What Is Spiritual?
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October 2007 Newsletter - What Is Spiritual?

*  What is Spiritual?
*  Change Your Reality
*  Excerpt from the new book
*  Charts Three, Four & Five


What Is Spiritual?

When you hear the word 'change', does it bring about excitement or fear? Is your reality based only upon your own beliefs? Can you release your ideas to allow something new to enter into your space? We are about to provide you with an opportunity to receive new information that could change your reality. How many of you will actually read any further?

Each of us is a unique being with our own set of life situations, past history, lineage, culture, heritage and much more. Each one of us individually have become our own vibration based on our own life experiences. This frequency brings us more information that resonates within that vibration. Anything outside of that band of energy would feel foreign - or possibly even empty, for a lighter vibration would actually feel like 'nothing' to us. For many people, this is not something we would choose to explore. In some way, our own 'awareness' might be the very factor that limits new insights or new information. We come to believe our own beliefs, our own ideas so strongly that often, another belief, a new philosophy appears strange, perhaps even outlandish and therefore, we reject it without exploring. We think our knowing is our connection with Higher Self. That locks us into the same vibrations that resonate with other people reflecting our beliefs back to us. We connect with certain communities, feel comfortable and settle in. There is nothing right or wrong about any of this - it is just the way that it appears to be, the way that we appear to form our opinions, beliefs, ideas and judgments.

The other week, I contacted the publisher of an important spiritual magazine to share what we feel is important new information that could be available to anyone who chooses. The publisher asked me: 'Where did this information come from?' I replied: From myself'. Since the information was not 'channeled' from a greater being, a more well-known power, this publisher could not allow the information to hold any credibility. So she rejected the information, chose not to even see it or read it. She judged it within her own limited awareness. What makes us do this? Why do we automatically turn away from something that could help us when it does not fit into the 'channel' of our knowing?

Unfortunately, we see this repeated in many different ways all over the world. Individuals are locked into their own belief system and reject anything that does not fall within the parameters of their accepted awareness. New ideas are not being allowed for they do not fit within their reality. Again, nothing right or wrong about any of this. Everyone gets to where they are going, when they get there. It's just so puzzling that people would continue to dig with their hands when a shovel is readily available. Having grown comfortable digging in their own way, they can't accept anything else than what they know - so they choose to reject change. When the publisher chose to judge the information as not worthy, it raised an important question:

Wouldn't a genius be connected to their spiritual Higher Self? The answer was: their own Higher Self became what they had come to believe; even the ability to be an intelligent genius filtered new information based upon their sense of already knowing or already having their answers.

I met the smartest person I had ever known, yet he could not trust any of the information he received from his own Higher Self. He uses a pendulum to get his answers or goes to a psychic for information. His genius could not trust his own Higher Self. When we think about that, it appears that many of us really don't trust our Higher Self, especially when the information might be so different than what we know, or think we understand.

Between the publisher and the genius, it gave lots of food for thought. All of a sudden, it became clear. The individuals that we felt were spiritual actually were not connected to their own Higher Self. They were looking for creativity in themselves and calling their Higher Self something else. The decision for me is: the Spiritual Higher Self IS the creative Higher Self. When we allow our own creative selves to come out, we are a part of the flow of creation. We are in the flow of Higher Self.

The world has many names for GOD - Source, Creator, Spirit... Being creative equals being Spiritual. That's why so many people have found peace in their lives with art, writing, dance, singing, gardening, any and all creative expression is a connection to the Spiritual Creativity - Higher Self. When we find that vibration, we realize this is the one that we've been looking for. Within this vibration, everything is open and we continually seek new ways of expressing ourselves, new thoughts, new food for thoughts and new information. This vibration is never limiting, always changing and open for change.


Change your Reality

Follow this link for an excerpt from the new book: The Art of Transference - Healing Through Compassion. It is ready for you to order now. 



The new charts (series of 8) is also ready for ordering. The first two charts have been given in previous newsletters

Chart Three
Description for Chart Three

Chart Four
Description for Chart Four

Chart Five
Description for Chart Five


We hope you sense the truths in our newest book and allow this information to change your reality.

Peace and Great Blessings,

Ken and Nancy




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