(from: 'The Heart of Soul Healing', Chapter 23)

The Seed of Life
Some time had passed since I received new information from Spirit. My previous guidance had been to approach every healing session with the same focus and love that was present at my very first.
As my healing work continued, I was given new guidance to focus on taking my power. Each night I practiced doing so in a lucid dreaming state, although I wasn’t sure why I needed to do this. What would my power be used for? I followed my inner guidance and knew at the right time I would be given the answers.

I practiced quieting my mind and allowing my inner power to flow for four to five hours each night for almost a year before I completely surrendered to the process. I kept expanding my inner awareness through the dimensions of my world until I felt all powerful. The more I allowed my power to come through, the quieter I became. I realized once again that Creator-Source does not have boundaries or limitations. Only our ideas limit our connection to Source.

But what happens when we claim our power and become a true reflection of the Creator–a pure mirror of our full creative potential made physical?

In December 2000, I was asked by my Higher Self to stop another teacher who was interfering with the planet’s evolution. This message upset me because it went against everything I had been teaching. Who was I to judge another? I always believed that whatever a teacher was sharing was right for them and the people they attracted.

Then it came to me that my Higher Self was asking me to stop giving this person energy. I felt in harmony with this and completely stopped thinking about or giving any energy towards this person. This surprisingly set off a chain reaction with my family and friends. Since we are all interconnected, the withholding of energy from this teacher caused chaos in everyone else. I was amazed by the compounding effect this act had on everyone. I started to understand that I was the cause of the original problem with our planet’s evolution by holding onto an idea that kept the dynamic tension alive between the other teacher and me. My Higher Self showed me this dynamic. It was never about the other teacher and always about myself. What would happen to Earth if we stopped giving our energy or thoughts in the old way? What if you were the one holding onto an idea that kept human consciousness from changing?

In April 2001, I gave my first Heart & Soul Healing Teacher Training. I was now sharing all the knowledge and experiences I had collected and was releasing to my students all that I held most dear. This was very freeing, and yet I felt vulnerable and empty. At the same time, I also felt the power in being vulnerable. By sharing, I was opening myself to the place where creation lives inside me, which would allow further understanding to come through.

I knew that there was more for me to understand about the sphere of creation. Previously I sensed that there was a presence in the center of the sphere that I assumed was me. Later I understood that the presence was the physical manifestation of my Higher Self. As I looked at the image of my Higher Self in my mind’s eye, I could see a speck in the center of the chest where the heart and soul merge. This speck on the chest of the image of my Higher Self looked like a tiny seed with endless depth. I sensed it was a place where a new reality, a new awareness could be created. I thought of the speck as the seed of creation, and if I could access it, I would be fully empowered. I knew more information would come when I was ready to take the next steps of understanding.

As I observed this seed of creation, an uneasy feeling came upon me. I realized this speck was the essence of the Void and if one could step into the space of the Void, it could change the vibration forever. Then all of the illusions of fear around the Void would be lifted off the collective. The essence of the seed was a powerful, gigantic energy-like a dragon. I felt that if I let it out it would consume or destroy me as well as others. The depth of this illusion made me concerned about taking all of my power. What would happen if I awoke the sleeping dragon of creation inside myself? Why did I feel that taking all of my power was dangerous, that I would misuse it?

Is this energy-the immense personal power of creation that we each have-feared by us as well as coveted? Do we suffer from the illusion that it is bad or evil? Are we taught by our history as humans and by our religion, that if we fully take our power and awaken the seed of creation within us, that there would be dire consequences? Is this why I saw my own seed of creation like a dragon?

There are symbols of powerful beasts in many cultures. Dragons, serpents, lions, gargoyles, and other archetypes often appear in artwork along with representations of spiritual beings. It is within our human nature to attempt to reconcile the savage part of ourselves. We see our animal nature as a beast–a consciousness that attacks, controls, or harms others for personal gain. Reflecting on human history and life in our world today, it is obvious that many people have gained feelings of excitement and power by hurting and controlling other people. If I took my power would I do the same? Was that the illusion of fear that I felt?

The Old Testament of the Bible, along with other religious texts, promote the concept that God is punishing and judgmental and will destroy us if we go against his will. These teachings have historically kept humanity in fear and separation and have been reinforced by people who see tragic events as punishment.

I am sure that religious history and my own past life experiences with a punishing, judgmental God also reinforced the illusion of fear about this destructive power, the dragon that surrounded my own seed of creation.

I have a very good idea about the power of these emotions. In my experience conducting thousands of past life regressions, when asked to go into their most powerful, destructive, and evil lives, a high majority of my clients describe the addictive quality of these states. This drove them to recreate situations to feel this power again and again. If they did not recreate this energy, they simply did not feel alive.
I really felt that I needed to let my inner power come out in a positive way so that the creative part of this energy would have a different focus, both for me personally and for the planet. I did not want any part of continuing to recreate the disastrous path that our ancestors created throughout history.

Several years ago I was in England and heard that there might be a copy of a book at Oxford University that described the Kaula Circle, a secret mystery school in the East at least 3,000 years old. The book was called Secrets of the Kaula Circle, by Elizabeth Sharpe, and was published in London in 1936. Elizabeth Sharpe was a western woman who married a Tibetan lama. Her husband used the energy of the Kaula Circle and she studied details of the process.

The Tibetan Lamas of the Kaula Circle used the science of the breath, or Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga is the conjunction of the Sun and the Moon, Ha = Sun and Ta = Moon, controlled by using the right and left nostril. Her lama husband lived his life according to the these breathing techniques. The breathing worked in twenty-four minute cycles. The guidelines listed twenty to thirty-five functions for each breath and what activities should relate to each Ha or Ta breath. I found it surprising that the same sun, or right breath, was used both for going to war and making love. The left, or moon breath, would be used, for example, to earn money or plant a garden. There were also specific thoughts to go with each sun or moon breath.

Sharpe’s book clearly showed that some of the lamas and maharajas of the inner circle practiced the breath work of the Kaula Circle to increase their own personal power. They also utilized the sexual energy of others to create their own immortality and to keep themselves young. I believe that they were out of balance with their own male and female energies and used others to achieve their goals.
Young Indian girls were often purchased for their beauty and innocence. Once acquired, the women were treated as goddesses while they were used by the lamas who harvested their life energies. Orgies were arranged to generate even more energy. The young men brought in to participate in the orgies grew old and unhealthy before their time while the lamas remained young. The Lamas of the Kaula Circle who participated in these rites got caught up in the misuse of sexual-survival energy and became possessed by their addiction. Sharpe noted that the Lamas of the Kaula Circle could be physically very beautiful, but had dark or black lips.

I have known many people who irresponsibly run other people’s sexual energy through themselves without full awareness of its potential power. Some of these people are fully aware of what they are doing and some are not. I was surprised at the depth of this misuse within the Kaula Circle. I found it challenging to understand why these lamas, who at one time knew better, had became so caught up in the seductive concept of immortality that they became lost in their misuse of sexual energy. They fell into the energy of the physical dimension and lost their spiritual connection.

The base chakra is set up with three potential vibrations: basic human sexual-survival energy, sexual-creative energy (when two people come together as one) and the third, creative energy. The trick is to learn how to run our creative energy wide open without attracting distorted sexual-survival energy. Creative energy is a very powerful vibration and can create the spark to new realities.

The issues of mystery schools of today are energetically similar to the issues of yesterday that is, can a creator be completely open to another without using that person’s energy. The Kaula Circle lamas are an extreme example of misuse of this power. There are, of course, many people who are lesser examples of the same misuse of the sexual-creative energy of others and the collective consciousness of people.

The shift for me came in London, England around June 2002, while I was staying at the College of Psychic Studies. Alternatives, had sponsored a lecture at St. James’ Cathedral, near Piccadilly. The cathedral was built in the 16th Century, and I had always wanted to speak there. Four hundred people were present at my lecture and it was one of the highlights of my career. During my talk, I clearly stated that I was here on Earth to balance the ancient consciousness of religion.

All the people I attract as clients and students are spiritual and have always been. They lead spiritual lives today; their spirituality has played out in past lives where they participated in different religious and spiritual paths. They were a part of religious history and pieces of them were frozen in space. My clients and students helped me to understand that rigid religious ideologies, formulated from the Bible, the Koran, and other religious and spiritual writings and belief systems were holding people and religions of today in the dynamics of the past. My clients were still energetically connected to their past religious heritage. By releasing the religious and spiritual ideas they were holding, we were able to release the rigid patterns of the past and present - our ultimate goal being to free the consciousness of religion.
A short time later, I also understood that if this was my job, then I would also have to free all the ways the idea of God was being held onto and how these ideas were used to justify holy wars, hate, martyrdom, and murder, both historically and today.

I knew that I had to state my intentions in a special, holy place, such as St. James’ Cathedral. The witness to my declaration was a friend who flew in from the United States. There will always be a witness for every major transformational event in your life. Witnesses have unconditional love for themselves and a high level of unconditional compassion for others. A witness has many levels of depth and can affect time itself. At some point, each of you will be asked by Spirit to support others as they complete their past. A friend from Baltimore flew all the way to be a witness to this event.
The group at St. James’ Church understood my talk. It was perfect and confirmed my awareness of my job to balance the energetics of religion, a task of mine since the beginning of my journey. Within seven days of my talk, I received further information that I had been seeking for many years. I believe there have been many types of projections put on religions, God and people who serve these ideologies - dating back to the early mystery schools.

During this trip, I had many private sessions. One of my clients training to be a HSH practitioner, had already had her private session, and was ready for the next step.

When she came for her session, she wore a crystal given to her by a guru, a powerful Afghanistan general who had started a spiritual cult group in London. This particular guru had been unethical. He gave all the group members the same kind of crystal and used the crystal to enter their bodies and use their life-force energy.

I asked her to remove the crystal and started the clearing work. We worked together for about forty-five minutes and then a pattern appeared-a million plus projections on the sexual organs of her body. Although I had been aware and had seen grids and patterns before, I had never encountered such a vast amount of grids or patterns.. They appeared like spider webs overlapping each other.
I centered myself and allowed my vibration to dissolve these patterns. It took about half an hour. to realize that the patterns were the projections that men and woman put on each other powerful human-force, orgasmic projections. Think about the energy on Earth today: the distorted-perverted-using-raping energies. Think about the ideas that teenagers today have about sex. What kind of consciousness does this create?

As I dissolved these patterns on my client, I downloaded into my database of experience, information about the consciousness that represented these distorted patterns. After the session, I realized that this consciousness is what the Kaula Circle was looking for and what many mystery schools were trying to tap into.

Many times, we will step into a powerful consciousness that changes our awareness and our vibration. We never know when this will happen. When you discover one of these consciousnesses, it is important to have a quiet mind, thus allowing the energy to take a new form. It is also important not to use the energy - just allow it to flow through you. Doing this will change your vibration and allow you to objectively interpret the information you are being given without overwhelming your nervous system. (The average healer lasts three years before his of her nervous system burns out. The average massage therapist last five years.)

That night, around midnight, the full energy and understanding of this information came to me. The chaotic, sexual-energy patterns that I had witnessed earlier on my client represented the most powerful and charged consciousness known to humanity. This consciousness was composed of all the energy generated during any kind of sexual thought or activity-trillions of projections going back into time and space and affecting everyone and all life forms and creations.

I understood how people project their thoughts onto each other’s sexual organs and how easy it is to be caught up in these powerful energies. If someone you have been with projected his or her distorted thoughts, fantasies, or high emotions onto you, this could leave a pattern that may possibly attract this consciousness. Carlos Castaneda says that the energy of sexual encounters can stay with us for up to seven years. I realized that it would be impossible to balance the male and female energy within us without also balancing the consciousness of the outward sexual projections of the 6.5 billion people on Earth.

People seeking the power of others have tried to control this consciousness, which is a key ingredient to changing creation. If they mastered it, they would be able to control others, as well as time and space. By not using this energy, but allowing it to flow through me, it could take another form which could free the sexual projections that have been holding us. The reason so many people get caught up in these energetic patterns is - we have the ability to change this energy. We are its Creator and we can change this and bring balance to old sexual projections. Imagine loving and conceiving a child/baby without the projections of history which have been placed on men and women. Every child would be brought into the world with the purest conception vibration - one that would stay with them their entire lives.

I found another book at Oxford University by Elizabeth Sharpe that described the Tantric doctrine of immaculate conception. As I read through this material I thought about what the true meaning of the immaculate conception might be and what the lamas and other spiritual teachers might have been looking for in their explorations. Although I found Sharpe’s concepts on the immaculate conception vague, it got me thinking. The story of immaculate conception is an old one. I had seen it documented on a wall in Egypt written one thousand years before Jesus was born.

As I reflected on the idea of immaculate conception, it became clear to me that we as individuals and creators have the ability to create our own immaculate conception and bring in a new consciousness. This is what Spirit was showing me with my vision of the seed of creation.

The seed of creation that I saw in the area of the heart and soul of my Higher Self is a bridge or gate that allows us a place to birth this new spirit within us. By merging ourselves with our Higher Self, we will birth (through our own inner immaculate conception) a third essence - our Godself. This essence is the combined energies of ourself and our Higher Self merged into one. This creates our own trinity: ourself, our Higher Self, and our Godself.

How do we get to place where we can create our Godself?
• By balancing the male and female within us, allowing a spark to ignite the seed or the inner womb.
• By taking our power and owning it without fear.
• By staying in our creative energy and allowing it to flow.
• By having unconditional love for our self and unconditional compassion for all creation.

By fully taking our power, being balanced with our creative energies, and allowing our own inner male and female to come together, we recreate the energetic spark of the immaculate conception in the womb of the seed of life where we become the mirror of our Higher Self becoming physical. Becoming conscious is the reflection of everything and everyone. By no longer giving energy to the past, we allow for an expanded future and a change in our timeline; an open timeline that allows for spiritual immortality.

When we master all of the above, we move into a new space inside our seed of creation and we birth our Godselves. Birthing our Godselves is INcension. It is the gift of instantaneous creation. It is the creation of Heaven on Earth and self-realization.

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