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Message from Ken: My Ultimate Agreement


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  • My Ultimate Agreement



This year has been very important. It brings me closer to spiritual freedom. I have been looking at my agreements verses my dreams. In February of this year, I completed what I thought (at that time) was the final edit of my book, The Heart of Soul Healing. It was one of the hardest things I have found to do. A friend, David, who had a lot of his own ideas, helped. We sat in front of the computer for six weeks going over and over the manuscript until I was at the point of surrender.

David and my partner/office manager were to continue the editing process while I traveled. The computer blew up three times and was in the shop for repairs for weeks at a time. We finally replaced it in September. Another computer, our back up, also blew a motherboard. Thank goodness they both were under full warranty. As I reflected on this, I realized that, on some level, my agreement with my partner to edit this book was completed. We had been on this journey for many years.

Back in 1995, I had called an office meeting to talk about why anyone should be in relationship. I realized that if the people on Earth were starting to love each other, then there must be more. I realized that I wanted to be in relationship with someone who was in her passion. I thought it would be exciting for me to play with this energy. So I asked my partner to look at what she was passionate about and for us to both bring these feelings into our relationship. Looking back, this was not very easy, seeing as most of us have given away or never pursued what we were truly passionate about. I did not realize that our passion could become dangerous as it takes us out of our comfort zone at that time.

In the summer of 1997, a week before I was to leave on a workshop tour, I called another office meeting and explained how I was going to open my heart and not hold anything back. I needed to do this for myself to complete The Heart of Soul Healing and to allow this energy to be in my book. The next day, my partner said she decided to follow her passions of writing her own books and riding her horses. She wanted to stop working with me in the business. When I met her, she was following her passion of dressage. I wanted her to pursue her dreams again, and so, I planned to sell the house in Texas and move with her back to California.

One afternoon a few days later, while we were still in Texas, my partner and I were talking about a story that had come in by fax. We were planning to go to a movie, and she went to take a shower while I watched television and relaxed. Suddenly I heard her cry out. I went to the bathroom door and called to her, but she didn't answer. The door was locked, and I panicked. I banged on the door and called to her again. The door opened. Star was gray, frozen in pain, and told me to take her to the hospital. I helped her to the car, and as I careened out of the driveway, She gasped that she was dying, that her insides were exploding. At the hospital, she was in incredible pain and could barely talk. I knew this was it. Soon a doctor told me she was in shock, and it didn't look like she was going to make it. I asked to be with her if she was going to die, and they agreed to allow me into the emergency room where she was. I sat next to her. She knew how serious it was and said, "It's okay. It's okay for me to go." I told her I was going to open my heart totally, which I had been consciously practicing those last weeks, so she could feel the Oneness within my heart, and then feel it within her own heart. I put my hand on her stomach and prayed. Then I felt a shift. A warmth came over us; we felt the presence of God. Later that day the doctors operated on Star and found nothing wrong. They had no explanation for her crisis or the seven inch round image they had seen on x-ray. This was a miracle

I now saw clearly that back in 1997 when my partner became very ill, I had agreed to help her with her passion of writing, having a home and horses and animals around her. I now realized that back in December 1999, I had completed my part of that agreement. I had helped to create an amazing home, a private gated estate on ten acres, where the animals and hummingbirds lived. That was my promise, my agreement, and it was complete. The agreement Star had made to me — to finish the book — had now collided onto my completed agreement, creating chaos. This energy had to take another form. Our relationship went to the worse place after that. We had been divorced since early 1998. We had attempted to start over again and let go of our past. We had been through relationship turmoil for many years, not willing to let go until we were completed, even if we didn't know what that looked like.

Many agreements we make are very old, perhaps timeless. Are we changing the planet as we change ourselves? Does one soul help another that is stuck in their own past? Are we here on Earth to free others and ourselves? The demands I put on myself have become physically hard on my body. I travel three quarters or more of the year and now that I am releasing old religious consciousnesses on Earth, I have been asked by Spirit to go farther and farther.


It is so clear to me that religious ideas and beliefs about God are the basis for most of the troubles on Earth today and in the past. It is one man's god verses another man's god. Whether these beliefs are cultural or religious, whether they are the beliefs of men or woman, or whether it is the fact that the god archetype is usually male (god verses goddess), all add up to chaos and conflict among us.

There are around 1728 different religions on Earth, over seventy-two names for God, over one billion Catholics, one billion Muslims. The energy around these different belief systems creates a very powerful and chaotic collective consciousness. In our history, how many people have suffered or died in the name of God for their religious beliefs.

I have been following the activity in the Middle East very closely and witnessing the children martyrs in Palestine who are blowing themselves up as a way for them to get to Allah and for their families to be honored and given money by the terrorists. How could I get to those children in a way that could bring another choice to a deadly belief?

We cannot send love and light, because it is energy and based on our individual ideas about love. Sending love and light or trying to make changes to others with our will alone will make energy change form, and it usually goes into chaos. In most cases the sender gets sick or starts to physically break down. I am not even going to debate this until you read The Way It Works and The Heart of Soul Healing. Then I will take your questions on sending energy.

With my experiences with my clients, I knew that I would have to go inside the children to allow this vibration to be felt. The question was What vibration would they allow or recognize? The answer was The vibration of Allah or their idea of their creator. So if I could become the exact vibration of Allah and make these feelings of Allah physically with them, then the children would be able to feel this inside themselves. The communion of these vibrations would create a clearer connection to their own Higher Self and give them another choice that may keep them from killing themselves and others.

By being in my pineal and reconnecting to my heart center, by being fully open and allowing my soul to become one with my heart, I would create a sphere where my Higher Self could manifest physically. At the center of my Higher Self there is a seed, the seed of creation, which is the new vibration of the heart of mankind. By connecting from that place with these children, I believe I could change their vibration to a lighter and more compassionate place.

I realized that I would have to connect with, not just the people in Palestine, but also the people in Israel. As I worked with this, it became clear that I was separating myself from all other people on Earth and that what I needed to do was to spiritually merge with all 6.5 billion people at the same time. The size of what I was being asked to do — being one with each person as they feel his or her God, or whatever name they gave the Creator — was so overwhelming that I would have to surrender to my Higher Self, allow it to be, and get out of the way. I have done this about twelve times and every morning afterward, about 4 am, I have awaken with horrific headaches in my third eye. I have had to ease myself into this gently. It was way too much energy to my vibration. It felt like I was practicing for a marathon. I had to practice, practice, practice thousands of times. It has become easier for me to help in this way and I can feel a change in this consciousness.

My question to each one of you is What happens when you become conscious and a part of everything? Consciousness by its nature, continues to become more. I believe this is happening to many of you because you are the teachers who can help others. What we are comfortable with today is gone tomorrow and we are left asking the question Who are we today?

This balancing religions and the ideas of gods on Earth is the last agreement I made with Creator before I came in to this life. It is the final agreement and it is coming to a close. As I allow myself not to be defined by other people any longer, I am free to become everything or nothing. My creator and me have come full circle in our search for each other.

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