April 2008 (#2) - Letters to the Known
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April, 2008 (#2) Newsletter
Letters to the Known


*Radio Shows
*Past Newsletters written
*Information that Might Help You Now
*Calendar of Events


For some, we've been literally 'off the air' for the last six months - perhaps even a year. We were still writing newsletters - to the unknown! So we decided to send this short newsletter which contains links to some past newsletters - to you - the known! They may contain information that can help some of you now.

Ken was interviewed by Michael Levy on his Point of Life Radio Show on 13 February, 2008. You can find this show in the archives at:www.blogtalkradio.com/pointoflife. Just scroll down until you see: Date / Time: 2/13/2008 11:00 AM Ken Page.

Both Ken and Nancy were recently interviewed by Faith Ranoli on her Heart and Home Healing Show. www.HealthyLife.net . You can listen to this show on Thursday, April 17 at 1:00 pm PST, 4:00 EST or visit the Archives under 'Faith Ranoli and Heart and Home Healing'. Hope you enjoy this as much as we did.


Information that Might Help You Now:

June, 2007: Expanding the Forgotten Piece
*Experiences in Brain Neurofeedback - The Biocybernaut Institute
'I went to the training truly excited - open to becoming more than I was, more than I had ever been before. What I found was a place where that could happen. It was safe and caring and I found an acceptance in their vast knowledge of all states of being.'
*Ego-Higher Self Personality Test

July, 2007: Growing as a Spiritual Being
*Radio Interview - Internet Link
*Guidelines for Growing
'It is exhilerating and frightening at the same time to finally recognize that we are in charge of our own lives. Responsibility for everything we have created in this moment is not often easily accepted by any of us.'

August, 2007: The Game of Life
*Win at the Game of Life
'We live in a powerful, dynamic and yet potentially toxic time. Each of us live our daily lives with literally thousands of different energetic patterns. Sometimes, the energy we wear can be like armor, trapping us in a toxic environment of our own creation.'

September, 2007: The Secret Manuscript
'We have now complted our new 'Secret Manuscript' It is called 'The Art of Transference - Healing Through Compassion'. The information it contains will be a secret to many people. We wrote this for the ones who need to know about all types of energy on the planet today.'
*All Eight (8) graphic charts depicting the Evolution of the Soul

October, 2007: What is Spiritual?
*Change your Reality
'How many of us listen to the information we receive frm our Higher Self? It would be great to say that we all sense our Higher Selves. The truth is, it appears that many of us really don't.'
*Excerpt from the new book

November, 2007: Spiritual Awareness for Inner Harmony
*Spiritual Awareness
'Awareness is the consistent and permanent factor in and behind all life experiences, yet it most easily escapes our attention. Attention is not the same as awareness'.
*Emotional Balance

December, 2007: Choices for the Holidays
*Manifesting and Creating
'Choice also reflects our ability to manifest - to create within our present moment. The speed at which change can occur is directly affected by our ability to be present in each moment. For every memory, idea or emotion we have of the past, we actually lose a part of our life force energy to those feelings'.
*Suggestions for a New Year


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