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December 2002 Message: PAST LIVES, FUTURE FREEDOM

  • Past Lives

  • Evolution of the Soul

  • Exploring Past Lives

  • Catastrophic Events

  • Resolving the Past

  • Changing the Consciousness of the Planet

  • Letting Go of the Past

  • Defining Ourselves



Over the years, I have explored past lives in many different ways. When I began my career as a clinical hypnotherapist, I realized that many individuals were following feelings and emotions to reach the memories of his or her past life. Often, they would get caught up in these emotions, not actually reaching the traumatizing experience. Consequently, whatever lesson they were to have learned would not be understood, and they would continue to follow certain energy patterns that were not beneficial to their evolutionary process. Traditional hypnotherapy suggests that the actual experience of past life trauma can release that trauma. In my experience with thousands of clients, the experiencing of past life trauma actually re-traumatizes the physical body of today. I have found through Heart & Soul Healing™. The clients who come to me in my healing work have taught me that the purpose of life is to experience all of Creation and to have compassion for that creation. The more experiences we have, the more compassion we have for others and ourselves. Many of my clients expand their experiences by tapping into the Collective Consciousness of humanity and exploring past lives to learn more about loving themselves and having compassion for all creation., that by clearing the energetics of the past, we assist the client to review a past life traumatic experience without emotion — as an observer. No further trauma takes place within the physical body and the client is able to successfully reach the state of understanding the experience.

The clients who come to me in my healing work have taught me that the purpose of life is to experience all of Creation and to have compassion for that creation. The more experiences we have, the more compassion we have for others and ourselves. Many of my clients expand their experiences by tapping into the Collective Consciousness of humanity and exploring past lives to learn more about loving themselves and having compassion for all creation.


We evolve by energetically attracting experiences to us that reflect our issues — to learn self-love and compassion for all creation. For example, let's say that we were going to be killed because of our ideas or beliefs. The people that were about to kill us projected anger and hate unto us, and we were either scared to death or angry. After our death, our spirit went back to Creator where we reviewed that life to understand what had transpired. In reviewing that life experience, we found that we came to learn some form of compassion, love, or creativity. Our life experience resulted in pain, anger, fear, or betrayal. According to my clients, this scenario happens over and over, setting up a program in the subconscious that continues to attract similar situations in future lifetimes in order to understand why this is happening and to learn compassion. I have never worked with a client that did not have one or more of these programs playing in his or her subconscious. That program would also be utilizing as much as ninety percent of that person's energy to attract other people who would mirror what he or she needed to understand and learn.

My clients also tell me that at the moment of death a part of us actually splits off, caught up in the dynamics of the event, and stays earthbound. When we reincarnate into a new body, that part of ourselves finds us again. With most of my clients, there are fragmented pieces of themselves stuck in different forms of consciousness that have not integrated into the current timeline of life. This results in the feeling of never being completely present, as if there is a part of the self that is missing. When they get into a highly emotional situation, those parts of self (fragmented pieces out of time) will react and start to overwhelm the nervous system. You can see therefore, why it is very important to get these parts of self back into alignment, bringing all the different pieces that may be "out of time" back into balance with the person you are today. The only time and the only place that is real in the universe is where you are today.


When my clients explore their past lives during a healing session, most of them describe lives or stories in which they were pretty normal people going through the real life experiences of war, catastrophe, hunger, sickness, or hardship. Over the years, my work has allowed me to assist individuals in completing thousands of past life regressions. I have discovered that I can take any one of my clients to any time or place in the past, and they can have memories from that time period regardless of what time in history I choose. My clients often relay experiences from that time period as viewing it from the point of one the main characters. For example, if I took a client to the time of the Crucifixion, he or she would talk about that time from the perspective of Christ, Mary Magdalen, Mother Mary, one of the apostles, or even a Roman soldier. It became clear to me that my clients were witnessing the event by tapping into the Collective Consciousness. This made perfect sense and also answered the question of how so many people could have similar past experiences when there were relatively so few people occupying the earth two thousand years ago.

It is my opinion that all of us have participated in every lifetime in one way or another as part of Creator/God and the Collective Consciousness. As part of Creator, we would of course have tremendous compassion for what was occurring, but our human self may not have understood, for instance, why people would want to war and slaughter each other, or why disease would strike in seemingly arbitrary ways. Is it possible that we picked up the vibration of some of these experiences to learn compassion? Did we take physical form over and over again to understand and have compassion for our world? Do some of these events collectively affect us so strongly that they become our mission to understand and resolve? I think the answer to each of these questions is Yes.


As I worked with more clients, I also became aware that certain past catastrophic events, especially those where millions of people died, imprinted the Collective Consciousness with powerful emotional signatures.

There were three major epidemics of the Bubonic Plague — in the 6th, 14th, and 17th centuries. The death toll was 137 million. At its worst, the Bubonic Plague killed 2 million victims a year.

The effect of the Bubonic Plague spread even farther because there were some 300,000 women and children who were accused of witchcraft and killed because they did not become sick with the plague.

Between March 1918 and August 1919, a deadly strain of influenza virus infected populations across the planet and killed between 20 and 40 million people. These devastating events left no one untouched. How many people watched loved ones die?

These two examples were outbreaks of vicious disease. What about war? Millions of people killed — whole cities destroyed. The aftermath of war continues for years and years. These recurring events of disease and war are imprinted on the Collective Consciousness both emotionally and symbolically.

One of the things I thought was curious occurred while I was working in London in 1994, and was doing back-to-back sessions for several weeks. My clients were continually telling me about past lives experiencing the Black Plague of the 16th Century. London also burned to the ground in 1666. You can only imagine the layers of emotional dynamics at work. For many of my clients, they were actually stuck in London for lifetime after lifetime, often reincarnating only blocks from where they had previously died. They were actually so stuck in the energy of the past that their soul and spirit could not get out of the dynamics of that energy. According to those clients, sometimes the only remedy for them was to reincarnate in a completely different country. They could experience compassion and awareness in that different location, which then allowed them to return to the previous country, thereby freeing the pieces of themselves that were stuck in the past.


I think it is very possible that we've come into this lifetime to recreate everything that was unresolved in our past experience. We re-create the event in a similar way, attracting the energy or people that reflect those unresolved dynamics in order for us to finally learn our lesson and be complete. For example, say that in a past life I was hung and in this lifetime I experienced whiplash. Or, lets say that in a past life I broke my back by falling from a horse and in this lifetime I hurt my back in a car accident. These incidences are the trigger point for some lesson about love and compassion that we have yet to resolve and master.

If these things are true — if we are truly bringing forward all our unresolved issues into this current lifetime then I would say there is no longer a need for the past to continue in the way we needed it — and that time is collapsing. In other words, our Past Lives are collapsing into this lifetime. This lifetime is collapsing on to this moment and everything is starting to compress. We are becoming One with the Collective Consciousness of humanity and all experiences are within us now.


Basically when you become conscious in this lifetime you have the ability to change Consciousness throughout all time and can actually eliminate different timelines. That allows anyone still stuck in a specific consciousness of the past to free that consciousness. That person then can have another choice. It unwinds the fiber of what we might consider Karma or Dharma. Because we now have the wisdom of the experience, there is no longer a need to have a past and the energy of Karma is changed. The future also changes because we no longer need time to be linear. If we no longer have to define ourselves by our past, we open ourselves to many different possibilities.

The more a person becomes One with who he or she really is, and no longer requires definition by an outside person, that person's relationships will completely change. The energetics of the planet will also change.


Many people are beginning to feel that they have no past whatsoever. They have looked at everything and find there is nothing from the past that has any remaining emotional charge. They have explored the Collective Consciousness and come to terms with their humanity by integrating all experience into themselves with compassion. They have become part of "knowing."

When you are in a place of knowing, you no longer need time to define you. You become conscious — an endless and timeless place. You occupy many different times and spaces and your awareness changes. It also means that you could have many simultaneous experiences. Is that what Creator is doing? Does Creator have multiple simultaneous experiences? Is that what we are looking at as we begin to become the manifestation of Creator?


It is also clear that when we no longer need something or someone in the past to define us, it becomes easier to comprehend the many more ways we can look at life. I feel that one of the most confusing states of Collective Consciousness on the planet at this time is the idea of God as a result of all the energetics given to religion as humans look outside of themselves for something to define them or save them. Many people have given away a lot of energy or power to something outside themselves. It seems now that we have to look at this and then look within ourselves for the answers. All we now know after different lifetimes and experiences, is that the answers are not outside but within ourselves. It is about bringing back the God Consciousness to us.

If we think about it, how do we know who we are? We use other people to identify us. When we are young we use our mother or our father. As we age we may use our peers or what society might dictate. What I think we are finding out, is that we are not like anyone else. I think this is what has happened with the evolution of past lives. All of a sudden after experiencing everything, we find that we are unique and special. We are who we are. We don't need another person to define us any longer because we are perfect. At this point we become Creators who allow other Creators to be who they truly are.

We cannot be fully realized until we have understood every single experience on the planet. At that point we can reach a level of compassion that resonates and allows the soul to vibrate within us. This allows Creator to be a part of us. This is happening to many of us as we start to make that connection.


If I could sum things up, I would say that apparently we are Gods, or a Source of Light that decided to break itself off into many billions of pieces to define who we are. At the moment in time when we realize that we are One, we no longer need to be separate. We are now all of humanity — all things, all places, all times, all people. The love we have for ourselves becomes the love we have for all.

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