A Holiday Message

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January 2004 Message: A Holiday Message

           Who Am I Today?

           Glastonbury and The Crop Circles

          Living Light Language & Lucid Dreaming

           Getting Your Own Symbols

           Crop Circles Continued


Who Am I Today?

I have been on the road for most of October, November and December, some 8 weeks.  Our spiritual path can take us to many different places.  When you have very little processing time before the next change occurs, you feel like you are in a continuous chant of WHO am I today?  The changes can be subtle or quite dramatic.  Either way, there is a big difference in the way you feel and look at the world around you.   It almost takes everything within you to maintain your balance and understanding.  It becomes more of a challenge to look through other people’s eyes. We are all on many different paths in our exploration of WHO we are.  There is no one’s path that is better or more enlightened.  Some just appear to be easier than others.  Our need to please others may confuse this reality.  I also wonder if it makes any sense to compare ourself to anyone or anything. We are all individuals redefining ourselves.  One thing I know happens with age; you let go of belonging, caring about the past like you did, or the need to fit in.  I guess the question might be:  Can we be at peace with ourselves, no longer need anyone to define us, and allow our past identity to fall away?  Our past then integrates itself into our way of being or knowing.  For me, the future as I have known it is no longer the same place.  It now allows for the possibility of everything or nothing.  For some of us, we are alone but not lonely; apart and yet one with everything, with nothing more to prove to anyone.  We have experienced everything that is going on around us and consciously, no longer want to participate with anyone in the old ways.  We even want to disconnect from the world as it holds us in various cultural or belief systems. 

For me, the answer lies with a very simple word:  No.  I no longer choose to participate in the old way.  No is a very powerful word.  (The Matrix movie and the sequels gave an important message, especially for our younger generation.)  Believing in your own heart, your own truth, even if it is a different belief than anyone else’s. Have the faith to trust your own truth in the undying hope that there is a different way of being.  The word ‘No’ provides a powerful way of walking your own path. Saying No to the ways in which the judgment of others holds you allows you the freedom of choice. 

We are now at a point where only a few people can understand us; so, stop asking them to do so.  Stop looking for something or someone to say you are all right.  You know in your heart that you are perfect.  It’s just your path is different than the path of others; for you are now the teacher as well as the student, and this is changing your reality.    What should you do with this new place you are in?  Walk your talk.  Talk is only sound that keeps you hidden from your own truth.  Walk your truth, your own path and believe in yourself.  Trust your truth, have hope and faith within yourself.  Start making the choices that give you the freedom to be who you really are. 

My path has become bigger – it is now endless.  The vastness and changing of time no longer holds us in the old reality that we once called home.  So many people call these times different names.  There is so much confusion around the year 2012.  That time is NOW.  Everything that was and will be is NOW.  What is happening?  We are each becoming conscious without boundaries of time and space.  Believe it or not this time right NOW is what you have been waiting for.  You have been training for this, not just your whole life, for all eternity. Why don’t you just go out for a walk.  Enjoy the freedom of your own path.


When I was inGlastonbury England a few weeks ago, I got to meet and visit with some very old friends.  I was listening to the information and the excitement surrounding the crop circles from Summer 2003.  Glastonbury is in the middle of three different counties which have constant crop circle activity.  I was with this for a few days, allowing the information to integrate.  There are three techniques I feel are important before I can share the information about crop circles.

Living Light Language:

Each time a person looks at a symbol, something happens inside; a little spark goes off. These sparks are a gate; they are gates into one's mind that release energy or knowledge when the person is ready to receive it. There are actually many different gates, as well as different symbols and sacred geometries. The ability to look and listen inwardly for information can be improved by practicing the Living Light Language. This language is always available and surrounds us all the time. In order to work consciously with this vibration and the Akashic Records they reflect, use the following technique:  This is important when looking at crop circles.  It is also important to be in your pineal.  Please look up Living Light Breath.

Just for a moment, close your eyes and put your forefingers on the outermost edge of your eyelids. Lightly press your fingers. It is not necessary to apply too much pressure. As you do this, you will likely see colors or shapes on each side of your eyes. Bring the patterns you see in your mind's eye together, into the center of your vision between your eyebrows. Keep focusing on the patterns until they align. This is an easy way of balancing the right and left sides of your brain, which is important in communicating with your higher self. Once the patterns are balanced, keep focusing until you see sheets of geometric forms coming toward you like a wall. These are sheets of Living Light Language coming in. Stay focused and open to watch pattern after pattern of Living Light Language arriving. (This is the way our mind normally receives information from higher self, whether we are conscious or not). Look through the layers and pick a point just beyond. At this moment, your experiences of the information may become holographic knowing.

What I look for is a pure, bright, neon-blue color that feels fluid. This is how the center of creation appears to me. When information comes in, it will come as a complete concept rather than just pieces. This is what I mean when I say that information is holographic. The more open you are to receiving any and all information that comes to you, the easier it will be to grasp the concepts and knowledge as a whole.  Perhaps one of the reasons sacred geometry may have been so important to your development is because of Living Light Language. Is this perhaps a reason geometry has now become sacred geometry?  It is the key to reading the crop circle information. 

Lucid Dreaming:

 Lucid Dreaming: Getting Your Own Symbols as contained in Chapter 33 of my book “The Heart of Soul Healing”:  The symbols we bring into this lifetime reflect our past and/or future connections. Recall of these symbols can bring forth tremendous emotions and feelings.  Our symbols can help us understand our identity and purpose. These symbols may act as bridges to other dimensions. Understanding our individual symbols can help release physical stress and mental confusion.  Communication from and with the subconscious is direct, personal, real and intimately connected with our collective consciousness. Most of this communication is available through symbols or through story form. On a conscious level we understand the importance of stories. Personal stories from the subconscious usually reveal specific themes and often use universal symbols.  Our subconscious will continue to present these symbols until we are able to interpret them. 


The following is a visualization you can use to discover your own symbols:  Get comfortable and close your eyes, take a few deep and relaxing breaths. Create a safe place in your mind where everything is exactly the way you wish it to be.  It should be a beautiful, spiritual place where you feel totally safe.  As you relax, feel, visualize or imagine a beautiful light around you. It gets brighter and brighter. It becomes a brilliant neon electric light.  It gets brighter and brighter until you realize that the color of this light is actually inside you. It is the color of your spiritual essence. This is the color of your soul as it touches God and it now touches you. Every cell of your body is illuminating, and you begin to change.  Follow the color that is within and around you to the very center of your mind-your pineal gland. This is the place that is quiet, where you can get your own answers. Allow your mind to feel, visualize or imagine a shape or symbol.  The first that comes into your mind will have a color and a distinct feeling.  There may also be a second symbol or shape with a different color and feeling. Take a few moments to draw your symbols in color and meditate on each of them.  Ask your Higher Self to receive and understand the information each symbol holds for you.


I found that crop circles are vibrations which have taken a physical form; a language of sorts.  To understand, we must move out of the way we see things as merely being two-dimensional form.  Most people in the world are two-dimensional with their thoughts and with their reality.  This is not a criticism, merely an explanation of why many individuals are different than others.

In Glastonbury, the questions became:  Why wouldn’t these vibrations go on all the time?  Why should they only appear during crop growing seasons? The answers were: They are in fact, present all the time.  We just can’t see them.  Crops have been a place where they can appear in physical form.  These crop circle formations have a specific message.  Now we need to look at how to read or feel this vibration that is affecting each one of us.  What would happen if a crop circle vibration or energy appeared under your home or any other location?  You would feel the vibration and the energetic that goes with it.  Everything is energy, therefore everything has its own vibration or signature.  If researchers would listen to the crop circle vibration, they would hear its own sound.  My friend Barry Oser has recorded the sounds of the earth at different times, including a dimensional recording of a thunderstorm.  http://www.themindspa.com/news.html#sound .  There are resonant tones from the earth which generate sound vibrations.  I believe the earth is creating physical sound vibrations in the form of crop circles and these vibrations could be recorded with the proper equipment.  The purpose I believe is to communicate with humankind.  The message that came from Glastonbury, England was simple.  We were staying in a home that was more than 300 years old, right next door to the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey, one of the largest and reputedly one of the oldest abbeys in England.  I allowed myself to feel the crop circle vibration that had appeared around the town and under the buildings.

Up to now, we have only looked at crop circles in their two-dimensional form.  One of the great wonders today is our computer.  You can scan a picture of a crop circle into the computer and make it three-dimensional. There is a distinct difference in the way you can sense or feel the vibration.  Adding one color to the crop circle and another color to the background gives yet another vibration.  Continue changing the colors of the crop circle formation and the colors of the background until you find a set of colors that resonate with you.  You may also experiment with crop circles in the same colors as the chakras on the body:  red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet/indigo, white.

Remember, each chakra with its own color and energetic vibration is distinctly different than other parts of the body, or the electromagnetic field of energy that exists around us.  Put that crop circle and resonant color onto a piece of paper. Allow yourself to gaze at it for about three minutes and then close your eyes.  You will soon receive the vision you have been looking for or asking about.  Crop circle vibrations can also heal.  Place the picture of the crop circle you resonate with on an area of your body.  It can change the vibration and allow for old patterns and energies to change. Think of a schematic.  Where the electrical components or transformers are, place the crop circle formation and watch what happens. I believe the crop circles with their distinct vibration were designed to help us awaken our consciousness. If you become conscious, why wouldn’t the earth and other forms of life now want to communicate with us? 

You may want to view crop circles for resonant symbols and to practice the exercises in this newsletter.  There are hundreds of websites with pictures of crop circles.  Here is one site that shows 74 of the 2003 crop circle formations: http://cropcircleconnector.com/2003/2003.html There was a lot more information given.  It’s hard to write about the experiences and the insights these symbols provided to me.  I will give you something to think about:  Time and Space is changing.  The Akashic records are changing.  We are entering into a new vibration of awareness.  The crop circles represent that new dimensional awareness of holographic time.

Have fun.  Nancy and I wish you Blessings of Abundance for the New Year.  For me, I’m glad 2003 is over.  It was a butt-kicker.


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