Besides our fears what else causes distortions? A main cause is lying. A recent study of college students at the University of Virginia revealed lying seems to be a way of life for many people in our culture. The results showed the students told lies in seventy-seven percent of all conversations they had with strangers, forty-eight percent with acquaintances and twenty-eight percent with their best friends! If this isn't bad enough they lied to their lovers thirty-four percent of the time. Lies to Mom came in at forty-six percent. This included 'small lies' told to protect other people's feelings. So we can see how easy it is to get confused about our own truth.

In Marlo Morgan's book, Mutant Message, the aborigines say one of the most important prerequisites to having a clear mind and expressing all of our psychic abilities is to never lie. When we lie, according to them, we cover our true feelings so the other person will not know we are lying. The average person lies twice a day. A survey of 1,000 adults reported in The Day America Told the Truth found ninety-one percent lie routinely and fifty-nine percent admitted lying regularly to their kids. In a survey published in the April 4th, 1997 edition of USA Today, forty-eight percent of workers admitted to unethical or illegal acts in the workplace. With each layer (or lie) we create a barrier making it more difficult to accurately read our surroundings. This in turn disconnects us from our ability to tap in on our psychic senses and causes distortion in our connection to our Creator.

Lying can cause distortions in our perception of reality. Lying confuses us and makes it more difficult to know our truth since we would not know who or what we could trust. One of the requirements to mastering unconditional love for ourselves is to be true to ourselves. So, don't lie. Lying causes separation from our communication with our Higher Self and causes us to distrust our own feelings.

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