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The Philosophy Behind Heart & Soul Healing

(from: 'The Heart of Soul Healing', Chapter 28)

The key to the success of Heart & Soul Healing is that the entire process is self-empowering and ongoing.The structure of Heart & Soul Healing is unique because it is based on nine basic principles:

1. The use of Clear Light

2. Becoming Liquid Light

2. The non-projection of energy and ability to center within yourself

3. The daily use of a quick, dynamic clearing process

4. Keeping yourself clear while eating

5. Accepting responsibility for your creations, thoughts, words, and deeds

6. The commitment to unconditional love of self and non-judgment of others

7. The commitment to being present and in the moment

8. Facing your worst fears and turning them into your greatest strengths

9. Moving your point of focus and creation into your pineal gland, which allows you to move back into your heart and blend with your soul


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