The Witness Becomes the Messenger/Creator

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MARCH 2005 Message : >><< : The Witness Becomes the Messenger/Creator


Witness becomes the Messenger/Creator
“Step into the Unknown where you can never go back”

A Creative Reflection

• A Poem "Urgent"

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Witness becomes the Messenger/Creator
“Step into the Unknown where you can never go back”

In March of last year, I wrote a newsletter entitled: “The Witness”. If you have not had an opportunity to read that newsletter, please take time to do so. It will provide you with some background to help fully understand this message. Both of these newsletters were written at the same time; it has taken a year to release the second half. I have shared this information in talks and workshops throughout the world this past year. For the most part, it was misunderstood. If you were to ask any author/teacher who is sharing their new book, they would have to say that the information in their book is already over one year old. It often takes that long to be published. So, now, they have even newer information they can’t yet share. It is the frustration of being an author/teacher.

The more aware we become, the more we become a vehicle for Spirit, the more we become One with that awareness. The old energy from our past history must change or it will destroy itself. When energy reaches a place of critical mass, it will either explode or implode, unless it is given another choice. I believe our mass Collective Consciousness has reached such a place. There are billions of people on the planet continually holding or projecting energetic thoughts onto others. The magnitude of these projections attract the same dynamics now as they did in our past. The end result can be mass destruction, natural disasters, sickness, or whatever form it takes. During this time, there are some of you that will be asked by Spirit to assist consciousness to change, allowing for a new transformational outcome which some have called the next dimension. By being a compassionate Creator, you can allow this energy to merely flow through your vibration and that can shift the old collective consciousness. By having compassion and love for all beliefs, thoughts and ideas of everyone on the planet (regardless of their intention or their nature), the energy or structure that may be forming can shift and return to pure creativity. This allows for another choice to be given to the area and to its people who are being affected by those projections. This choice could decrease the intensity of the energy that is about to go into chaos. This space/time can also shift the consciousness to a different level, a new vibration or an entirely new moment. As we begin to love ourselves unconditionally and have unconditional compassion for others, we can help to bring all of Collective Consciousness back into balance. For me, this is the purpose of my work: Heart & Soul Healing.

The role of Messenger/Creator can sometimes feel lonely, as it requires that we be very present in the moment. That gives us a different sense of space and time than many of the people around us. The more we can release the past that is holding onto us, and allow ourselves to let go of old beliefs or agendas, the easier it will be to have compassion for all creation. In this way, a new space will occur that is pure, without the limitations of even our own ideas. That allows for the clearest of choices to be made. When there is no attachment to the result, there is no judgment of others.

Sometimes I think it may be easier to be One with everyone and everything without the constraints or confines of a physical body. The job only requires that we ‘allow’ energy to change, not have anything to do with the actual outcome or the direction of its path. It is no longer about me or you. The job is also more important than our bodies. Being in the space of Creator, we will never forget again. Time and Space is no longer material or linear. As a mirror of Co-Creation, we never will intentionally hurt anyone or anything. Humans have many requirements and needs. As a result, there may always be that ‘human factor’. The body was needed to get to this place of awareness and understanding of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of consciousness. It was merely a tool. Now it can often become a burden, for it keeps our world much smaller than it really is. How do we reach complete awareness when we may still be limited by how we need to fit into society?

I feel I have been a Messenger for a long time, seeking balance with my human part. My physical body sometimes feels almost uncomfortably small for my expanding awareness. How can I become expansive when I have the limitation of this physical self? By manifesting peace, balance and unconditional love for myself, I am aware that others can feel this and they use it as a template to energetically find their own truth, freeing themselves from the patterns of the past. This is an inward journey of self-light, the ultimate power of Oneness.

In this place of Oneness, some relationships may seem to make little sense. There may seem to be no reason to remain in some relationships that have been based on the old limiting structures of the past. People, or society itself, can attempt to limit or confine us, bringing about issues of power and control. The need to have our own identity mirrored or reflected by another individual is no longer important. By not using our past or another person to provide a reference point for us, time and space becomes only the moment. People who attempt to hold us in the past, or relationships based upon what we have experienced, will no longer feel as good.

I believe our agreement in being a Messenger/Co-Creator is the last human and spiritual merging. This creates our own physical Light body. Our consciousness is then capable of moving in and out of 6.5 billion people on the planet and all of life’s creations. We can then energetically touch others from the inside out, providing them with their own gentle, inner knowing. This awareness can change their vibration and how they react or not react to their own outside world. The light body we create may often be invisible to heavier vibrations. That can be a challenge in personal or business relationships, for we often communicate with a completely different language. Each of us has a different language modality: some of us hear, some of us see and some of us feel based on their past. Being a Messenger/Creator, our vibration is lighter and others may not understand what they do not hear, see or feel. The challenge is that others may judge you: the physical person.

Being One with all creation is not a popular or easy topic to convey to the general public. Money, energy, relationships have all been challenging. There is only one conclusion: perhaps we are no longer needed here in the same way. Our job on earth may need to transform. Many of us have found it difficult to continue working in the same old way where everything society seems to place importance on no longer has the same priority to us. The only reason for staying in this physical world is to help with change. My experience has shown that old energy does not want to change and that consciousness wants to stop the teachings of Oneness. Apparently, I am its Creator and it is not going to change unless I take a new form. However, I am not aware at this time what that new form ought to feel or look like. Old energy does not know how to change. It keeps its old form or pattern, resisting anyone or anything that tries to effect change or transformation.

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A Creative Reflection

(Not being exactly sure just how to share this next part with you, I ask only that you not judge what is being said for words are limited in some realities. The likelihood of being misunderstood may be present.)

So, the ultimatum is to recognize that I, as Creator, have created everything on earth and been a part of how humans on earth have evolved. After all, Creator can judge its own creative self. With that understanding, I can now make a conscious decision to change forms to allow earth to experience itself in a different way as a Co-Creator. This could be viewed as a vibrational change or dimensional shift. There are a lot of different ideas for conscious awareness of the creative self. Our universe is constantly changing and re-defining itself.

For many years, I have been aware that the vibration of being a Messenger/Co-Creator carries vulnerability and innocence within that compassionate place that allows for change. It is that type of compassion from which change can occur. Others around us may see this as weakness in our character. Unfortunately, if they judge us, they are energetically set on the path of that judgment. I have the deepest compassion for their path as it this is a a more challenging way for them to move into their own Oneness of Spirit. With so many other possibilities for creation, why choose an old path of Judgment? We are here on earth to have compassion for all creation. If we are One with everything, there is compassion for all of creation.

No longer do I choose to be in a place where limitations are placed on creations, or a place where expression is limited by how those people around me may feel in that moment. To share our creative self with each other is our deepest desire. At this time, that remains a challenge for most of us. The Messenger/Creator has the ability to feel what the Higher Self of another person is experiencing, even though that person may have little or no conscious awareness of their Higher Self. The questions may therefore be: ‘How much does one person actually listen or feel their own Higher Self?’ and ‘What is the energy or old consciousness that is in the way or causing interference?’ If a person’s mind is busy, not hearing or feeling their Higher Self, we can help adjust old vibrations that are in the way. That is possible however, only if we are asked and only help to the degree that the Higher Self of that individual can handle attunement to the being they truly are.

The Creator can also sense the collective consciousness around a person or the consciousness of an area and help, to change and turn that consciousness back into pure creative energy. Again, only doing what is asked and working through the people in that area. When two or more people come together, a third vibration is created, a Trinity vibration. That is the basis for subtle change. The Creator can assist in the way that the Higher Self wants the physical self to be – only acting as a tool through which Spirit can work. Most importantly, Spirit must feels no limitation in the Messenger/Creator for we are willing to go or become whatever is needed for change to occur. Creation can then feel the pure creative energy of its Creator/Self-aware Human.


Every month, I send my mother a rough copy of the upcoming Newsletter so she can offer her insights. She has been studying, learning and experiencing different spiritualities for more than 40 years. As most of you know, her brother is Drunvalo Melchezedek. My mother sent me the following poem as her response to this month’s newsletter:

I feel the urgency in the air to complete the things in my life I've left hanging.
I feel the urgency to reach out to everyone I can touch, and make whatever difference I can.
I feel the urgency to reach into the depth of my soul to find the words that would have meaning to you.
I understand the fragility of life, and how fast life can pass.
The world is moving at breakneck speed, like a runaway train with consequences unknown,
and we're all aboard for the ride of our lives.
The clock is ticking. It's getting frantic. Urgency is in the air.
Reach into your heart and find peace. Reach for your fellow man and find empathy.
Reach for God and find your soul. It's urgent. Do it now.
Author: Wynn Free

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