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March 2002 Message : Reflections & Projections

  • Words from the Past

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The other day, I was going over some notes and reread the transcripts from a radio show interview that I had done live in Sedona, AZ, in 1994. As I reflected on the words that I wrote seven years ago, I was amazed that what I had felt in 1994 was the same way that I felt today. It showed me that I'm still on my spiritual path and the feelings were deeper than ever. I hope that you enjoy these "old" thoughts — and consider making the choice to truly take your own power and be "unconditional compassion." That vibration is the key to heaven on earth.

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The following excerpts are taken from a radio show I did in early 1994 with Sheri Edwards, of Sedona, Arizona.

Sheri Edwards: Ken, why are we here on Earth?

Ken: We are here to learn about dualities — all the aspects of unconditional love — in order to completely learn and reflect it, to achieve the compassion that goes with true unconditional love. In order to do this, we would have to experience every aspect of it, both negatively and positively. Let's say I have unconditional love for you. However, what if, the very first thing that you did or said I didn't like, and I pulled myself back from full interaction with you. By doing this, pulling myself in, I also separate myself from unconditional love. My separation from you sends me back into linear time, to a place where I would have to look at my original memory of where love was not safe.

It is not until we can learn and master all the different dualities of love, acceptance and non-judgement that we can stay in the moment and be in unconditional love. The whole process of energetic interaction and relationship is a very interesting and complete way we can pick up all the parts of unconditional love we need to learn and master. All we have to do is to pick up a piece of a particular duality in our lives, or with those around us and it sets us immediately off into our lesson. In order to facilitate our whole process or journey, we find mates, partners, friends, or jobs that have a similar reflection or duality. By continuously drawing such experiences and interactions to us, we eventually understand all the aspects of our chosen lessons.

Sheri: So this is all about the process of learning to love yourself. Over the years we have heard so many times that we need to love ourselves. People have a tendency to shrug this off and say, "Of course, I love myself," but that is not always the case. Loving yourself is really an energetic thing, rather than something that can be defined. Is this correct?

Ken: Yes it is. It is really getting in and loving every part of you. It's no longer a question of saying you love yourself. It has nothing to do with telling others. If we continue to love and accept all parts of ourselves, what eventually happens is we get to a place where we become a being with unconditional love as part of our presence. This is the state of being we are all looking for. Once we achieve this level of being, we may truly own our position as human beings. At that point, it would no longer be necessary for us to find, for instance, a mate outside of ourselves to reflect something so we could discover who we are. Our beingness would no longer have anything to do with looking outside of us. It would be about looking inside of us and at our issues.

We continue to co-create situations in our lives to reflect to ourselves what we still need to master. The main key to understanding our lives is to know what issues we are working on. One of the things I know I am dealing with personally is humility, and it always seems to be in my face. So, for example, every time I start a class, I make sure my zipper is zipped up and my buttons buttoned — that sort of thing. I do my best to recognize what these situations are showing me. Each time these situations occur, it is serving me so I can recognize how I am doing with my particular issue. I see or feel if there is any sort of charge that occurs along with the incident or situation. If there is, then there is something I still need to look at, or understand. This is the true basis or starting place for co-creating love and happiness in our lives. We need to know clearly what we are creating and once we have identified what it is, we then have the ability to change or modify it.

Sheri: You talk about loving yourself and having unconditional love for yourself. Does that always mean you are going to have, or need to have, unconditional love for everyone else around you? Sometimes there seems to be a fine line about unconditional love and being a doormat.

Ken: What I am suggesting is to not project anything outward, not even unconditional love. To have unconditional love for others you first must have it for yourself. Then, it would become an automatic state of being — without judgement. If you can stay in compassion, judgement won't even enter the picture. Everyone is always perfect.

Most of us have been taught to have unconditional love for everybody. Focus first on having unconditional love and acceptance of us. This is what we so often get mixed up about when we are told to have unconditional love. When we are able to have it for ourselves, we can then have true non-judgement and compassion for others. To be truly honest with others, and ourselves we have to first honor ourselves. This is how to avoid becoming a doormat. Our path begins and ends within. In actuality, we can't really even be on any path, for we are the path.

It is the concept of judgment that sets up barriers and limitations to what we can do and to who we are or will become. We hold at bay that which we truly desire when we put conditions on it. By putting conditions on our creations, it limits them to manifesting through one narrow, little doorway, when in the reality of All, there are thousands of doorways through which our creations can manifest.

Not much has been said about the paralyzing effect that judgement can have on our lives and our creations. Something very interesting happens when we judge something. In that moment of judging, all the creative and transformative energy involved is frozen. A piece of our reality becomes locked into place. Any aspect we judge, whether it be in another, or ourselves becomes locked into a freeze frame of reality until it can be located and released. It is as if we are carrying around thousands of snapshots and movie clips, compiling albums that grow heavier and larger by the day. Eventually those albums will smother us and we will not be able to see through them because they surround us, cutting us off from our true reality.

The particular aspect, trait, or person being judged is psychically welded to our lives just where we don't want it. If we look back at the people and things we have judged, our very acts of judgement have stopped time right in those moments. Twenty years may have gone by and if we thought someone was stupid then, we will probably think they are stupid now. This is because our conscious mind, when asked to picture someone we know, will usually go back to the last time we interacted with him or her.

Once we have a judgement about a particular personality trait frozen in our time banks that behavior will keep appearing, usually in people around us, time after time. The same aspect or vibration will take many different forms until we realize, "Oh! There it is again." It keeps coming back, over and over in the relationships we have or the people we work with. The way to release a judgement is to simply realize we don't prefer that particular thing in our lives. In doing so, we are able to fully allow anyone and everything else to embrace any particular view of life they wish to. To accept something in others does not mean it is a true reflection of what we wish to bring into our own lives. The Bible even says, "Judge not, lest ye be judged." The act of true preference, unlike judgement, will set up a vibration field from which we can create those things we chose or prefer for ourselves.

Unconditional self-love allows us to find calmness and serenity within our own being. It is only this peace of mind within us that will ultimately allow us to express true compassion for others. Peace of mind is possible when we hold unconditional love for all parts of ourselves, without self-judgement. Judging ourselves will also cause us to freeze frame aspects of ourselves that might change.

True serenity, which is an expression of compassion, is the absolute allowance of all without judgement. True serenity reflects a knowingness that everything is equal. In order to learn to meet other people exactly where they are, there has to be a complete absence of judgement and a complete presence of ultimate compassion.

If we learn to integrate and express this quality of compassion in our interactions with others, all intolerance and prejudice will dissolve. Intolerance exists only because we have forgotten every individual is an aspect of the Infinite. No matter how different someone or something may appear, if it exists, it fits. Everything belongs exactly where it is, for there is nothing extraneous in all of creation.



Most metaphysical people are taught and continually asked to project energy, light, and love to those around them. We all live with many different polarities in our third-dimensional world. From a very young age, we are trained to interact in certain ways with others. Most of us in the metaphysical world are taught to project our thoughts, ideas, and who we are outward, so that other people will know who we are and what we are about. When we are in love, when we seek a job, when we wish to create, help or heal, we send our energy out to energetically engage with others. No matter how innocent or well meaning our intentions, an interesting phenomenon occurs when we project energy to anyone.

By projection, I mean sending thoughts or feeling out to influence others, physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. For instance, if I were to project love to you, the energy I send you would immediately cause some type of energetic response within you and result in an energetic interaction taking place between us. Even if I believed I was projecting something positive to you, a part of you may subconsciously feel some type of psychic intrusion, or feel that I made a personal judgement about you. Even if our energetic interaction was only perceived and felt on a subconscious level, the two of us would engage and remain in an energetic exchange. Because of the ways most of us interact with each other, many of us end up feeling psychically roughed up, judged, pushed around, or intruded upon without knowing that projections are the reasons why.

The majority of us are doing well just to clearly understand and know our own lessons and challenges. Sending love, for example, to someone else, is complicated because we don't know for absolute certainty what he or she is here to learn. There are literally thousands, or even millions of different combinations of polarities that a person may have chosen to experience in this life. Whatever you have chosen to master and learn serves to help you find unconditional love within yourself. Even though you and I may be learning different aspects of the same lesson, you may need to learn things in a very different way than I might choose for myself.

As we live our lives focused on certain lessons, we operate within our own perspective of love. Each of us has experienced different ways of loving and being loved and our experiences shape our perceptions of what love is. For this reason no two people could ever have the exact same interpretation of love.

Perhaps we only experience love to the degree that we have been loved and accepted ourselves. How many of us have ever felt one hundred percent loved and accepted — even by our parents? As we project our version of love to others, our version of love energetically meets their version of love. Through our dynamics we are drawn into energetic exchanges, colored by the polarities and distortions we have about a specific feeling, idea, or emotion.

Please consider not projecting at all. Refrain from sending light, love, or anything. As we interact with others, simply be in a state of unconditional compassion. In most cases there is no polarity attached to being in a state of compassion. As we become more and more unconditional with ourselves, the essence of our beingness automatically radiates out through our compassion and is felt by those around us.

Very few of us are present one hundred percent of the time. Almost without exception our fields are out anywhere from one block to many miles around where we live or work. Bringing ourselves back into our space benefits us on every level of our lives: mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Until we accept responsibility for our creations, thoughts, words, and deeds, we remain in a reactive, victim-savior consciousness. Once we accept personal responsibility, we create a space where we have more choices in our lives. We can accomplish this easily by staying in our own space and not projecting energy outward.

By owning up to the fact that we have created everything around us, the lessons we have come to learn become clearly defined and understandable. Our Higher Selves no longer have to resort to extreme physical measures to get our attention. Once we become our own witnesses, experiencing and owning events around us as our creations, we can create heaven on earth.

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