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"An incredible experience, possibly the best thing that I have ever done for myself"
(Diane, USA)

"Quite a lot of stuff to process. Ken and Nancy, you have stretched my reality much more than I thought possible, but it was what I was ready for. Very thorough and self-empowering. Thank you for your support and help" (Chris, U.K.)

"...I had the pleasure of meeting you during your visit ... I now realize that it is your (constant) insistence on the importance of ONENESS which explains my underlying motive...and again I claim that you are the ONLY Western Teachers whom I have come across giving the same teaching that I have gleaned from my studies in the East. ...please accept my best wishes for a long life in order to continue your vital work." (Olivia, USA)

"Ken and Nancy are both wonderful teachers! The knowledge they give you is so precious and the techniques so easy for everyday use! They widen your awareness in such a subtle way. The way they are sharing their knowledge is delightful and stimulating. I especially like the fact that you took the time for each of us. Thank you both! I respect you from the bottom of my heart. You have changed my life by showing me how to love myself and that I always have options." (Jana, Slovenia)

"What Ken and Nancy are talking about (Red School Teachings) ...is just a matter of perspective. The challenge is to let go of my own judgments, to experience what IS, only to discover that what I have been looking for - the answers to my questions in life, the solution to my problems - is inside me and not in the outside world... gradually this makes perfect sense, as long as I can let go of my own ideas of how life is supposed to be, how my partner is supposed to be, how I am supposed to be. I can let go of my own sadness.. I'm no longer angry at myself or my Creator, because I have created it myself, and by definition, my creation is perfect, no matter how ugly I thought it was... No longer having to do what others want or expect me to do, I can finally just be me and feel good about it. Isn't that true freedom and real peace? So magically, by letting go I have created more space inside me for my Higher Self to come into place, making my life bigger and better than it even was before" (Johanna, NL)

" ...Since crossing Ken's path in Toronto, my life has changed. I have had the best 3+ years in many because of what I learned and experienced through Ken's teachings. When I was asked to forward any of my fears, I found that I am at peace within myself. I have balanced my life and in doing so, many people who would have created fear and conflict in my life are no longer in a position to impact me that way. I have the strength to understand who I am and why I am here. Ken's teachings have brought such peace and happiness into my life and those I share it with. I will be forever grateful for Ken and Nancy's love, efforts, compassion and sacrifices they made to become such incredible human beings. My/our world is a much better place because they are here now. (Terri, USA)

"What I can tell for sure, and with lot of confidence is that your workshop and also the healing session with Nancy helped me lot ...the workshop itself and all happenings there, helped me to add lot of knowledge to my understanding and I feel so much gratitude for this. My view was so much opened with new understandings...I feel lot of gratitude to Ken, because with his teachings he broadened my borders of knowledge and gave me a much deeper understanding about the energies, about old cosciousness, and all subjects discussed in the workshop.
So, as you see I received lot of gifts, coming to your workshop, gifts which I really apreciate them with all my being. (Cristina,Romania)

" I am writing to tell you how grateful I am to have known you and to have received some guidance from you during my private session, the workshop and through the newsletter you recommended I read. ... You did not give me the information but rather pointed me in the right direction, giving me enough clues to open my awareness to what was happening. You honoured the path and experience I had chosen for myself and gave me another choice. I am trying to move through that other choice while keeping my faith in hope. I am determined to successfully complete my mission. Whether this will be done with ease or resistance, is another choice I will have to make. I hope that I can choose and implement the easiest path." (Monique, Canada.)

"First of all I would like to share with you how happy I am about the workshop and the session. I truly feel that I am no longer who I thought I was. I am starting to understand myself and how I have been living my life so far. Everything starts to make sense now. I now know I received the answers to all my questions and I am starting to unfold them, one by one. I cannot tell you how liberating it has been to hear you speak about a reality I never could talk about, because nobody could understand and I could not quite grasp. I have the feeling that I have been running around like a dog who cought the scent of a buried juicy bone but was not able to find it. Do you know what I mean? I feel free now to explore and learn in my own way, my own truth and I would love to share all that I am and that I am becoming, because I don't have to hide any longer. I meant what I said, this morning: I really want to become an expert and I also want to be the best healer and teacher I can be. Thank you both for being, for having the courage to do what you did and still do" (Yvonne, NL)

"I would first of all like to thank you for the amazing workshop held in Ottawa.. I felt the Truth throughout my whole being. Many questions that I couldn't find the answer to were given to me with clarity. My feelings of being without purpose were put back in perspective". (Jacqueline,Canada)

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful seminar. Your information was so insightful, it really touched my soul. I started my search in Metaphysics when I was 13 ...I read & read behind a closed door and had no one to ask anything about the subject except my own self. Here I am 19 years later still searching and learning. I am telling you all of this is because like others, I've been in many seminars...I've met many teachers and masters and in all that search I've never experienced anything quite like what I experienced in your seminar. The wisdom and the truth you shared resonated with my whole being. You have a splendid energy and your eyes emanated such unconditional love... I am very grateful for the Synchronicities ... I will never be the same. Right now, I am still working with confronting my "demons" and healing my "negative" thought patterns - one at a time, focusing and releasing." (Thaimi.)

"I don't know what to say. All aspects of a crystal now have been seen at the same time, together. This time for me turned out to be an intergalactic crossroads of destiny. Thank you both for creating the possibility" (Bernadette, Hungary)

"Probably the ultimate spiritual workshop because it was self-empowering. I really felt all the knowledge and demonstrations were to bring me back into my body and to be free of all the projections. Very, very empowering work and an introduction to a whole library of resources. Thank you both so much." (Richard, U.K.)

"Such a tremendously powerful workshop. Thank you for presenting so much information in your material. The techniques you teach are gentle, easy, painless and left me feeling lighter - no more 'ghosts' from the past" (Linda., USA)

"So many new skills to add to my spiritual tool kit. Now I can balance them with current skills and get a great synergy effect." (Andrew, U.K.)

"This was a great workshop! Never realized it could be so easy to help lost souls back to Creator. I especially liked getting the book too - well written, every word meaningful and nothing extraneous. Good stuff" (Kim, USA)

"I attended your workshop and want to thank you... Over the years (I'm 50) I've been nagged by feelings of uncertainty about why I'm alive. They have lead me on a search for that elusive answer. I read Gurdjieff and the Sufi literature. Immersed myself in Castaneda for a few years. I spent years doing the practices of a couple of spiritual paths, until I felt uncomfortable giving all my energy to "the guru" . Then I became more practical and studied NLP (Master & Trainer), Timeline Therapy and some hypnosis. I had hoped these skills would give me the sense of deep security and existential confidence I have wanted in my life. While useful, I'm still looking for the key to feeling like I belong on this planet at this time, and knowing what my mission here is. This background may give you some idea of the expectations that I brought to your workshop.

I read much of your website the week before the workshop because attending meant a six hour drive each way and I wanted to be sure it was worth the effort. What I read seemed a bit too simple to my "mind" and yet I kept going back to read it over and over. Something was pulling me. When I thought of the possibility of healing my heart and soul at the cellular level I felt such deep comfort. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I did want something special, something that I hadn't experienced before. "I'll give this guy five hours and fifty bucks to let me in on the secret of life," the skeptic inside me was muttering as I made the trip. I was not an easy convert to be sure. As you began your presentation I slowly let go of my expectations and warmed to your stories and your presence. You are the most genuine and clear person I've ever seen or heard present to a public group. These qualities touched me, causing me to release my judgments and just go with the flow for the rest of your presentation.
I was touched by your honesty and willingness to be vulnerable in front of a group. I believe now that by daring to be so open yourself, you create a safe space for those in your audience to soften their own defenses and allow their hearts to open as well. All of this is happening on an unconscious or energetic level, occurring at the same time as your presentation, in my understanding. Another insight you gave me was into the process of learning. By sharing your ongoing process of evolving and your newest discoveries, you shared with us your continuing search. You demonstrated that truth is not fixed, but evolving...
The biggest surprise still awaited me. As I left the building and walked out onto the street I felt an incredible glow of peace and a deep acceptance. I've rarely if ever felt such peace before. My body felt like it was floating. Truly, this was the first time I've ever walked on this earth with a feeling that I belonged here and was exactly where I am supposed to be right now. I don't know what that feeling is nor how it relates to your workshop, but I sure want more of it. I've never lived in my body, energetically. And I never even knew it. My "field" has been scattered throughout time and space, and I was never aware of it. I've never unconditionally loved myself, and never really considered the possibility that I deserved it. So these are the practices that I'm now working on. The more I "get" them, the more obvious they become, in the sense that they make so much sense. I have a feeling that attending your workshop has opened a new chapter for me. One of new challenges and certainly new promise. Thanks again, for having the courage to be fully who you are." (Carroll, Canada)

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