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One thing we hear often - where can I go for answers?

A certain place always comes to mind: Our dreams can give us our answers. We can ask anything and receive the information from this quiet inner voice.

The dream state, in our opinion, is another dimensional aspect of our own reality. From this place we are creating new realities and testing how they feel. We are living them, experiencing how we can change and whether change will take us to where we want to go. We are pre-testing in our dream state, testing ourselves for a new dimension of awareness, a different level in our own consciousness. We then can re-create our dream in our physical lives to see how everything plays out.

Lucid dreaming is a powerful method of creating. It is probably one of the most important things to practice every day. Research at Stanford University indicates lucid dreaming occurs during REM (rapid eye movement) periods and since most REM sleep takes place in the later part of a night's sleep, morning is likely to be the most favorable time for lucid dreaming.

The purpose of this exercise is to find out if anything in our subconscious is keeping us from creating our wishes, hopes, desires - our 'dreams'. Is there some type of program or fixed idea that could be playing on in our subconscious mind that we do not understand or that we are not fully aware of? If this is the case, is it our subconscious mind that is keeping us from having what we desire/dream? This is what we will find out through the following lucid dreaming technique.

To practice lucid dreaming, first think of a question or something you would like to understand about your life. Maybe your question has to do with a very special relationship or maybe it has to do with being very popular or famous. Maybe it has to do with your health or your job. Whatever it is, write it down.

Keep your questions very simple. Use as few words as possible. The more words you use in your question the more information you will receive and the more confusing your dreams will become. For example, in Ken's case he wanted to know what was interfering with his becoming one of the best known healers in the world.

Ken's question, as he started his lucid dreaming process, was 'How could I become the best healer in the world?' Through his lucid dreaming he found out his subconscious mind was holding onto one thought or idea - if he became extremely popular he would lose his freedom, would not be able to go out and be in public and would have to hide or confine himself. Very surprising information indeed. While his freedom has always been important, Ken did not think that could be interfering with being famous or successful. In actuality, his subconscious mind was doing everything it could to keep him from being popular because it did not want him to lose his freedom. By becoming aware of this thought/idea within his subconscious, Ken was able to understand this old program and consciously change it. By exploring the dimension of lucid dreaming, by listening closely to the answers he received from his dream state, Ken was able to become aware of a hidden subconscious program that had been affecting him.

An excellent way to explore the dimension of lucid dreaming is to set your alarm clock for half an hour earlier than you normally get up in the morning. Frame whatever question you have the evening before, when you set the alarm. Put a pad and pencil/pen next to your bed near the alarm. Use any type of clock that has the ability to let you ' snooze' every ten minutes. When the alarm goes off it does not mean you are going to get up.

When the alarm goes off ask your question, press the snooze alarm and fall back to sleep. You are going to start dreaming and getting answers. Your subconscious mind will tell you stories so you can start understanding some of your thoughts or whatever reasons there maybe for keeping you from having what you want. Let ten minutes go by. The alarm clock will go off again. In this new wake sleep state you will have glimpses of what you were dreaming. Then ask the same question again and fall back to sleep. Continue to do this until your thirty minutes are up. As soon as you get up, write down the information you received. You do not have to write down the complete dream, just write down the ideas and the main words. Don't read it immediately. Within a week to ten days you should uncover any subconscious resistance to what you want to physically create. The more you practice lucid dreaming, the easier it becomes. Keep asking the same question until you get a clear answer, and then ask another question.

Pretty soon you will be able to check in and ask your Higher Self questions at different times and places to be sure your subconscious mind fully supports your conscious mind and what you are wanting to create.

This is one of the most important exercises one can ever do. It allows you to get an understanding of your life. In this way, you really are listening to that voice within!