Choices for the Holidays
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December 2007 Newsletter - Choices for the Holidays

* Choices for the Holidays
* Manifesting and Creating
* Plans for the New Year
* Calendar of Event


* Choices for Blessings

For most of us, the times we are experiencing now are strained or heavy. The Holidays bring many feelings, emotions and past memories. It is sometimes challenging to remain in our own space and not get caught up in Holidays past. Do we know who we are? We wonder sometimes, when we see ourselves reacting the same old way to the same type of drama or family dynamics. Often it is being with family members that remind us of past experiences. We don’t find it easy to be ‘who we are now’ when others expect us to be the same as ‘who we used to be’. We know that we have changed, we have chosen to move beyond the old patterns and habits that defined us in years past; yet most people choose to hold onto us as if we were who we used to be. After all, there are millions of ideas of what the Holidays are supposed to be, how they are to appear, what people must do or not do, what ought to happen etc. etc.

The greatest gift for ourselves: we know we do have a choice to be any way we choose, to act or react in the way we choose and to be where and how we choose in the moment.

Sitting here it is easy for us to say: count our blessings and be thankful for what we do have, for where we are and for who we are. Be mindful of what is already present in our life. For lots of others, we also know that this is not simple for many feel trapped, stuck and without choice. They can only feel their own need for survival and the Holidays are a time of year when some are reminded of what they do not have, who they are not with or what they can not do.

Remember that choice is the most vital force in the universe. Our ability to make choices is often defined by the deep messages we send ourselves, like our attitude, our resentment, the quality of love and respect we have for ourselves and for others, our inner dialogue. These are the subtle choices we have that affect our present moments.

This Holiday season, we can be thankful for what we DO have: perhaps it is our very life. Why not make a conscious choice this Holiday season to be present, without judgment, without expectation, without bringing the past into your moment?. Live life as it unfolds – allow yourself to just BE. Enjoy the freedom to be any way you choose.

For many of us, 2007 was a challenging, difficult or hard year. We choose to allow 2008 to be easier, kinder, gentler on our souls. We hope you make that choice for yourselves.


* Manifesting and Creating

Choice also reflects our ability to manifest and create within our present moment. The speed at which change occurs in our life is directly affected by our ability to be present in each moment. Every memory, idea or emotion we have of the past, actually takes us out of the moment. Doing that over and over keeps us in the past, part of our history - our ‘story’. Our ‘story’ is very real. It is after all, what makes us up, tells us who we are and gives us an identity. So our ‘story’ is not wrong, it just is not who we are now. Remaining in our past ‘story’ causes that to be more alive than our present moment. The past does not have to define us, to represent our ‘story’ any longer. We are now more than our past.

We do have a choice – to forgive – others and ourselves, to let go and to move on. Why not just give up the need to know ‘why’ or ‘how come’ things occur in the way that they do. That in itself will be very freeing in each moment. The more present we can be in every moment, the quicker we can manifest. Creating and manifesting requires our thoughts to be present NOW.


* Suggestions for the New Year

Beginning a New Year brings lots of promises, resolutions and plans. Why not begin the year with these questions:

What am I holding onto from my past that is preventing me from creating? What kind of energy or pattern is still within me? What score-keeping memory am I holding?

Our asking you to ‘let go’ does not mean to ‘give in’. It means surrendering to the reality of what is. Recognizing that we have created exactly what we need in every moment gives us the momentum to move forward. The more energetically invested we are in holding on to an emotional WEIGHT from our history (our story), the longer we will have to WAIT for anything to change in our life.

So here is our suggestion:

Put yourself on a strict diet for 2008. Release the energetic weight from your past story.

Stop waiting for your present. Stop using others to provide your identity, worth or ‘who you are’ now.

The potential of our soul’s creative power is to be fully conscious – aware that we are Spirit, manifested into physical form. It is unnatural for us to be smaller or less than we are. Learning to be present in the moment allows our full potential to be revealed, even to ourselves.


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