Rebirthing Techniques

Birth may be one of the most traumatic and dangerous experiences we undergo in our lives. Even before our births, our consciousnesses are already gathering and storing information from our past life or lives' experiences in our developing bodies; in addition, the thoughts, feelings and emotions of our mothers as they carry us. This information is gathered unfiltered, and we accept it as the truth without judgment or evaluation. For instance, if our expectant mothers ever said in a moment of anger or frustration: "I don't want this baby; this is too much for me; we have no money for this baby," we might be born with the thoughts or feelings that we are not wanted, that we are burdens to those around us or the ones we love the most. The long lasting impact of in utero information, even if we reach false conclusions, can have devastating effects on our lives as we continue to grow. The soul of an unborn child for example, can fragment in utero due to traumatic family events, confrontations or discussions about abortion.

The use of loving, centered rebirthing techniques can energetically clear us from a wide range of distorted thoughts, feelings and emotions. Some indications for the appropriateness of reframing birth experiences would be a female's trouble with their menstrual periods, conflicts about an imminent marriage, confusion around a pregnancy, excess fear or indecision about having children, or strange fearful or over-anxious emotions associated with motherhood. These particular patterns can be traced back to several types of experiences. These challenges could be the result of an in utero experience or fear that was picked up from the mother during pregnancy. Other times, the root of the difficulty or trauma occurred in past lives when the woman actually died in childbirth or lost young infants in traumatic ways.

If someone has ever (present or past life) experienced painful or traumatic births, you can help recreate different birth experiences for them. A good time to do this would be during an Energetic Clearing Release in a Heart and Soul Session. The individual is taken back through their birth, going backwards in time to just before they were born. It is important that the individual not re-experience any of the birth trauma, such as feelings of abandonment or separation that occurred during their actual birth. Have them return directly to the warmth and safety of their mothers' womb. Regardless of the real circumstances of their birth, assist them to create new birth experiences with all the things that they would have liked to have felt, such as closeness and warmth in the womb and excitement about coming to Earth. Lead them gently up to the moment of their brith. Make the birth easy. Have the individual be immediately connected to their mother and gently treated by the doctor and attending staff. Suggest that the lights in the delivery room be soft and the room is warm. Address anything specifically that you know may have previously traumatized them, such as not being wanted, being rused or pulled out by forceps, cold rooms or scales, separation from their mother, painful drops in their eyes, etc. Above all, help them to feel safe, comfortable and cared for.

Extenuating circumstances at birth may have caused this individual to create energetic programs that they are still holding on to today. If they were part of twin births for example, the wombs may have been too small and they might still be fighting for space or defending themselves from everyone. If they were a cesarean birth, they may have tendencies to put things off until the last moment, waiting for someone to rescue them. If they were forced with forceps or their births were induced, they may not trust their own timing or have confidence in their own decisions.

These techniques can help anyone recognize their self-worth and eliminate and release patterns surrounding the circumstances of their birth.

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