Finding Your Piece of Inner Polarity

When Ken was in Long Island teaching workshops and seeing clients in 1993, he spontaneously found his own piece of inner polarity by a natural process. For three nights in a row, instead of being able to sleep, every time he closed his eyes, he was presented within his mind's eye, a series of three pictures. Each picture represented a scene out of his life where he had experienced an emotional reaction. This may be similar to reviewing one's life the final few seconds before we die.

In any event, the first of the three pictures Ken saw in his mind's eye, was a specific event which had occurred in his life. The second picture in the series was a view of his emotional reaction to the original event, at the time it originally occurred. The third picture in the series was how he felt emotionally about the same event now. He found if he still experienced any emotional charge around the event, the series of three pictures would reappear. Picture 1 was still of the original event, presented in a slightly different way. Picture 2 had changed into the emotional reaction he had just experienced from viewing the original event. Picture 3 was how he feels now about the slightly changed view of the original event.

Each time Ken continued to experience an emotional charge or reaction around the presented event, the sequence of three pictures would repeat. Each repetition would offer a slightly different view of the original event. This would continue, over and over, until Ken no longer experienced an emotional reaction or charge. Once all the charge was gone for the particular set of visuals, the process would begin again, offering a completely different event in his life, and the sequence of three pictures would start all over again. During that three day span, Ken experienced thousands and thousands of sets of pictures. After three long nights of processing, he was left with one reoccurring set of pictures.

The experience of the remaining set of visuals was an occasion where Ken had lost his temper with Charles, a co-worker of his, many years before. He and Charles had a background of disagreements on matters of company management because, while Ken was no longer owner of that particular company, he was the creative consultant for all the company's creative projects. Charles had to submit reports on proposed projects to Ken, and at times this arrangement had led to differences of opinion. On this particular occasion, Ken and Charles exchanged words, and the event culminated with Charles grabbing Ken's shirt collar, as he shoved Ken up against the wall in Ken's office. Very angry and aggressive, Charles yelled at Ken, "Stay out of my face."

Ken's reaction at the time was astonishing, both to himself and others. Not prone to any type of physical violence, Ken 'blanked out' and 'came to' when he heard his secretary screaming! Apparently, in his unconscious state, Ken picked up his co-worker and bodily threw him across his office. Ken then proceeded to hit Charles several times, very hard in the mouth, knocking out four of Charles' front teeth. Ken's secretary came running into the room, and her screams of horror brought Ken out of his dream-like state. The last time Ken had hit anyone was on his elementary school yard playground when he was nine. Needless to say, Ken was very embarrassed and amazed at his own behavior. Charles and Ken had then spent about a week away from each other, while the company investigated the whole affair. Because Charles had started the physical confrontation, Ken was held harmless and he thought the matter was resolved.

Approximately ten days passed and Ken was sitting in the office of the owner, reviewing some of their current plans to modify their sales approach. Charles happened to pass by the owner's office and paused in the doorway. Charles asked if he could come in to talk to them. Not knowing what to expect or what else to say, Ken said it was OK. What Charles had to say was completely unexpected. He began by saying, "Ken, I really want to thank you for what you did the other day!" The owner and Ken exchanged surprised looks, not quite sure what was going to come next. Charles went on to say, "You see, I hate going to the dentist. I really hate going and I have put it off for much too long. I have been needing to go, but I couldn't force myself to do it. After our fight the other day, I had no choice. The four teeth you knocked out were caps anyway, that is why they came out so easily. When I went to the dentist to have them put back in, he found I have a very serious infection in my lower gums. My infection was so serious, it was beginning to cause poison to drain into my system. If I hadn't gone to the dentist when I did, my infection might have killed me." While Charles' explanation did not excuse Ken's action, Ken felt much better about the whole incident.

Ken had not thought about this incident with Charles for years. He had thought he had completely understood and released everything around his interaction with Charles. So, it was a surprise to Ken when that particular occasion was the one series of pictures he could not resolve.

In any event, the first of the three pictures Ken saw in his mind's eye was this specific event from his past. What Ken did not know at the time and was to discover later, this incident represented his own hidden inner piece of polarities. Usually our inner piece of polarity is locked or hidden in a space of our lives between our conscious recollections. Most times our inner piece of polarity is hidden in a place where we 'lost our heads', either out of fear, anger or rage, or we have become unconscious. It is different for every person. When you find your own inner piece of polarity (and it can usually be found within about five minutes), there will almost be a physical feeling of release, like a puff of smoke going poof. Until our inner polarity is released, we continue to be affected by polarities. Moving out of polarities is the quickest way to access other dimensions.

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