The Secret Manuscript
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September 2007 Newsletter - The Secret Manuscript

Healing Through Compassion
Ken Page and Rev. Dr. Nancy Nester


Our new 'Secret Manuscript' is called 'The Art of Transference - Healing Through Compassion'. The information it contains will be a secret to many people. We wrote this for the ones who need to know about all types of energy on the planet today.

We can change the world right now. Anyone who holds on to ideas from the past will not want this information to be shared. Please foward this e-mail to everyone you know. This will allow the information to get to those that truly want to know, that really want to help themselves and help others. We thank you in advance for your assistance in spreading the word. You will be blessed, you are blessed in every moment.

Know this, Feel this: We are the future - the future is here now for us to know.

Through years of experience, we have seen individuals who help other people. After helping, they get sick in one or more areas of their body - physically, mentally, emotionally. These effects are seen with people in the healing arts, medical professionals, therapists, teachers, counselors, care-givers. The title does not seem to matter. When the 'giving' of ourselves to others begins to hurt us, it's time to find out what is really going on. Discover easily why you sometimes feel overwhelmed in the world around you. We can show you how you can be completely safe in any type of energy exchange - not pick up any residual from any situation - feel better around your families and in your relationships - stay balanced in your every day life - remain healthy to continue being of service to yourself and to others.

We also have a series of eight (8) graphic charts designed to clearly demonstrate our evolution as a soul and provide a pathway to the soul's purpose. The first chart is on our website. This is the first and the simplest of all the charts - it shows the beginning of our journey in helping anyone else. A full description will give you more insight into the graphics and flow of this chart.

The balance of the charts become increasingly more dynamic in the way the information is presented. Together with written descriptions, these charts provide:

the answers on karma
the dynamics of all energy
time changing reality
how to find the parts of us that are lost
releasing all fears
releasing attachments with others
the truth about the Akashic records
how we affect the weather
how to change your past completely
how to take all your own power and keep it safe
how to find the balance of your male and female aspects
and more.

There are many new ways of looking at old problems. This manuscript and these charts contain everything we have learned in our lives. Remember - everything really is different than we have been told. Find out the truth for yourself. There is a better way of living. There is a better way to BE who you are, where you are and why you are.


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