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May, 2003 Message from Ken - My Small Part in the Big Unknown Picture


   My Small Part in the Big Unknown Picture

   Changing Time

   My Spiritual Agreement

My last newsletter was sent following a hold-up in cyberspace.  I think this is where the Black Hole begins.  Some of you were not able to receive it or open it.  It was April, 2003,  Dark Night of the Soul” and included  • The Spirit and the Soul • Soul Mates and Twin Flames • Spiritual Madness (as described by a friend) • War • Techniques for getting out of your 'Dark Night of the Soul'.  Here is a direct link to that newsletter:


Practitioner Training – Denver, CO.  June 21- 25, 2003

This will be the ONLY practitioner training held on the West Coast for 2003.  There are still openings for individuals interested in learning Heart & Soul Healing™.  The Mission Statement, Program Overview, Course Details, Topics Covered, Prerequisites and a Sign-up Form for this training can be found at:



I was in Toronto, Canada while war was raging in the middle east,  staying in a 3-story house with two other people, across from a  busy hospital.  Fear of the SARS virus was everywhere.  The people I was renting from had food available for me.  My schedule did not allow me time to cook, so my diet mainly consisted of bread and cheese.  I could not go out as there was also an ice storm which made walking impossible for me so the bread and cheese went on for many days.  The energy of each client was very intense, all of them releasing a piece of the collective consciousness.  I was getting tired and felt trapped.  I knew  I had to stay focused and take care of myself or I could be hurt by the force and power of the energy at work.  I drank lots of water all day long.  After 10-12 hour work days, when 9:30 pm came, I could sit in a bath and relax.  Being able to rest is very important.  After work, it was necessary for me to remove my mind from what had happened that day.  I also wrote a lot in my journal.  This allows me to let go of the thoughts of the day.

Since my bedroom window was across the street from St. Josephs Hospital, sometimes late at night I would watch people coming and going.  One night, I saw a small group of women coming out of the hospital.  They wore tunic-type black dresses and head scarves along with their white masks.  They were doing the best they could not to fall on the ice.  They looked like some strange birds from another world.  The ice looked like plastic, glistening off the street lights.   I looked up at the 8-story building and saw a towering white cross, shimmering in the cold rain of the night.  I wondered what planet I had ended up on – a surreal place.


Each client during a session had released an energetic consciousness attracted to them, as it reflected a piece of their past.   The client, having reached a level of compassion (based upon their life experience and their vibration), had the ability to transmute this consciousness back to clear energy or new creative life force.  My clients have released different collectives of consciousness that affected specific regions or countries on the planet.  This would allow for these areas to adjust to a new vibration. 


In the ten days of my sessions in Canada, there were seven individual clients who released a specific energetic consciousness that was directly affecting ‘the entire world’.   This identical release of the same energetic consciousness was an unusual occurrence, generally happening only about every twentieth session.  The human consciousness adjusts to the collective consciousness as the collective gradually changes.  Were the collective consciousness to change dramatically, or all at once, it would create chaos, in that none of the old ways in which we were able to create in the past would any longer work.  It would create a new energetic paradigm – instantaneous creation.


This type of unusual occurrence is physically strenuous on me and others as during each session, I allow the collective consciousness to flow through me.  I believe Spirit works through my clients to transmute the projections of energies.   Toronto is an important place, because there are many cultures living in harmony.  You might find it interesting to know the different collectives of consciousness and the areas and regions of the planet that were released:


Mexico                                                  Loss

Latin America                                        Oppression

Russia                                                  Negativity, Suppression

France                                                  Scared

Canada                                                 Keeps People Down – Holds People Back Disillusion, Anger, Trapped, Stuck

Iraq/Baghdad                                         Old Hidden Energy, Confusion, Torment, Hate, Barbarism

Britain/England                                      Confusion, Fear

Czechoslovakia                                      Anger

Germany                                               War

Germany/Israel                                      War, Hate, Nazi Concentration Camp, Evil

Egypt                                                    Destruction

Poland/Afghanistan                                Scared, Helpless

Afghanistan                                           Fear

USA                                                     Darkness, No Boundaries

Israel                                                    Anger, Destruction

Middle East/Israel                                  Conflict, Destruction, Chaos

Middle East/Afghanistan                         Suffering

Middle East                                           Sadness, Grief, Oppression

China                                                    Confusion, Chaos

Hospitals                                               Fear

Everywhere                                            Control, No Growth

The World                                             Grief, Sadness, Fear, Hunger, War

The World                                             Confusion, Chaos

The World                                             Black, Negative

The World                                             Hurt

The World                                             War

All over the World                                   Killing


Our physical body is the last frontier for the spiritual healer – returning all knowing, wisdom and power to ourselves can create changes within our body.  In working with thousands upon thousands of healers over the world, I have found in most cases that within 3 – 5 years, a healer’s nervous system gets overwhelmed, causing many physical problems.  Healers literally are burning themselves out.  How much energetic life force or power can a person allow to flow through them?  I know for sure being ONE and having compassion for all creation (everything that was, is and will be) means allowing creation to flow without controlling the outcome.  This is the secret to good health:  Take care of yourself, eat right, rest and find support around you to be all you can BE. 



One new challenge is not having the time to properly rest before we are asked to go further.  It’s like our process gets backed up – overlapping, causing confusion and feelings of being overwhelmed.  If we don’t care for the needs of our physical body, excess energy can literally back up or pool in one or more areas, creating imbalance in our nervous system.  We have to be ready to do our spiritual work.  The more ideas or beliefs we hold on to and not ‘let go’ of, the easier it becomes for us to be overwhelmed.  Let go and trust in yourself – the ‘letting go’ is the most important:  let go of being serious, lighten up, let go of judgment of self and others.


The clients I find the most challenging are children, the terminally ill and elderly people that have broken down because they gave so much of their lives to others.  Sometimes my compassion for them leads me to give too much of my physical energy and at that point, I become very tired and it has a direct affect on my physical body.  In these instances there can be transference of energy from my client to myself.  Keeping clear is very important.



What I did not share was that my Toronto clients in their sessions were also releasing hundreds of thousands of past religious lifetimes.  I believe we have all been spiritual in every lifetime.  In past cultures, religion was the only way our spiritual life could be manifested.  I know that the war was a very old energy dating back thousands of years.  I believe it encompassed the energy of religious beliefs.  At the end of my October, 2002 newsletter, I wrote about my Last Agreement with Spirit – to balance past religions.  This agreement plays out in my everyday life.  By helping to balance past religions that hold many people in their old ideas, I feel I can help the planet change.  This is no longer about myself - I’m not important. 


Once you reach a level of consciousness, you will never forget again. There is no longer any fear of the past.  It can’t affect you.  You can go energetically anyplace or anytime to help others.  You are just a tool for Spirit to work through you.  This changes relations with everyone and everything.  You are focused on your path and driven to expose its full meaning.  You feel disassociated with the drive and motivation of others --- culture, religion, money, power.   None of these things have the same importance.  Not much on earth defines you.  You are from somewhere else, just visiting, doing what you do best.  It’s important to stay true to yourself and your mission.  Your knowing allows you to move into your spiritual self. 


We are all getting to the place where sharing or teaching will become important.  When we consider entering into agreement with Spirit, all our focus is directed to being the Best we can in order to allow our self to step fully into the person we can be.  Your focus is often not understood by others - that does not matter.  I believe it would be easier if we could get our support by many different people; not asking our family to be there in the way we would like them to be.  The extended family most of us have been looking for is important in helping us stay balanced with our spiritual life.  What I am saying is – there is no Past.  You are becoming a timeless space in the moment.  The challenge is the future and the way we create is different.  Focus on what you desire.  Don’t look further than six months and it will be easier for you to create your NOW.



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