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An Energetic Clearing, Balancing, and Centering Technique

What if we were to tell you there was a place where you were alone, 3, 4, 5 or more times a day, in complete privacy, where you basically have nothing else to do but just be?

Impossible? No, not really. This place is of course, the bathroom! While this might even seem laughable to some of you, think a moment. If we said you would have to stop your busy schedule even just two times a day to change your life and even if we could give you provable results, how many of us would really follow through?

This technique is used every time you go to the bathroom; and is the most important tool you can give yourself. In that moment of privacy, whether sitting or standing, do the following:

Using your intent and focus, as you relieve yourself, simply think CLEAR. This intent, while your body physically releases, is a powerful affirmation.

Next, bring your full attention, your energy and your power into the center of your belly (the hara point) with conscious focus. Most of us are never really present in this moment. Remind yourself that you are 'here' and 'present'. BE this awareness.

Now bring a good feeling of love into yourself. Remember to love yourself like you love a sunset, sleeping in on a rainy day, playing with animals - whatever brings a good feeling to you. Anything that you do physically can be used – like riding a bike or running along the beach; whatever you love to do in your life. It must be a good thought/memory, one that almost makes you smile. BE that good feeling for five seconds. It is the energy of that good feeling that will lighten your vibration.

Repeat this every time you go to the bathroom and you will have consciously cleared yourself and your energy. Anything you do with conscious attention and focus every day, even if it only takes 8-10 seconds each time, can change your life.

The best and most helpful state of being, (for ourselves and others), is to be unconditional with ourselves. Have unconditional love for yourself. Perhaps you begin first with unconditional compassion for yourself. That means: no judgment – no opinion, just an acceptance of every aspect of yourself, whether you are tall, fat, big, or small. You will find it may not take very long, perhaps only a few days, or a few weeks, and others will began treating you differently. Why? Because you are loving yourself first. You will actually become unconditional love. You will BE it.

There are four (4) techniques that we recommend to change your vibration entirely:
the energetic clearing technique, becoming liquid light, moving your center to your pineal gland until you become safe to open your heart and changing the vibration of your name.