Clearing Jewelry and Leather

Many people do not clean their jewelry every day. They wash themselves and clean their clothes, but they wear the same jewelry day after day without taking it off and intentionally cleansing it. Metal jewelry attracts and conducts energy. As energy moves down your hand and all around you, a ring filled with built up energy can reverse your energy flow and cause pain in your shoulders, neck, or back. When you shower at night, slip off rings and other jewelry. Run water over them and think "clear," so your intention can energetically clear them.

A female client came to a session wearing diamond earrings. She was asked when was the last time she had taken them off to clean them. She stated it had been only a week or two ago. There was so much energy trapped in those diamonds that her ears ached, her hearing was affected, and she had headaches. She was advised to clean her jewelry every day, especially if she wore crystals or stones over her heart area. All of these things can pick up energy. Metals will buffer energy until they are full and then the energy in the object will reverse itself, going into the wearer.

The same is true for people who wear a leather belt for years. Leather is organic and picks up energy. When you put on an old belt, are you strapping on the energy of all the past times you wore it?

Here is a simple method to clean leather belts and other leather items. It is a very easy process. To make sure you do not take any of the energy you are clearing from the leather onto or into your body, place a rubber band just below your elbow on your clearing hand. For men, your clearing hand is usually your right hand, and for women it's usually your left. The rubber band will serve as a reminder that the energy will stop at your elbow and go no further. Hold the belt buckle with one hand and grasp the belt with your clearing hand. While aware of your intention to clear, pull the built-up energy out of the leather by pulling your clearing hand along the entire length of the belt five to ten times. When finished, wash your hands while thinking "clear."

The easiest thing to do if you are involved in healing work or have a stressful job is to wear a cloth belt or rotate leather belts. The same is true for leather shoes. Rotating leather belts and shoes allows the leather to energetically release some of the charge it has picked up. This is also true for leather wallets and purses, especially if you've carried the same one for years. Clear any leather item just as you would a belt.

One of the most highly charged pieces of clothing Ken ever saw was a leather jacket worn by a teenager in Canterbury, England. His mother had brought him in for a Heart & Soul Healing session. When he came into the room, his leather jacket was an energetic life force all its own, vibrating with energy. He wore it day and night, indoors and out. He wore the jacket to school; he wore it to nightclubs. Ken ended up clearing the jacket before the session even started.

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