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Heart & Soul Healing Sessions Available with Ken Page or Rev.Dr.Nancy Nester
VIA Telepho
ne/Skype (Remote) Please contact us


Heart & Soul Healing Sessions - available by Phone or Skype

Life Coaching - available by phone or Skype




Heart & Soul Healing Sessions

HSH Sessions Remote (phone/skype)
Contact us to schedule your appointment.

Want to balance your first Four Brain States?
How about discovering your multi-dimensionality and
activating your Higher Brain States?
Want to know what Karma you have created?
How about releasing old emotions - like the ones you are still dragging with you from your past?
Are you tired of repeating old patterns?
Has Love become overwhelming, painful or distorted in your life?
Read the questions on this linked page. You may find yourself wondering how the energies of your past are affecting the life you seek today.
Do you want to experience wholeness and balance?
Are you tired of the chaos coming from past creations?
Are you ready to feel quiet - free and lighter?

Contact us by email or by phone to make an appointment. Stop creating by default - release your past! This is your opportunity to stop whatever cycle you have been in and more forward by creating with conscious choice.

Life Coaching Available




If you are connected with a group that would like us to share our experiences and work -
we can come to you! Please contact us.

Have a group that would like to come to our facility together?
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More workshops & events with Rev.Dr. Nancy Nester:

Mindfulness & The Art of Meditation - a course offered throughout the year

Gates of Quan Yin - Initiation and Activation of the Chakras, Levels One, Two and Three

"Blended Energy" - Combine your REIKI Practice with 3 of the Powerful Clearing Processes
from Heart & Soul Healing

Usui Shiki Ryoho traditional REIKI Level One
Usui Shiki Ryoho traditional REIKI Level Two
Usui Shiki Ryoho traditional REIKI Level Three - Master Practitioner
Usui Shiki Ryoho traditional Master/Teacher Level

"Women's Work" - Growing the Feminine Mystique - an open discussion group


Are you interested in knowing more about Crystals and the Metaphysical Properties of Natural Stones? Would you like to learn Crystal Healing Therapy and the 'Laying-On of Stones'?
Rev. Dr. Nancy Nester is a certified Crystal Healing Master thirty years.
Experience this incredible healing modality for yourself!
If you are interested in learning more about Crystal Healing Therapy,
or would like to schedule a full session, please
contact us.


Watch this space for additional information on events and sessions.

This schedule is subject to change or modification.


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Testimonials about Heart & Soul Healing Sessions

Testimonials about Workshops offered by the Institute


If you are associated with a group and are interested in having Nancy Nester or Ken Page come to your area, please either give us a call or email us. There are many life-changing workshops and classes we can offer.