Lost in the Fog

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May, 2004 Message – Lost in the Fog

The Magdalene Conclave
• Ken’s Story – Nancy’s Story
• A Message

• Ken’s story:
This newsletter will share with you a very special moment; one that I strongly believe has had an effect on time and space. Throughout history, there have been major events that have affected the consciousness of an area, a region, a particular country, or this planet. Today, one blessing (and maybe the only one) with television media is this: it supplies us with an overview of what is happening around our world. This gives us a better understanding of events that affect us energetically on a planetary level. Yes, in my opinion, you are being affected by the dynamics of other circumstances and events which occur half way around the world. Of course, most of the population may not be physically aware that this is happening. They might feel those emotions on etheric realms, which may translate to feelings of stress, uneasiness, being guarded or even of great sadness, not knowing where these emotions are coming from.

I have a friend – one of the very few individuals who has not judged me or asked me to change my ideas or spiritual path. I met Tom Kenyon about 11 years ago. He is a kind man who loves to laugh and is deeply focused on his spiritual path. Yet, he does not take himself so seriously. (a quality I am still learning) Our journeys would cross every few years. We even were presenters at a few events together which gave us quality moments. Sometimes when you ask Spirit for a messenger, this is the kind of person who would show up to deliver your message without judgment. I met Judi Sion about 5 years ago. We only had a short time at dinner in London last November to get to know each other.

Nancy and I attended the Mary Magdalene Conclave in Washington DC over Easter weekend. Tom and Judi had invited us as their guests. That weekend had just opened up on my schedule. It was so busy that we left on Friday night about 6:00 pm for a 7-hour drive; knowing that the event started that evening. At least we could be there for Saturday and Sunday. It was like pushing through cement to get out of the house. Driving on Highway 66, about 11 miles outside of Washington DC, a cat ran out in front of me. I was on the freeway. He passed me, then suddenly turned around and ran right under my car. There were cars behind me This is the first time I ever hit an animal. Sadness filled the car as we drove on. Then suddenly, a quiet voice came in telling me why she had to leave; she had sacrificed herself to allow for a new space to be created.

As we got closer to where the event was taking place in Crystal City, VA, a car in the other lane would not let me turn. I was forced to make another turn that would send me into past memories of the area. Driving around the Washington and Lincoln monuments over the next hour, the faces of those people I had previously worked with (Ruth who owns Terra Christa) and all the individuals I had seen in session in this area) flashed before me. By the time we got to the hotel and into our room, it was almost 2:00 am.

The event was a very powerful and beautiful releasing of each person’s past and allowed for the bringing of balance to the male and female sides within us. The female energy was freed to become a true spirit in time without the need for any more sacrificing. That release created a space between the Sun and Moon where anyone can walk directly into the Void and connect to our God/Goddess self – the Oneness of who we truly and really are.

The Conclave also became an opportunity for me to release old energies. I saw this as a freeing of any consciousness, old religious structures or thought forms which hold people in their past. That was my job in attending. I know each of the other participants had their own job. I’ll not comment on what I saw or what I did – it’s only my imagination anyway.

It was also strange leaving the event minutes after it was over and driving the long 7 hours back home. We finally got close to our house in the mountains. The elevation is about 3500 feet. The fog became thicker and thicker as we left the highway and entered onto the secondary roads. When we slowly crawled onto our street, I could not even see the edge of the roadway to make sure I was still on the road. We were in my SUV loaded with heavy books so the car lights were aiming upward. That made the light mixed with the fog so bright I could not see. The last winding block, Nancy with her new glasses was having more problems seeing through the thick fog than I was, so she decided to get out of the car and walk ahead as I followed her. I thought this was the perfect way to end our spiritual journey – she had to lead us in the light on the path to home. A beautiful sight was the white cat in the headlights, walking beside her. We were home and safe.

• Nancy’s story:
I could not help but examine the synchronistic timing of events. You’ve read in prior newsletters that resistance to shifts in consciousness creates fear, which in turn can create chaos. This time was no different! Everything and everyone wanted attention. It would have been much easier on our physical and emotional bodies to just stay home. Still, each of us knew there was more to our attending this event. Ken continues to say that nothing is as it appears to be. Each day I continue to grow in the awareness of those words and the symbolism of everything around us that may or may not have an effect on our energies, bodies, minds, emotions, happiness and even our own truths. I believed there was a powerful purpose for Ken to attend; he believed there was a powerful purpose for me to attend. We both knew we had to attend together.

There is something to be said about entering the busy city of Arlington, Va. at midnight on a Friday evening. The lights twinkle against the night skies and yet the city is eerily quiet. We were within 2 blocks of the hotel at 12:30 am. Another car foiled Ken’s attempts to turn. We were soon on a highway crossing the Potomac River, passing the Pentagon. Instantly, my mind went to September 11 when my brother was missing for over 6 hours from his office in the very wing of the Pentagon hit by a plane. Now I looked at tanks with canopies of camouflage, and armed guards posted everywhere. It felt like a war zone in another country.

The road signs all said ‘one way’ and ‘no u-turn’; so there we were driving around Washington DC past tall Federal buildings. The White House on Pennsylvania Avenue had more guards and high fences. The Washington monument stood tall in the light and I recalled what a British author stated about its symbolism of male patriarchy being in control. So here we were passing it by on our way to a conclave which would help usher in the return of feminine energy through sound and ritual – on the very day called Resurrection throughout Christendom! How perfectly marvelous and synchronistic.


STOP pushing, STOP interacting,
STOP pulling things into balance for they will only go back out again.
STOP trying to make everything work.
Allow. All is ready. All is at hand.
Forces against change are larger than your conscious mind can even begin to comprehend.
STOP and just BE STILL within yourself.
You are the power behind the power.
You are the power within the power.
You are the power that is before the power.
You are the power that controls the power.
You are the Divine Power that is the I AM. BE all that you are.
BE who you have been prepared to BE.
STOP looking outside yourself for others to accept you. Accept yourself and your own Divinity.
All is in Divine Order. All is in its time. All is in balance.
Resistance to this and to everything outside yourself and your control is futile.
STOP and see the irony taking place before your eyes.
The forces of change are ripping you apart so that new creation can occur both within yourself and in sacred relationship.
This is not a game but could be fun. Step outside and laugh at the human folly you have each thus far created.
Laugh at yourself. Laugh at each other. Laugh at the past. Laugh your way into the future.
SO IT IS. - Magdalene


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