Preparation for a Heart & Soul Healing
In-Person Session

Thank you for your interest in Heart & Soul Healing. In preparation for your session, it might be helpful for you take about an hour (or more) to write down any or all of the following:

Major injuries or surgeries
Physical illnesses
Current health issues
Addictive patterns
Disturbing emotions
Mood swings
Obsessive patterns
Relationship patterns
Low self esteem
Internal critical voices
Unresolved relationships
Fears, phobias, nightmares
Poor concentration or memory
Low vitality or energy
Learning problems
Mental/emotional breakdowns
Traumatic experiences
Patterns in jobs or abundance
Family/friends who have died
Abusive experiences
Any strange experiences

If possible, please indicate seeming patterns in the type of jobs, relationships, friendships, or life conditions you may be experiencing, as well as how you would like your life to be, if everything could be the way you truly desire it to be. Also indicate any family or friends who have died. List any abusive experiences, and any type of strange or weird things which may have happened to you. Write down any questions about any area of your life you may have, as well as any changes you have a desire to make. Include, if applicable, all four areas of your life: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Include any changes you desire to make as well as how you would like your life to be, if everything could be the way you desire.

Before your session, please review the handout entitled
Techniques For Being In The Moment - Clearing, Balancing, and Centering

Please organize your questions and your thoughts prior to the session, as you will only have about 15 minutes to present this information clearly. This preparation on your part allows the maximum time to be spent, experiencing the work in and of itself, allowing you a clearer and more complete understanding of the dynamics and patterns of your life.

Heart & Soul Healing session overview

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Remote Heart & Soul Healing Session Questionnaire


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