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Powerful healing tools for a healthy, happy and balanced life

The tremendously powerful healing process known as Heart & Soul Healing was originated by Ken Page through more than thirty years of active practice with thousands of clients and millions of individuals around the world. Heart & Soul Healing is a method of healing all aspects of ourselves on a cellular and multidimensional level. Starting with the premise that all of us are connected and part of everything and everyone in creation, with aspects of ourselves functioning in other past and spaces - both Ken and Nancy offer the philosophy of Oneness - no separation from Source.

Sharing their philosophy on healing: "We believe 'cellular' refers to addressing issues on every level and dimension of existence. Since all things are interconnected holographically, everything is happening right now, on all realities, simultaneously."

Emotional experiences we have had in our lives shape the way we think, feel and relate to our world. All of our early learning impacts our adult self. Whether we are aware of it or not, the strong influence of our early learning impacts our adult sense of self more than we understand.

Subconscious programs and patterns from the past can be released; negative conditioning can be revealed to allow you to discover the next best step along your own journey. You really can make the changes you want.

Pieces to understanding our issues may lie in the first few years of our life, in the womb, in past times from traumatic events, or even on inner dimensional levels of our being.

Painful trauma exists not just in our mind, but in the very fibers of our being - to be recreated through memories within our subconscious mind, over and over. By healing on a cellular level, we are able to go wherever we need to gain the wisdom necessary to free us to be who we truly are. Unless issues are understood simultaneously on all four levels of our being (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual), our subconscious mind continues to energize these patterns still held in doubt or confusion. By understanding our truth on all levels, we are set free from imprinted energy patterns, inappropriate thought forms and the hold other people may have on our lives.

As children, we were freely creative and intuitive: exploring, playing, making believe. When our conscious mind or ego kicked in around the age of seven to nine many of us began to lose our connection to pure imagination and to our inner voice. Where we live, our past circumstances with pain, fear, anger and traumatic events, our culture, family, friends, religion and even the media, all play a very important role in influencing our reality today.

Most of us end up, as adults, so full of other people's ideas we lose touch with our own inner voice or Higher Self. Hidden on our bodies, in these energetic patterns caused by childhood or adult traumas, are all the ideas we may not have completely understood but still accepted as our reality, our truth. These patterns of confusion continue to attract energy or feelings which eventually have no place to go but out, expressed as hurt, anger or sickness.

This method of healing finds the old or distorted patterns our subconscious mind is still giving energy. Heart & Soul Healing can assist to release the emotional and energetic dynamic around trauma without the need to re-visit or re-traumatize the cells in your body.

Often, no matter how much work we may have done to clear our issues, there's still a missing piece preventing our full understanding. Perhaps it is that frozen piece that still exists in the past trauma that is creating our present-day feeling of being stuck.

As a result, we create similar patterns, over and over in our lives, lifetime after lifetime, to give ourselves another chance to understand our lessons. Any fears or emotional residue we hold about a particular issue further distorts the problem, making it almost impossible to see 'the bigger picture.' Heart & Soul Healing addresses these self-made, limiting patterns, since its purpose is to assist us in integrating our whole being with our Higher Self.

Heart & Soul Healing also finds all the lost pieces of ourselves, bringing them back into balance so we can truly understand becoming whole again, being 'One' with our past and present emotional selves. These would be any pieces of ourselves stuck in times or emotions of the past. What if there is a part of us we have never forgiven? What if we a're looping with that piece to attract people to us who have the same issues, so we could understand that part of ourselves better?

Besides pieces of ourselves out of time, this work looks for anything energetically attached to us. What if we loved someone so much we gave a piece of ourselves to them? Perhaps they are not with us today, but their thoughts may still be energetically affecting us. What if, when our parents created us, they actually gave a piece of themselves to us and they have never taken it back? Is it possible they liked being energetically connected to us more than they liked being with themselves? Could this be affecting us today?

The last thing Heart & Soul Healing looks at are unresolved issues from past times or anything we are still karmically working on. By karmically, we mean recurring interactions with groups, individuals or sets of lessons or issues. The most important thing we look for is any thought program that may (although subconsciously) still be playing out in your life today, however inappropriate. We find these programs through energetic patterns your body is wearing. These programs usually are: It is not safe to love, not safe to take my power, or not safe to be who I am.

Why does this make this such a powerful healing technique? Because Heart & Soul Healing works with energies both inside and outside of a person. The energy outside of us is the collective consciousnesses behind the energy patterns we carry on our bodies. We believe we grow spiritually, both as an individual soul and as a collective consciousness by working out our issues. Any patterns we still carry, along with the emotions they evoke, are keys to what our lessons are in this lifetime. We believe we are here on Earth to master all the conditions we, as families, cultures and religions, have put on love.

Most of us are holding onto billion of ideas from our past, each with energy around it. Deepak Chopra says we have 60,000 thoughts a day, 90% of them about our past. This means about 54,000 thoughts, or sparks of energy from our past, are being held energetically each day, building up until we either implode or change.

What if we agreed to be here on Earth to assist a change in the entire collective consciousness of sadness, hate, anger, war or evil? What if every time we heal and love those feelings inside of ourselves, we change and balance a piece of our collective consciousness?

We change others by changing ourselves, through understanding what we have created. The more we have worked on our self understanding, the better healers we become. Our job now is to concentrate on healing ourselves. Being in balance with our health, how we eat, how we rest and play is vital to being strong enough to balance the new energy we will be asked to run through ourselves in this new cycle of our planet. During the last 30 years, we have assisted thousands of people in their work on balancing the energies of war, hate, pain, disease, sadness, anger, abuse, murder, hunger and distortion.

What we are now being trained for is so important we must look at the bigger picture. How do we move into a space where we can run the energy of billions of souls or the entire planet through our own physical bodies? Each of us has the potential to be the gate or door to assist the momentous changes in consciousness. By understanding ourselves, we create the ability to keep this gate open for those who are ready. The collective consciousness could then reflect from us, as we love ourselves and all creation unconditionally.

Ken and Nancy: 'Each day I practice being in the flow of all energy and having unconditional love for myself. I believe I am helping by being in this space and by being the space'.

We teach that we all must let go of 'holding' a space. In our experiences and observations, we believe that holding the same space or place is the energy that may now be literally tearing apart longtime healers. We must BE the space and allow the energies to flow through us. Remember, everything is energy. How much energy can our body or nervous system run without harm? Time and time again we see people hurting or destroying themselves by holding onto this flow of energy. All old thought forms, ideas and energies are collapsing onto themselves and people are becoming overwhelmed and beginning to 'go crazy' with sadness, rage, anger, hate or pain. Perhaps they are saying, 'I no longer want to be here'. This is happening even to the extent that some of our old teachers and healers have died. In our practice, we work with healers who say they can not do it any longer. Why? Because we all have ideas. Every time we have an idea or hold onto an idea, we keep ourselves from creating miracles. Miracles only occur in the flow of creation where anything and everything is allowed to happen.

At the Institute of Multidimensional Cellular Healing, where we teach Heart Soul Healing - The Art of Transference, we will support you if you feel you are one of the people who will make a difference in these times of change. We will train you to be ONE with all the energies of creation without fear. We can teach you about past lives, future lives and how to release old programs which keep playing out in the present life. We also instruct on dealing with abuse, spells, ET's, multidimensional grids, time travel and other realities. Students leave this course with the knowledge that they can go anywhere and do anything.

This is about finding a healthy, safe way of being with anything and everything. At Clear Light Arts, ADL and the Institute of Multidimensional Cellular Healing, we are totally committed to sharing all our knowledge with everyone ready to participate and find their self truth.

The many transformational changes that naturally and effortlessly occur through
the Heart & Soul Healing process include:

When we feel ‘lighter’, less dense in our vibration (our energy) and more accepting of ourselves here and now as a powerful creator of our own destiny, our responses to situations as they unfold are different than how our mind attempted to manage or control emotions and circumstances in our past. As we experience being lighter, things that used to trigger us might not even trigger us at all, or at very least, the frequency and intensity of our emotional reactions to any trigger is greatly reduced. Our experience of thriving rather than striving becomes the natural outcome.
By practicing the four (4) energetic clearing techniques daily, we remain lighter – above the dense band of energy of normal life.  This results in a fuller awareness, a better quality of thoughts, perceptions, interpretations, and awareness. 

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