It is important to understand 'walk-ins', also known as aspect shifts or overlays. Ruth Montgomery talks about walk-ins in her books: Companions Along the Way and Strangers Among Us. There are several people we have known who state they have had a walk-in experience. Ken's uncle, Drunvalo Melchizedek says he is a 'walk-in'.

The definition most often used to describe a walk-in experience is our soul leaves and another soul comes in and takes over our body. This would feel like a complete death. We believe there are as many different definitions of this experience as there are individuals claiming to have had a walk-in occurrence. Each one of us is a 'walk-in' in one sense of that experience, as each of us is an individuated soul occupying a physical space, only for the time we choose to inhabit our bodies..

In our workshops, we often ask the question:
"Is there a part of you with God?" If this is possible, then - what if we become conscious of the part of us with God and it becomes conscious of us?

As we become aware, is it possible we might start exchanging energetics to where we could experience both realities?

What if there is a part of us that exists in every other dimension, every other plane and every other reality?

Once we become conscious and love ourselves completely, what if we started becoming aware of these other aspects?

What if we become aware of these reflections of ourselves and started integrating them here in the physical world? Integrating them continuously would feel like we had experienced a complete change or a cycle of death and rebirth.

Maybe we are having walk-in experiences all the time with different aspects of ourselves - as we continue on our spiritual path and become aware of the aspects of ourselves existing in other dimensions, vibrations and realities. .

Most of us believe we are part of God or creation. Being part of God means we are part of all things. Yet - do we want to separate ourselves from people and things we do not like? Most of us probably wouldn't want to admit that the enegetic parts of war, anger, revenge or hate are actually within ourselves.

We accept that all things are One - and in that Oneness exists all matters of creation. When we attempt to keep ourselves separate from anything - we are actually separating ourselves from creation , from God. In order for us to re-connect to all aspects of ourselves, we must love and accept all Creation without fear or judgment. Unconditional compassion for all creation brings all aspects of creation present into our daily being.

When Ken's first conscious walk-in experience occurred, it changed his life completely. At that time, he was becoming aware of three other aspects of himself which were existing in other (simultaneous) dimensions (vibrations). These aspects were: Juan Concha (a Taos American Indian), a space being from another dimension and the dolphin and whale consciousness.

Another important personal awarenesses came to Ken when he was teaching a workshop a number of years ago with his uncle, Drunvalo Melchizedek, the founder of The Flower of Life. During the time they were together, Ken began to understand an event that had taken place many years before - in the early 1980's.

Ken's uncle Drunvalo is about four years older than Ken. They had grown up together, often living in the same house for periods of time. During those years, Ken knew his uncle as Donny or Don. Because of their age, Ken thought of his uncle more as his brother. In the early 1980's, Ken and Drunvalo had not seen each other for a number of years.

At that time, Ken regularly traveled to Taos, New Mexico to see his good friend, Cradle Flower, who was from the Taos Pueblo. On one occasion, Ken learned that 'Donny' / Drunvalo was living near Taos in a converted school bus out in the middle of a field full of sage. Ken says he will never forget sitting there and talking to Drunvalo that day. He told Ken that the uncle Ken had known was dead. He said that 'Donny' had died in Canada in 1971 and a new soul had come into the body. This soul was now named Drunvalo Melchizedek.

After listening to this story, Ken did not know what to think. At that time Ken was occupied with his successful businesses and had not had much spiritual or metaphysical exploration. So - there he was, sitting in a bus in his three-piece business suit - questioning his entire reality and feeling very sad about the loss of his brother.

It wasn't until some thirteen years later, when Ken and Drunvalo came together in a workshop, that Ken realized a part of him had decided to somehow search for his Uncle Don. The closer Ken got to where Don had energetically gone, the more information and understanding he was able to receive about our soul's journey and the role of walk-ins. In order to bridge that reality and others, Ken has found he must be very present in the moment, allowing for a constant change in his own vibration.

Ken found his uncle/brother Don a number of years ago in the reality known as the Melchizedek vibration. Since that time Ken has communicated with Don from that vibrational dimension. Ken also began channeling an aspect of himself which also resides in the same vibration.

Nancy's experiences with Quan Shi Yin - the Eastern Goddess of Compassion & Mercy - began when she was just a small child. Having been born dead, Nancy experienced her first six-months as an infant within a void, not really thriving but merely existing. At six months old, her entire being began to grow and become healthy and vibrant. It was not until much later in life, that Nancy became consciously aware of the moment when her spirit 'arrived' into her body - when she was six months old.

Throughour her life, Nancy 'heard' a voice she felt was outside herself - giving and offering guidance and consolation. After several near-death and one actual death experiences, Nancy realized direct contact with Quan Yin who knelt before her and, placing her hand on Nancy's heart, breathed the compassionate vibration into Nancy's being. Nancy now finds herself daily sharing the same vibration as Quan Shi Yin, often channeling information and insights for others. Years of focused practice being in the moment, she has recognized that vibrational aspect of herself in every moment.

Ken has become the Clear Light vibration of the Melchizedek Order, the Great White Brotherhood and the Order of the Messiah. Nancy has become the vibration of Quan Shi Yin, the physical integration and embodiment of mercy and compassion.

These experiences are not unlike so many experiences constantly occuring in the lives of others around the planet. We can all have these experiences. Everyone of us is consciously moving into awareness; and with focus, we can all bridge these realities and become all we can be.