Issues and Choices

Our conscious mind, the ego, holds the events, memories, and emotions experienced in this lifetime. Our subconscious mind has that information, plus information from other life times, dimensions, and realities. Our conscious mind often denies any past life or dimensional information as we first become aware of it and is rarely aware of our issues.

Our issues are the conditions we placed on love in the past and are still dealing with today. Our issues are what we did not understand in past lives and include similar things we do not understand in this life. They make it challenging for us to have unconditional love for ourselves and unconditional compassion for others.

What we did not master in the past is drawn to us in this lifetime. Our subconscious mind re-creates these issues over and over by using our energy to attract new people and situations to us who reflect these issues.

One of the most important realizations we have is: Our Higher Self, working through our subconscious mind, wants us to realize we are creating our reality with each of our choices - and - we have many choices.

When clients ask "What are my issues?" we point out that they have experienced all of their issues within the last two weeks when they felt angry, hurt, separated, fearful, worried, hopeless, or sad. When a situation creates one of these feelings, they can immediately ask themselves what this situation reveals about them and their issues. Simply asking this question allows the opportunity to recognize what their issues are.

"My issues are clear to me. I have issues of trust, abandonment, separation, betrayal, and power and control. When I find myself in these situations, I immediately stop, step back, and observe what I am subconsciously creating. I then no longer feel like a victim. I realize I am a creator with many choices about how I will energetically react to each situation I create.

In most cases my choice is not to give energy to the situations created by my issues. I witness them instead and watch to see what will unfold. I find it is easier to understand my creations from our collective unity consciousness where I can be a witness and observer. I can observe my life objectively from the collective consciousness and see more clearly the overall pattern of my creations." - Ken

This holographic viewpoint gives us a greater understanding of the choices we make and allows us the freedom to create what we desire in our lives without old patterns energetically affecting us. Each of us is capable of doing this. We are quickly becoming aware that we have many choices about how we react (or not react) to each situation -each moment -in our lives.

Most of us feel our issues are coming faster and time appears to be speeding up. Why is this? Perhaps time feels as if it is speeding up because we can recognize what we create faster and already know what is going to happen.

What if our subconscious mind has been using ninety percent of our energy to re-create unresolved issues from our past?

What if we recognize this fact about how we have been creating and change it? The energy we once used to re-create old patterns then becomes available for us to create what we choose to bring into our lives now.

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