creating. It might be easier if you think of consciousness in this way: Does the consciousness of money care who owns it? It is merely an energy that is attracted to a certain vibration. So is war.

Dion Fortune and many others had taken a powerful energy hit by the tremendous Anti-Christ or Anti-Life vibration in force during World War II. This was a very important duality that had to change forms. If we could now balance these old projections, it could help to change the entire consciousness of war and the way that humans emotionally hate. Killing is a very controlling experience on many levels, creating a powerful addiction for many people around the world. It is the most destructive of all human addictions.

On this visit to the cemetery, Nancy came along as my spiritual witness. She chose to watch from a distance as I stood next to Dion Fortune’s gravesite. Quietly waiting, I began to receive thousands of pictures, impressions from the past. What I now realize was that the energy Hitler used had hurt, perhaps even killed Dion Fortune. By her and her group attempting to change Hitler’s signature or vibration, the consciousness was forced to transform. Standing at her grave, I suddenly felt a piercing feeling on my right side where the spear had pierced the side of Christ. Only a fraction of the spear’s initial vibration remained, so neither the power nor the force of the spear had the same intensity as that moment in the past. Information and power came with the pain I felt in my side and back. This was a vibration I had been searching for, knowing that it was important to bring about balance in order for it to return to pure creativity. This was part of my agreement.

We all leave markers or gates to find on our future path, sometimes at sacred sites like pyramids or ruins, sometimes in books, artwork, music or symbols. These all have specific vibrations that can awaken an old part of our brain, allowing for a past time to come into our present moment. Nancy said she could see this vibration come out of the ground and spiral into me. She knew I needed help to remove the residual of the Nancy pushed it into the center of this triangle, down into the ground. Walking away, her hands were ghostly - deadly white, no color remaining. We found a bathroom where she could wash. Slowly, the life force returned to her hands. It took us both a few hours before we felt okay. We had found a piece of the Anti-Life/Anti-Christ polarity/duality and it had shifted.

This consciousness was what I had felt at the hundred-year-old school in England. I am sure there were people in London during the war that were doing the same type of work or actually working with Dion Fortune to change the projections put on England at that time. Remember, almost always we are in a process long before we realize what that process might be and before seeing the bigger picture. By helping to change this vibration, many collectives of consciousness affecting different areas of the world could shift and transform.

It is important to remain focused and balanced with all polarity/duality. We no longer need these projections to define ourselves. We can learn from history to prevent any re-enactment of old projections. As time changes, we no longer require the past to symbolize our present identity.

The Anti-Life consciousness is made up of many different energetic emotions. One of them is sadness. We wrote about Sadness in the December 2003 newsletter. This Anti-Life consciousness is also very serious in nature. Following the events in England, I found myself spiraling down into that consciousness, finding it hard to even feel happy or joyful in its midst. I believe it is the essence of the dark night of the soul. In my opinion, this vibration must transform in order to bring light back into the soul. The lightness would help others who become lost in that old vibration. It has taken me almost two months to release and become clear of this sticky, molasses-type emotional consciousness and I hope we left light markers on the path for others to follow.

There are many ways to help keep your vibration clear and maintain your own focus and balance along the way:

1) Energetic Clearing Technique

2) Lucid Dreaming to get information on subconscious programming

3) Living Light Breath to awaken senses, become more sensitive and have a choice of
whether or not to react

4) Read ‘The Way It Works

5) More advice: including everything the mystery schools were teaching. Read ‘The Heart of Soul Healing’ first section free

The most important thing that all of us can do at this time is to rest and take good care of ourselves. We are already going faster than we think; so being gentle and not pushing past our own boundaries is a good thing.



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