Most of the time, specific reasons for spirit attachment will be discovered in the Heart & Soul Healing sessions. Here is a very condensed list of general reasons for spirit/energy attachment (keeping in mind each client and session is unique and the exact reason may be a combination of several reasons). The energy/spirit:

  • was confused, didn't know it had died, or didn't know where else to go, so it remained around
    familiar territory
  • experienced sudden or traumatic death or suicide
  • had a fear of going to "hell," of being punished, or felt guilty or could not forgive themselves
    for deeds done
  • had obsessive attachments to living persons or places, or important undelivered communication
  • had strong bonds of love or devotion to family or friends
  • had a deep attachment to their body
  • desired to comfort or help a living person unknown to them: someone scared, abused, lonely, or depressed - many of us have said: "Isn't there anyone out there to (love, care, want) me?
  • was under the influence, or had addictions to drugs, smoking, food, alcohol or sex and found someone with a "similar" vibration
  • had a sense of unfinished business, or unfulfilled mission, or had unfinished karmic agreements with a particular person or group
  • had a desire for revenge or vengeance
  • was afraid and sensed love, compassion or caring from a particular person (who usually had wandered onto the death scene, wanting to be of assistance, was merely curious or was simply there)
  • was drawn back to a grieving loved one who did not want to release them
  • had concern over the fate of their family and children
  • had made a prior promise such as "I'll never leave you"
  • was ashamed of their former actions and really didn't want to face their families or loved ones, who had already gone into the Light
  • was a baby that was aborted and was not named/acknowledged
  • was not properly buried or mourned

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