REIKI and the Battle of the warriors

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February, 2004 Message –

•          REIKI and the Battle of the Warriors

•           More on Crop Circles


REIKI and the Battle of the Warriors

This newsletter has been waiting for a long time. It's good to finally get this out of my head and onto paper. Our home library contains many many books on REIKI healing. There are literally hundreds of books available on this subject. My own exposure to Reiki  (Rei-Ki means universal life force energy) began with my friend Shirley Holly, through her Reiki teacher.  Studying and moving through the levels of Reiki, I became aware of the many different ideas and beliefs that had been integrated by my teacher over the years.  What I shall say may not agree with you – it is only my own opinion.  First of all, the word ‘master' is a set up.  Never met a master, never will.  Mastering all of the energy in the world and becoming quiet with all creation is the goal of each of us on our journey.  Once you have found that space, no one else can even begin to understand what you have mastered, for it is only yourself.  Whoever calls themselves Master immediately intensifies their own internal process.  Think about it.  Who do you know who is truly a master of the universal life force energy; other than SourcHeart and Soul Healing has exposed me to working with hundreds if not thousands of Reiki Masters that were so badly damaged by their healing practice that they had stopped using Reiki as they were in such physical and psychological pain from their experiences.  I have noticed that the average Reiki Master lasts about three to five years in on-going practice before their nervous system is burned out.  It does not matter who taught them.  I have heard so many different versions; how teachers would tell their students never to work with a sick person or there could be a transfer onto them. There are about a million stories and it goes on and on. Even with long distance or sending Reiki to others.  Without permission, it is nothing more than projection of energy from one human to another.  I know exactly why some teachers say only send Reiki for the other persons Higher Good.  If we are truly all spiritually evolving each lifetime, we must be creators learning and experiencing life in order to gain the inner knowing of compassion.  What we may be taught about Reiki in a weekend or a series of classes could, in some cultures, require a persons entire lifetime for the dedication in the understanding of life force energy.One of  the saddest things is to watch a person who, often for the first time in their life, is in the flow of Chi or Ki energy and helping someone else.  They feel like they finally belong.  Then another person tells them they are doing something wrong or not right.  Look in that practitioners eye.  It looks like someone has just kicked them in the stomach.  Where is the compassionate person who continues to nurture another to grow and experience for themselves?The other very sad situation that exists today is there is such dysfunction among Reiki Masters themselves.  One Reiki form or tradition versus another Reiki form or tradition; different belief structures; questions about heritage and lineage; costs for training and whether that meant you were a better Reiki Master.  Even good teachers are being judged by those who have not yet found their own energetic power.  So many opposing forces have formed a destructive energy for power and control; which is very much a part of Reiki today.

This is not a part of the pure Reiki Chi-Ki-Life force energy.  It is only a part of human's nature to control others.  It is not about who is better, my rules or your rules.  It is not about your symbols or my symbols, or whether you were taught incorrectly or correctly.  The pure energy of Reiki is always perfect.  Reiki always works, as long as there is a willing recipient and a practitioner who is in the flow of this vibration.  The distortion occurs when Reiki Masters find fault in other Reiki Masters methods or beliefs.  That goes back to judging a person, which leads no one anywhere.   Each student finds the Master that is perfect for their combined experience.   After all, aren't we all Creators?  If we are, then there are no victims to be saved and each creator's creation is perfect.  Is that why so many Reiki Masters do not practice Reiki anymore?  How many Reiki master teachers are still teaching and still healthy in their Reiki practice?   How can the pure creative life force energy of Reiki find its full potential if one is not complete in the creation of oneself?  For the Reiki vibration to be experienced, one must feel the pure energy of creation .

I decided early on that I had to look at the different energies of Reiki; to experience the vibration around this ancient healing practice and perhaps, help those healers who had been so badly damaged find a way to support their own work.  I have had over 18 years experience with life force energy.  I felt it was important to find the energy that other ancient healers found and that Dr. Mikao Usui experienced one day in Japan.   He was on Mt. Koriyama where he had meditated for 21 days, each day throwing off a small stone to mark the beginning of yet another day.  The light he saw came towards him, struck his third eye and he lost consciousness for a time.  His mind opened to millions of rainbow bubbles and he knew the secrets and vibration of Reiki energy.  I wanted to find that vibration.  If each one of us could find that place, that space of energy, we would become the Reiki vibration.  It could take a lifetime or a moment.  I believe that is what we experience by compassionately helping others to find this inside themselves.  


More on Crop Circles

We received an interesting response to the January newsletter. This was wonderful as the following story is from a friend who helped with our landscaping in October, just before I went to England.  So I wondered: was it her vibration that allowed me to get the additional insights into the crop circle information I reported to you in January?  Spirit is truly working out there… I want to thank Charla Rae Armitage for her inquiring mind and for the sharing and openness of her experiences:

"About 6 years ago, someone got me interested in crop circles.  Even then, we talked about how they were messages for humans, and how they were 2D representations of 3D structures.  I was also shown a book with pictures of many 3D extrapolations.  ( The Gift: The Crop Circles Deciphered [1996] Doug Ruby)  I disagreed with their 3D interpretation of the "Barbury Castle pictogram" (Diagram 27B and photo 48) and spent a lot of time over the years contemplating it's 3D structure.  Gregg Braden discusses the 3D extrapolation of "Barbury Castle glyph", and it's meaning, in his book Awakening to Zero Point .  (You may have noticed that the crop circle that appeared near Barbury Castle on July 17, 1991 has been referred to in different ways.  This popular crop circle was the first to appear in that location, but not the last.  Thus, I refer to it as "Barbury Castle: 1991" or "BC-91".  In the late 1990s, I spent time doing experiments with crop circles and the energy fields that they generate.  My inspiration was a channeled Archangel Michael message that said humans were meant to grow our crops in crops circle patterns.  (That was why the patterns were showing up in crops in the first place.)  The crops would then hold the energy of the patterns.  The vibration of the patterns could be matched up to the vibration of the crops for maximum performance.  These, then, would be matched up with the vibration of different disorders.  Thus, eating specific food grown in a specific crop circle pattern could be used to treat a specific disorder or disharmony of the human physiology. I was told that crops grown in crop circle patterns would be of such a high vibration that they would not suffer disease and would not need fertilizer.  These were the easiest claims to test. 

Experiment One:  This took place in the Appalachian State University (Boone, NC, USA) greenhouse.  I took some copper wire and made some Barbury Castle: 1991 (BC-91) patterns that fit on the bottom of some small flats.  (These were inaccurate in that I could not find a source of disks for the center and made rings for the circumference instead.  I repeated this alteration in later experiments.)  I used copper because it was cheap and because it is a good conductor of electricity.  (I did not know at the time that copper holds the vibration of decomposition and that people put copper nails in stumps in order to speed the rotting process.  Silver or gold wire would have been a better choice.)  The treatments were as follows: a) control -- no copper in the flats, B) copper grid on the bottom of the flat, C) Copper BC-91 on bottom, D) BC-91 with 30 cm leads to a plastic bottle of colloidal mineral solution (outside of the flats), E) BC-91 with 30 cm leads encircling quartz crystals once en route to colloidal mineral solution, F) grid pattern with 30 cm leads encircling quartz crystals once en route to colloidal mineral solution, G) BC-91 with 60 cm leads encircling quartz crystals 6 times en route to colloidal mineral solution, and H) BC-91 with 60 cm leads encircling quartz crystals 6 times en route to a bottle of potting mix.  Two inches of vermiculite were placed over the copper forms in the flats.  These were planted with 15 radish seeds each.  Flats were kept moist with distilled water.  Distilled water offers no mineral nutrients, and vermiculite offers very little.  Thus, the seeds themselves offered essentially all of the minerals available to the plants.  Conventional knowledge suggests that the plants should not have grown much further than first leaf stage.  However, plants did indeed grow beyond those stages and many formed radishes.  However, the plants were not healthy and did attract aphids.  Furthermore, each BC-91 generated an energy field so large that I could not keep the fields from interacting.  Indeed,  I could perceive one large field encompassing all the flats.  The energy being generated did not form a gradient but distinct energy fields, something like the electron shells in an atom.  I could perceive 3 such shells, with the innermost one being of the highest vibration.  These shells reached beyond the walls of the greenhouse by several feet.  This is, I believe, why even the control group produced some radishes.

Experiment Two:    Again, radish seeds were planted in vermiculite and watered with distilled water.  Treatment A was again the control -- no patterns and seeds were planted in straight lines, B) seeds were planted in the  BC-91 pattern, and C) had a silver BC-91 under seeds planted in straight lines.  This time, there was a statistically significant difference between the mean mass of radish produced.  Plants arranged in a BC-91 pattern produced plants earlier and produced more radish mass than did the plants of  the other two treatments. 

Experiment Three:  (The birth of Crop Circle Farms)   Vegetables were arranged in crop circle patterns in two locations, both with poor soil.  Patterns included BC-91, clockwise spirals, counterclockwise spirals, handlebar mustache pattern, the DNA crop circle pattern.  It became apparent that the plants were stunted due to lack of fertilizer (and lack of funds for same).  However, energy fields were still generated.  At least one helper became woozy if she spent too much time in the garden.  Another slept in the garden in order to get visions and healing.  The BC-91 generated a double spiral at the center circle: a couple of us experienced some profound meditations within this circle.   The vegetables glowed, even after they were cooked, and appeared to be irresistible to people who were sensitive to energy.  Reports indicated that my cucumbers gave no one gas, even though the variety used is not known to be "burpless".  Older tasters reported that the vegetables tasted "like they are supposed to taste", and "like they used to taste when I was young".  

Experiment Four:   Crop Circle Farms now uses raised beds.  These are too small for everything to be planted in crop circle patterns.  I have planted a small BC-91 in the center of the larger bed, herbs one year and carrots another.  The sides of the beds are 12" wood boards embedded approximately 6" into the soil.  I found that this is enough to distort the energy field generated by the single BC-91.  The soil is much better than the former gardens, and the plants are larger and greener.  However, they still develop diseases and attract insects.  The vegetables do not glow like they did when everything was in crop circle patterns in a large garden, nor do they taste quite as good.

Experiment Five:  (A Dream for Avalon)    I hope to someday have a piece of property of the proper size (and relatively flat) in order to plant a BC-91 of dwarf apple trees.  I'd build a round, wooden platform in the center of the double helix large enough to comfortably hold a massage table and wellness ractitioner.  Can you imagine...?        Charla Rae Armitage


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