August, 2007: The Game Of Life
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August, 2007 Newsletter: The Game of Life

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Do you like to "win?" Would you be interested in winning the Game of Life? The very real truth is you will, but just when is the big question. For some, they have won the game in this moment, this "right" now. For most others, our turn in the spotlight is to come.

Well, here is a clue to get you closer to your victory dance in the winner's circle. All games have rules, and by following, using, practicing and playing by those rules, you can win that game of your choice. Yet, all games have rules unique to themselves. One does not play golf with a football, and there are three bases not 100 yards of them in baseball.

So, to experience your heart's desire to win, pick a game you enjoy and play it. Pick a spiritual path that rings true for you and follow it; you can't help but to succeed.

The point of all this is to pick one spiritual discipline you enjoy and resonate with. Mixing practices, customs, icons, chants, scripture, stores and rituals is truly blobbing all of the spiritual "rules" together. Expecting to understand, much less comprehend this spiritual mixture, is kind of silly. Cross study or comparison of spiritual teachings is one thing; cross mixing is another.

Find one, enjoy one, practice one and then live with that one. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, not a curvy one. Your time in the winning circle is closer than you think.

*We thank Reverend Stephen J. Henry, ADL for his article 'The Game of Life'
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We live in a powerful, dynamic and yet potentially toxic time. Each of us live our daily lives with literally thousands of different energetic patterns. Sometimes, the energy we wear can be like armor, trapping us in a toxic environment of our own creation. For many people, just the idea of looking at our own patterns, vibrations and emotional attachments can be a daunting project – one that is best put off until absolutely necessary. So we deal with the resulting stress of daily life in many ways. Our bodies become the roadmaps of our emotional experiences. We become our experiences. Often on the run, in a hurry or feeling like there is always ‘not enough time’ can lead to fast foods and unhealthy diets. Our days roll into our nights and our minds can not seem to quiet themselves to afford us the restful sleep that we need for the proper function of all levels of our being: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. This type of living can play havoc with our psyche until we begin to ask: Why me, Why this or Why now? Our nervous system affects our emotional body, which in turn becomes frail, allowing our physical self to feel the pressure of a stressful life.

Sounds pretty grim, we would all agree. Yet every day we ask people during a session the same questions. You might try asking them to yourself, right now: How much psychic weight has this been on your body? How much emotional weight has this been on your body? How many pounds of pressure has this been on your body?

The average answer to these questions would surprise you – or maybe not. Would you believe the responses to each of those questions are: hundreds - thousands of pounds, and even - tons! Again, our bodies become the roadmaps of our emotional experiences. We have become our experiences. The path of our life is reflected each day to us in our physical body.

It does not even appear to make a difference if you are the most religious or spiritual person in the world. It does not appear to matter the part of the world in which you live. People all over the world are seeing a rise in dis-ease and dis-harmony in their own bodies.

Over the years, these newsletters have encouraged energetic clearing on a daily basis; the release of old patterns; the avoidance of energetic looping with other people and many other tools to help lead a healthy life. In the average human life today, it is a fast world with fast food and often, a search for fast fixes. So tools to do your own work are not easily accepted. After all, if you don’t have the time to take care of the things filling your world now, how can you possibly find the time to do something more?

Many factors work against you and your body; such as age, relationships, family, job, financial situations, religious organization, environment, place of residence and more. There are so many negative, unhealthy energies present in our every-day lives, that our bodies are experiencing an actual chemical reaction. And what are these toxic energetics and vibrations? Oh, just the usual: sadness, fear, rejection, anger, stress, helplessness, hopelessness, depression (just to name a few),

Even some of the most powerful teaching schools in the world today have healers who are becoming sick with cancer or other illnesses. Big corporations contain so much dysfunction and stress within the workplace that their employees are becoming ill.

Cancer is not discriminatory. By far, we believe it ranks right up there with the largest of world consciousness. So, will it take the diagnosis of a terminal dis-ease or a traumatic event to force you to become aware of the energetic vibration and mind-set that you create on a daily basis?

We have to begin to take care of ourselves. We have to begin to create balance with ourselves and our relationship to God or the Creator.

There are so many times that stress and toxic emotions have become part of our lives. Many of our emotions have mixed with each other and forced complex energy changes. When we cannot let go or release these negative vibrations of anger, hurt, stress or pain, they build up in our bodies and eventually result in cancer. We must learn to forgive ourselves and others before it's too late. We hope you hear what we are saying.

Deepak Chopra has said that the average person has about sixty thousand thoughts a day. Ninety percent of them are thoughts of yesterday. If you think about it, there are probably millions of negative thoughts that are and always have been a part of our lives and are literally killing us. When we hold on to these deadly emotions over a period of years, this negative energy weakens the cells of our immune system. The result is illness and sickness.

For example, let's say you have a relationship with a person and it does not work out. You are in pain over the loss of this relationship. You are angry, hurt and sad. You want to get revenge or maybe you feel guilty. You must find a way to forgive yourself and that person and move on. To continue to harbor those feelings of anger, bitterness or pain will wear you down. You will become sick emotionally, spiritually and eventually, even physically. This is not just an opinion, this has now become medically proven – it is a fact. You have to learn to change the way you think, feel and interact with others.

We get literally hundreds of phone calls from people all over the world who want help because they have some form of illness. It only takes about five minutes of talking to them to discern the apparent cause or root of their physical dis-ease. They are holding onto their past hurt, pain and anger.

How can we begin to fight back against these unhealthy ways of being? How can we begin to heal ourselves? First, we suggest that eating a healthy diet, drinking a lot of water and getting plenty of rest is where to begin. Also, stop reacting to the outside world, letting it dictate who you are, what you should do, or how you should be anything, other than the way that you are. Another good idea would be to find fifteen minutes a day and make it your quiet time. Be still, be quiet and just "BE". It is during this quiet, meditative time that you will find that center point of balance within yourself. Then you can move forward to a closer relationship with God / Creator / Source. Finally (and this is the most important), forgive yourself and forgive all others who have wronged you. Be gentle with yourself.

None of us are immune. If you have read our own stories in these newsletters over the years, you know that Nancy and I have created many different experiences for ourselves; and not all of them wonderful, pleasant or easy. Our experiences have shown us over and over that we must stick with the basics: loving ourselves unconditionally and having unconditional compassion for all creation, continually practicing the energy clearing technique, being present in the moment and staying in our own energetic space. So, we guess you could say that we have found a practice that we enjoy and can live with.

We are both cancer survivors. We have learned how to become quiet with the energetics of the world. We can show you how to find that place of Oneness within yourself. There are many easy and simple techniques on our website that will help you to help yourself. You can do this. 'We are all spiritual beings having a human experience'. If you practice the things we have suggested, you will change your vibrations. You will become lighter. You can avoid dis-ease and dis-harmony in your own body. You can become cancer free. You can win at 'The Game of Life'.

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