Out with the Old - In with the New

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December 2004 Message - Releasing Our Past 

Out with the Old – In with the New

• Changing Old Energy to Create a New Space



Winter is here in our part of the world. November and half of December were spent in England where the weather was already grey, cold and wet. The last week, Nancy and I stayed in a lovely home on the English Channel in St. Austell, Cornwall. The sea was rarely calm and sometimes chaotic; speaking to us each day in the rhythm of the tides, as the waves crashed into shore. The cries of the seagulls often competed with the howling winds. Walking along the shoreline, we wished it could be easier to remember the warmth of summer and the feeling of the sun on our skin. For me, sunshine feeds my body, and the warmth of the sun fills my heart. So, we plan on leaving after Christmas and go in search of sun to allow ourselves some rest and play. We will take our new motor home out for its longest trip yet. It will be good to play, after six straight weeks of working with the energetics of different collective consciousnesses affecting our planet, helping to allow for a change. Assisting old patterns of energy to shift and transcend can create a new space and allow more choices in our future.

This last trip seemed to be the hardest one ever with such intensity and very long working days. Many of you are aware of the projections placed against the United States by the rest of the world. It appears that the U.S. is not only disliked, there are a lot of negative projections upon this country and our leaders. The world’s opinion of the United States is quite different than what we think. These projections affect everyone in our country. A new year will soon arrive and with it, the hopes and dreams of each of us that our world will be a happier, more loving and peaceful earth. For now, it is winter: time to be quiet, reflect, rest, be with family and lighten up on ourselves and others. Let’s not project anything to anyone. Let’s just be. Use the energetic clearing technique http://www.kenpage.com/healingtechniques/releasing.html, and re-center to your pineal gland using the Living Light Breath: http://www.kenpage.com/livinglightbreath/mchlivinglightbreath.html , http://www.kenpage.com/livinglightbreath/living.html
Here is a previous newsletter about projections: http://www.kenpage.com/mchnewsletter/reflections03-02.html

Many individuals will make New Year resolutions soon.Some of these resolutions can become a reality. Some resolutions will not be kept and give us another chance to forget, putting change aside for one more year. Why is it that we hang on so long to the old: patterns, habits, ideas or even relationships? Or is it because “what we trust, is not what we like, it is however, what we have survived'?

Let’s set a goal this coming year to free up the old energies in our homes. We have some helpful ideas to change the energetics in our own world. Working with these suggestions will allow us to begin our year energetically fresh, providing a clear space for choice and change. One thing we can agree on: If we are clearing ourselves, our home, our workplace, and we are aware of the dynamics around us, we can change the energy and not allow it to build up or get stuck. The goal is to keep energy flowing through our living spaces. The older it is or the longer the energy remains unchanged in one space, the easier it will be for us to be affected.

So here is our challenge to each of you for th is year:
Physically clean or straighten up areas in your home or work environment that may be holding old energy or something you have put off for awhile; whether it’s a closet, old clothes, stacked books or newspapers.

* Stop postponing or procrastinating.
* As you are cleaning and straightening, look at your project as if it were your entire life; allowing harmony to return. Make it a ritual if you like.
* For those of you who have a really big mess, hire someone not attached to your mess to help you.
* Put things into a box or a bag and donate them to a charitable organization.

Let’s all take on an overhaul of our stuff: out with the old so we can choose to change and create with the new. As we gather up used things that were once treasures, we can think of someone else receiving something so it can become a treasure once again.



There are several ways to clear old energetics in our home and work environments:

* Cleaning and straightening areas that are cluttered or have not been cleaned in the past year; straightening drawers and closets;
* Cleaning crystals and stones at least every month; cleaning crystals in offices every week;
* Keeping plants and things that are alive-they help balance and improve the energy of a space;
* Cleaning jewelry each day that it is worn; also cleaning glasses;
* Using the vibration of sound and music helps change energy;
* Mirrors, even small ones like bagua mirrors,placed on window sills;
* Moving furniture to different spots in the same room (even inches can make a difference);
* Painting even one wall effectively changes energy;
* Cleaning rugs, furniture and drapery.

If we have been in a relationship or there has been a person sharing our space and that relationship has changed, it would also be a good idea to clear out the old energetics using the above suggestions, as well as:

* Changing or cleaning the bedding in the Bedroom;
* Changing or replacing the pillows.

By using these simple guides, if the person who shared our space is still thinking or fantasizing over us, our bedroom will not be affected by their projections. These small changes can free up old energy. It can therefore not hold any projection. The same steps can be used and applied to any other rooms in the home.

If our home is an apartment and there are people who live below or on either side, it is helpful to use a 12” x 12” mirror. Face the mirror towards the wall, perhaps behind a dresser or other piece of furniture on the wall between apartments. A mirror can also be put under the bed, facing down. Aluminum or anything with a reflective surface can be used if there is not a mirror. Anything that will reflect energy or projections back to their source or away from us is good. When clearing the space in our home, we must only go to the walls. Going beyond the walls of our apartment, our space, is energetically invading the space of someone else.



When I was growing up, my family helped to get presents to other children on Christmas. My father was a square-dance caller and had many different clubs. He organized each square-dance club to gather new presents to send to the children of the Taos Pueblo, New Mexico. Each person would decide the age of the child who would get their shoe box of little gifts, and whether it would be for a boy or girl child. Beginning at age 12, I can remember going to Taos, New Mexico to our Indian friends, where we would pass out hundreds of these boxes to the children at Christmas. It eventually became thousands of boxes and went to all the surrounding Indian area. My parents gave us children a choice – to either have Christmas or to to go see the Indians. Of course, we chose to spend our Christmas money on traveling to visit our friends. For me it was a sense of freedom in returning each year, and that became a greater gift than getting physical presents. I’m sure that is why I like traveling around Christmas, in search of that magical feeling of giving, and the laughter of friends together.



Here is a simple and wonderful technique for releasing what we are holding on to: http://www.kenpage.com/healingtechniques/releasing.html. The more we can be present in the moment, the easier it will be to let go of the past that is holding us or preventing forward motion. The clearing technique could be the most powerful gift we can give ourself this Christmas: http://www.kenpage.com/healingtechniques/moment.html The last part of this technique involves loving ourselves – that WILL change our vibration within three days, if we are diligent about practicing and doing our own work. By letting go of even the good memories and allowing ourself to be present in the moment of This Christmas for itself, we will have a choice we never had before. We will have the choice of LOVE, the space where miracles can occur.



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