Receiving and accepting our creations is probably an issue for most of us. Just think about it. When we are giving we are in control. We pick the gift, the time, the place and the person. When we are receiving we are not in control. Since most of us have power and control issues, receiving would be more challenging. Is it possible we are interfering and keeping ourselves from having the things we want based on our limitations or fears? What if we were to have everything we wanted? Do we think someone would hurt us or someone would want the things we have? In the last year Ken saw people, very close to him, who started to receive every single thing they wanted, yet they subconsciously sabotaged themselves because they wouldn't allow or accept what they had created. They could not accept having the home or relationship of their dreams, or their loving family around them. They could not accept having one of the nicest healing centers in the world, or friends they could trust.

It is very important to acknowledge the positive things you are creating. Acknowledge yourself as being a creator, love yourself and play with your creations. Be with these creations and enjoy the moment.

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