We are living in a time where all things are coming back into balance and part of the balance within our dimension is to assist or help free any trapped souls who are still here. It would be an impossible job for just one person to do this, so apparently many of us have agreed to do our part. Aiding lost souls or spirits, while more common than usually perceived, most often happens within our own family and/or friends. In addition, about 10% to 15% of our clients, while in a heightened state of awareness, report they have psychically aided strangers or those they did not know personally. Since most of us have been raised to help and be compassionate, this is not as surprising as it might first seem. A soul keeper is one who consciously, or sometimes even unconsciously, gathers up lost soul and keeps them safe until they can be released back to Source. For instance, if you could somehow psychically see a lost baby or child who was unable to find the Light, would you gather them up to keep them safe? Most people answer, 'Of course, I would if I could, in a second.'

Some of our clients who pick up the spirits of babies or very small children report the sensations of feeling pregnancy, being tired, feelings of pressure or weight, or a drain to their energy. Effects include mental, emotional and physical sensation. Most of the time it involves the client putting on some actual physical weight, as psychic compensation, or by diverting some of their own energy to keep their balance internally.

A surprising number of us may turn out to be soul keepers. People from all different areas of the country, when in discussion with their Higher Selves during a session, find out that they too have been helping to gather lost souls. Sometimes clients may have just a few souls with them, or a dozen, but some of the clients we work with have found hundreds, or thousands of lost souls and spirits. We show these clients a more balanced and harmonious way to keep fulfilling the soul keeper part of their assignment or mission, without causing energy drain to their physical, mental or emotional self.

Gatekeepers hold an energetic position to be opened when the consciousness they represent is ready. Opening a gate we are in charge of comes about spontaneously, in the course of our daily lives and may be marked by a trip to a new or unusual location, or during a ceremony or religious event. Sometimes we will consciously sense an opening or change and sometimes we may simply feel more expansive.

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