Looking at Our Fears

It is important to look at our own fears as we explore our spirituality and growth.

What frightens us? What do we fear?
Being alone?
Other people?

Our fears keep us out of the moment. They prevent us from fully loving ourselves by energetically interfering with our ability to love those aspects of yourself. Our subconscious mind will keep attracting our fears until we come to peace with them.

If you are afraid of death, volunteer at an AIDS or cancer hospice. Working with people who are dying helps us see the beauty-as well as the pain -and come to terms with our fear of death or of being out of control.

As the dimensional changes occur, any fears we still have will be amplified a thousand times.

Isn't it better to look at all the things we fear now, in a controlled manner? We have the greatest opportunity of finding peace with these feelings by looking at our fears in this moment. By having unconditional love for our fearful selves, we change our vibration-and by doing so we help change the collective consciousness. We can practice having unconditional love for all parts of ourselves by using the energetic clearing technique.


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