One thing we have become aware of is the collapsing of polarities and dualities. For example, love and hate are polarities as well as conditions. We have found that the collective consciousness which 'feeds off' each one of these conditions is also starting to collapse. Everything is changing or wants to evolve. As a result, everything is moving towards the center where all polarities are in balance. This place of center is the Clear Light. This causes things to feel as if they are going faster.

These changes are putting more pressure on us which has a lot to do with the change in the Earth's own Schumann frequency. As polarities collapse, so do our realities. As a result of this collapse we are energetically being sent out of our reality into other vibrational spaces. In the process we are having to look at all of our fears, greatly amplified.

We are speaking about the Void. The Void is a barrier between this reality and the next dimension of instantaneous creation. To pass through this Void all we would need to do is face our worst fears and release our past.

We have, as a collective consciousness, created a test to enable us to shift when we are ready. Why have we created this test to be so intense? To ensure that we have looked at all of our unresolved past issues which create our present reality, and to force us to master those issues. Everything unresolved in our past represents a fear that we have not yet faced.

What would facing our fears actually be like? Imagine yourself standing in front of a gigantic black mirror, scared and frightened. Your fears or remaining issues are reflected and amplified a thousand times. Would you walk through this reflection or would you run the other way? Could you even run the other way now that the collective consciousness and the polarities have shifted and changed? What if you stood in front of this mirror and had unconditional love for ourselves? What if love for yourself was amplified a thousand times for you? Is this what God feels like?

The Void is around us all the time. We are constantly testing ourselves to see if we are ready to shift and change vibration. The Void has many stages of color. Some people perceive the first stage of the Void when their room or space turns golden in hue. This golden vibration then turns into an orange, then a burnt amber and then finally into a transparent black. The Void is very easy to see at night. Some of us may have seen this when we woke up in the middle of the night and were still half asleep or groggy. It looks like a translucent black mist. This is the Void. The Void reflects all distortions in our life.

It is said one of the things we must face as we leave this dimension, to ascend or transcend to higher dimensions is to pass through the 'Void'. The Void has been described as both completely neutral and totally reflective. What we may face in the Void is the remainder of any of our fears or those pieces of our own inner polarity we have yet to bring into balance, multiplied by 100 or 1000 times intensity.


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