Quieting Your Mind

Loving yourself, being compassionate, and creating are the most important reasons for being here on Earth. Never create when you are troubled. If you have a busy mind, get physical. The more physically active you are, the quieter and calmer your mind becomes. "I dance with my Chinese sword when things are going a million miles a minute and my mind is too busy."-Ken

Another good way of quieting a busy mind is to look straight ahead and focus on something in the room. While keeping your head level, look up at the ceiling. This will immediately calm your emotions and quiet your mind.

A third technique is to BREATHE! Find your breath whenever you are anxious, fearful or feel you are not thinking clearly. If you do not know where your breath is: you do not know where you are. Put 'sticky' notes all around yourself (bathroom mirror/ refrigerator door/ car dashboard) that merely say 'breathe'. Just the act of drawing in a slow breath will re-focus you and assist in quieting your mind. Three breaths can take you into a present moment space. "Allow your breath to take you - rather than you taking a breath without focus or awareness in that moment." -Nancy

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