Several years ago when Ken was in Florida teaching a workshop, he made an important discovery. During the class Ken did a HSH healing session with a volunteer. In her session she went to a past life when she was watching Christ being crucified on the cross. She talked about witnessing this death. Being an empath, Ken asked the class if they would like to know how it feels to ascend. The class and the volunteer agreed and Ken moved into that place.

At that moment, Ken was able to feel the last physical breath of the being known as Jesus of Nazareth. There was a moment of complete silence, then it felt as though something was pulling him straight out of his body. As Ken continued to follow this process energetically, he realized that a gate or portal had been created, one that could directly access Source/Creator.

The awareness came: All we have to do is love ourselves as much as Jesus or other ascended masters had loved themselves; through that vibration we can access this gate. This is the same vibration that Buddha and many other enlightened masters have utilized. This vibrational state is not about religion, it is about self-love and the Oneness of Source.

This gate (or portal) connects the body and the spirit, the realms above and the realms below, and the inner worlds with the outer worlds. It was created and opened at the time of the death of Jesus. The gate or bridge was specifically activated as he his last physical breath, and moved into Unity Consciousness, the Living Light Breath is a way to move into that consciousness, connect with the Christ consciousness grid and connect to all living consciousness everywhere.

Jesus' last breath was pure light. Directly above His body, a passageway or tube of Light was created for His soul to reconnect and travel back to Source. At that time, the tube of Light surrounding His body was activated and connected all the way to Source. By incorporating the Living Light Breath, which is explained in detail on the Breath page, you will change your life completely.

Consider making this way of breathing a part of your daily life. Let it become a part of who you are. Doing this breath each morning will allow you the benefit of this powerful energy and clarity throughout the day. The ideal state would be to stay centered in your pineal, breathing from that place all the time. In addition, breathing from the pineal allows you to consciously become a part of unity consciousness. Breathing this breath enables you to move into the timeless space of the moment and stay present and aware while consciously connected to Creator or Source. Breathing the Living Light Breath is the quickest, easiest and most harmonious way to bring the aspect of INscension into your body and integrate it into your very way of being.

Instructions on the Living Light Breath-Gateway to Unity Consciousness

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Use and Benefit of Clear Light

There are four (4) techniques that we recommend to change your vibration entirely:
the energetic clearing technique, becoming liquid light, moving your center to your pineal gland until you become safe to open your heart and changing the vibration of your name.