Heart & Soul Healing uses only Clear Light.

There is a very specific reason why Heart & Soul Healing uses only clear light for release procedures. One method of protection most commonly taught is to use white light around everything we do. The thought behind this teaching is that white light both enhances and protects us in what we do and where we go. Many of us have been taught to meditate with white light, heal with white light, and surround ourselves and our loved ones, again, with white light.

We started to notice a seemly disruptive effect of exclusively using white light many years ago when setting up a business. One of the most interesting things was the apparent emotional and mental patterns of “very metaphysical” people. Originally, we felt we would prefer entering into business agreements and patronize vendors owned and run by spiritual or metaphysical types of people, thinking that because of their own inner work and understanding, metaphysical individuals might be a little more honest, and more successful than other types of people. However, as we began to carefully observe how many of the metaphysical people around us acted, we noticed a large number of them experienced yo-yo type emotional and mental swings. These swings happened over and over again in their lives. As we looked to discover why these experiences might be occurring, one major reason keep coming up.

The majority of the metaphysical people observed at that time were exclusively using white light for their practices, meditations and fields of protection. The exclusive use of white light caused an interesting and completely natural phenomena to occur. Keep in mind, one of the basic constructs of our third dimensional world is for every action, there is an opposite and balanced reaction. Action and reaction principles are the basic theory and use of polarities, viewed in a slightly different way. By only using white light to work with, what logically would come in, right on the heels of calling in white light? By the law of action and reaction, the opposite or polarized forces, of course.

Constantly using one side of any polarity causes the user to be pulled back and forth, from one polarity to another, positive to negative, over and over again. Each time we realign ourselves with and in the polarity of white light, a shift back to its polarized opposite occurs to some degree. The effect would be like going from our most positive actions directly into our worst fears. For this reason, we have chosen to do all of our work, and all of our release work, in the Clear Light of Source. The sacred space of Clear Light is one of the most powerful and balanced places we can be, and it does not invoke or trigger polarity issues.

The Benefits of Using Clear Light
*The use of Clear Light, even to view our own lessons, is the clearest, truest reflection we can use for ourselves in this dimension.
*Clear light is the truest state of our own divine reflection, and the clearest, most balanced reflection of Source available to us on this plane.
*Clear light, because of its balanced neutrality, can be brought into our own space, rather than moving ourselves out into the polarity of white light.
*The act of moving out and centering ourselves in a polarity defeats the very act of seeking balance in all areas of our lives.
*Clear light allows us to remain centered with ourselves.
*Through the use of Clear Light, we are still able to bring in polarities, as we need them to learn, yet allows us to remain in balance. By using clear light, we are able to learn from our actions and experiences, with increased ease, grace and gentleness.

*The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying has a great deal to say about the idea of Clear Light, or as they refer to it “the Dawning of the Ground Luminosity.” Tibetan’s state that Clear Light appears where consciousness itself dissolves into the all-encompassing space of truth.

Padmasambhava describes the luminosity:

"This self-originated Clear Light, which from the very beginning was never born...
This self-organizing wisdom has not been created by anyone...
It has never experienced birth and has nothing in it that could cause it to die...
Although it is evidently visible, yet there is no one there who sees it...
Although it exists in everyone everywhere, it has gone unrecognized....
Even though it is the thing that is most essentially yours, you seek for it elsewhere, amazing!"

Buddhist masters describe the state of luminosity or Clear Light various ways. Some say “… it expresses the radiant clarity of the nature of mind, its total freedom from darkness: free from the darkness of unknowing and endowed with clarity and knowing.” Further descriptions describes the luminosity or Clear Light as “a state of minimum distraction, because all the elements, the senses and sense objects are dissolved.” The luminosity which arises at death is the natural radiance of the wisdom of our own being, and our true nature is revealed. Ground Luminosity presents itself naturally and many are unprepared for its short immensity and the range of its vast and subtle layers of depth which lie within its simplicity. Clear Light is the subtlest level of consciousness in the third dimension.

According the the Dali Lama:

“What provides the continuity between lives is not an entity, but the ultimately subtlest level of consciousness. According to the Buddhist explanation, the ultimate creative principle is consciousness. There are different levels of consciousness. What we call innermost subtle consciousness is always there. The continuity of that consciousness is almost like something permanent, like the space-particles. In the field of matter we find space-particles; in the field of consciousness we find Clear Light. The Clear Light with its special energy makes the connection with consciousness.”

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