Heart & Soul Healing touches on all different facets of our world, both visible and invisible. Here is a collection of both information and techniques covering the whole gambit of life. We are constantly updating this section so come back often!

Addictions and Their Energetic Causes

Auras - How To See Them

Behavior That Attracts Spirits

Becoming Whole - Preface to The Heart of Soul Healing by Michael Scott Allan, MD

Chart One: Are we One? or, Are We Separate?
(Chart and description from 'Evolution of the Soul series)

Clear Light and Heart & Soul Healing

Earth Changes

Energetic Looping and How to Stop It


Lying and How It Cuts Us Off From Spirit
Lying - Portuguese: Mentir - E seu efeito energético

Major Learning Modalities
Chapter 6 from: HSH Manual - Guidebook of Applications and Philosophies

Receiving - Why It Is a Really Big Deal

Sending Love and Light

States Susceptible To Spirit Attachments

Soul Keepers and Gatekeepers


The Void


Witchcraft and Spells

Your Body Remembers - Vibrational Energy
Chapter 3 from: "The Art of Transference - Healing Through Compassion