According to Gregg Braden in his book, Awakening to Zero Point, the base resonant frequency, also known as the Schumann Cavity Resonance, the fundamental vibration of the planet, is rising higher and higher. It is somewhere around 9.5 and still changing, heading towards thirteen cycles per second. Just seven years ago it was at 7.8. Braden states, "It is thirteen cycles per second that will become the new base resonant frequency with all harmonics. This is the frequency that will trigger resonance with the new grid/matrix complex signalling the close of the present cycle of evolution and the beginning of the New Age."

What is this changing frequency doing to our physical bodies? Ken believes it intensifies everything we are looking at and makes time appear to be going faster. It intensifies our emotional bodies, our nervous systems and our physical bodies. What becomes important during this time of change is for us to truly be in the moment, not looping or thinking about things in our past. Deepak Chopra tells us the average person has sixty thousand thoughts a day and ninety per cent of them are thoughts of yesterday. Is it possible that by now we are full of thousands or millions or billions of thoughts out of time that we are still holding on to, which keep us from totally being present in the moment?

Everyone we know is telling us things are going faster and faster. We have personally experienced, by being and staying in the moment, that there is no time and things are slowing down. What would be the challenge if all of a sudden everything slowed down or stopped? If we were not in our passion, doing what we loved to do, this would feel like we were in hell.

When we are totally present in the moment every experience will be new. By being in the moment we would not reference past experiences and each new moment would be as if it was happening for the first time. This is the quality we are looking for: tasting chocolate for the first time, making love for the first time, dancing for the first time. Imagine it. Imagine we are doing the things we love to do for the first time. It would be so exciting.

If we are not in the moment and are looping with the past, things are going to get more and more chaotic. We are seeing this all over. It will be so chaotic we will start seeing people who want to destroy themselves or their lives. Being in the moment is the only healthy, balanced, peaceful place we are going to be able to be.


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