The DaVinci Code, Duality and Polarity
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September, 2006 - The Da Vinci Code, Duality and Polarity

• The DaVinci Code and Feminine Equality
• We truly believe - the Philosophies of Heart & Soul Healing
• A Magdalene Message
• Duality, Polarity and Reality

Nancy and I are finally on the 'home-stretch' to unpacking and finding everything. How can two people have so much stuff !?! Of course one truck was completely full of bookcases and books for our facility. Another truck was our offices, our own products and of course, more books! The construction on the new teaching and living space is almost complete and we are excited to welcome everyone. We have lots of creative ideas being generated with all this 'new-ness' and feel very blessed. There are many discounts available for our inaugural courses here in Georgia.

Last May before we moved, I wrote a newsletter about the impact of the book and the coming movie: 'The Da Vinci Code'. I am now considered an old-fashioned writer, using paper and pen rather than a computer. Both of us write and journal a great deal and these musings fill pads and of course, more boxes. Unfortunately, we have not found the notebook that had my thoughts for 'The Da Vinci Code' newsletter. It is somewhere in a box that remains unpacked - only to re-surface later. Just so you know that I am not trying to 'ride the coat tails' of the movie; I am just needing to finish this line of reasoning and thinking...

The Da Vinci Code and Feminine Equality

The book 'The Da Vinci Code' by Dan Brown was an amazing story that reached out to challenge the belief system of millions around the world. Now the movie has again stirred speculation. Some people were angry about the premise of the story, yet everyone was given food for thought. As you may know by now, 'The Da Vinci Code' talks primarily about the feminine, or the lack of the feminine throughout religious history. In this case, the feminine deals specifically with Mary Magdalene. The storyline directly challenges concepts held these past two thousand years about Jesus. Working with clients in an altered state, I have heard a similar story thousands of times: a large percentage of women relate to Mary Magdalene. Many women experience themselves as a part of her and can feel the emotion of love for and from Jesus. It is as if this vibration has been wired into their psyche or subconscious.

'The Da Vinci Code' again brings awareness to women as equals. This philosophy also challenges the belief system of some world religions. The word 'religion' has been, for the most part throughout the world, a generic term for organizations of men that control the world through dogmatic beliefs and power. History has shown that 'religion' has been the basis for personal ideology to be used for domination, manipulation and control by fear. We have seen that 'religions' have not wanted women to be equal, rather some hold the belief that women are less than equal. There is one factor we do know - women are the best creators in the world. Not only do women have an inner strength that is the closest to Spirit strength, they can create life within their own bodies from a seed. There is nothing that men can create that comes close to or is equal to that type of force.

The idea of women fully taking or coming into their own power brings a great fear to many. 'The Da Vinci Code' places emphasis on the sacred feminine. Again, that premise directly opposes the masculine force evident within religous ideology. In our opinion, a belief that feminine is less than masculine continues to foster the main duality existing on the planet today. The foundation of all duality lies in the feminine aspect and the masculine aspect existing within each of us. Food for more thought: what if Da Vinci's 'Vitruvian Man' was a sketch directing the masculine to find the feminine within. Each of us have had experiences as males and/or females in past times. The metaphysical community has generally maintained the dualities of victim vs. saviour, good vs. bad, light vs. dark, right vs. wrong etc. These aspects of duality have followed the teachings of religion and religious ideologies around the world. For years, the teachings of Heart & Soul Healing (HSH)™ have stressed the importance of balancing the male and female within us.

We truly believe:
The last duality existing in our physical reality is the balance of our masculine with our feminine.
The last duality in our spiritual reality is that we feel separate from God.
Until these concepts are understood, we can not connect to our true heart center or connect to our soul.
This is the balance we need to bring about the evolution of our own soul's connection to Source.

You may want to re-read the 'Magdalene' message

There is Duality, There is Polarity and Then There is Reality

We see duality existing all over the world. This is the basis of Karma. Karma represents the duality that exists when experiences needed for our growth are manifested into our physical reality. Our teachings hold that Karma is based upon energy. We stress that the balance of our energy with all other energies is necessary. Each time we attempt to separate or disconnect from anything or anyone only creates more duality. When we are in balance, there is no need for Karma. When we can become One with all energy without any duality or reaction to 'positive' and/or 'negative' energy, then we are in balance. There is no need for protection which takes so much of our own energy. There is also no need to surround ourselves with any color of light and no need to look for anything or anyone outside of ourselves. It is only when we can become a higher vibration that the true creator resonates within our being. It is only then that we no longer feel any resistance to an opposite polarity, even with our own ideas or thoughts. In order to prove this as a demonstration, I call into myself every energy, thought, idea and consciousness that exists on earth. Everyone feels the stillness and the quiet calm that occurs, realizing that the totality of energy is peaceful, creative power This is the major teaching around the Third Eye of Horus Mystery School: that there are no polarities, therefore Karma is dissipated and we stop getting pulled out of the moment, into our past. For some however, the quiet stillness of creative energy feels like 'nothing' and so it is discarded as being outside of their reality. Vulnerability and innocence lie within creative power - two thoughts that for many are unsafe.

We have taught Oneness - Unity Consciousness - NonJudgment - Unconditional Compassion for all Creation for many, many years. That is the basis of HSH™ and the truths both Nancy and I have held, taught and shared throughout our lives. The idea of being one with everything in creation (not just the good stuff), and encouraging the merging of ourselves with all energies without any fear has not been popular. Promoting the belief that thousands of years of indoctrination in a victim - saviour duality should be set aside and discarded is not easy for many to accept.

Our precepts and teachings are only now being received in some metaphysical circles. This is why we teach only about the Use of Clear Light. Even with the first publication in 1997 of 'The Way It Works', which by then put into print and represented much of what I had taught for almost 15 years, the acceptance of certain ideas were not in keeping with the concepts that were a part of the metaphysical world. Staying true to your own beliefs is part of the integrity we place on ourselves. The first publication in 1999 of 'The Heart of Soul Healing' had taken almost twelve years. This book details the practices, beliefs and full premise of HSH™. One chapter deals with the internal Immaculate Conception where we birth our higher selves within our own heart , when it merges with out soul. Another chapter sets out the various functions of the chakras including the three different vibrations contained within the root chakra: sexual/survival, sexual/creative and creative. Moving from sexual to pure creativity within the root chakra is only part of the teachings we have shared with the world for more than 25 years.


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