Releasing What You Are Holding Onto

We have a wonderful technique for releasing old energy patterns. First, think of the things you are afraid of, for example, losing your job, getting older, not having enough money, losing your health or your relationships. Now release all those things as well as all the negative thoughts, feelings and emotions you are holding on to such as guilt, anger, hate, abandonment, separation, betrayal, grief, sorrow or sadness, feelings of being helpless, hopeless, used or trapped. Release feelings of pain, hurt and jealousy and all your different fears. Release all the feelings and projections of others that you have bought into.

Imagine that the most spiritual person you can connect with is standing right in front of you such as Krishna, Moses, Jesus, Mother Mary or Buddha. Feel the love this spiritual person reflects back to you. Feel their love and recognize that place of love inside of you.

A good place to do this release technique is in the bathtub. Take about 15 - 30 minutes where you won't be disturbed. Take off all your jewelry, including your rings. Place a candle in the room and use the candle to represent or reflect the light or essence of the spiritual person you are imagining there with you. Keep staring at the flame as you release all of your old feelings, thoughts and programs. Allow those things you are afraid of or have issue with to flow through you. You can either say everything you are releasing out loud or you can release everything in silence. Remember it is your intention to clear yourself which is most important.

Now, are you ready to do something very different and unique, perhaps the most unusual thing anyone has ever asked you to do? Release all the positive memories you are holding on to from your past. How many of you are holding on to the best Christmas you can remember? How many of you are holding on to the best present you ever received, your first car, your first apartment, the first accomplishment you ever had, your greatest success, or a happy, loving time when you were with your family? Food, sunsets, flowers, everything -- release it all. How many of you are holding on to all these events and feelings from your past, using them to judge every single experience you are creating today? Are you judging every experience of how it feels to be kissed now, to be held or to be hugged in comparison to a time in the past? Release every single thing you are holding on to from your past, keeping you from being in the present moment, experiencing things for the first time.

It is important to know, as we release these positive experiences, that we keep the wisdom, the knowledge and the joy of these events. All we are doing is releasing the energetic charges we are holding on to which still cause us to have judgments and make comparisons today.

We have demonstrated this exercise in many of our workshops. The most positive things we are holding on to have more of an energetic charge than the negative things we are afraid of. Think about that. We are always doing our best to heal the negative things from our past but we don't realize we are also judging every single thing that happens to us now, comparing it to the old way we may have experienced it in the past. Once we have completed releasing all of the positive experiences we have been holding on to, either shower or bathe with fresh water. Releasing all the negative and positive experiences we have been energetically holding on to will enable us to stay present in the moment.

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