Dehaunting Techniques

Sometimes a client will come to us after moving into a new home or area where souls or spirits may have previously gathered and now need to be released. Some of the reasons a spirit may be attracted or remain in a place are as follows:

The energy/spirit:
  • was confused, or didn't know it had died
  • experienced sudden or traumatic death or suicide
  • had a fear of going to "hell," or of being punished
  • didn't know where else to go, so it remained around familiar territory
  • had obsessive attachments to living persons or places
  • felt guilty or had an inability to forgive themselves for deeds done
  • had strong bonds of love or devotion to family or friends
  • had addictions to drugs, smoking, food, alcohol, or sex, and found someone
    with a "similar" vibration
  • had a sense of unfinished business or mission
  • had a desire for revenge
  • had unfinished karmic agreements with a particular person or group
  • was drawn back to a grieving loved one who did not want to release to them
  • had concern over the fate of their family and children
  • had made a prior promise ("I'll never leave you")
  • was ashamed of their former actions
  • was around morgues, funerals, cemeteries, or hospitals
  • was in battle or combat duty, or in life threatening situations
  • In most cases the client has not taken the spirits onto themselves personally, yet the souls or spirits seem to hang about, stirring up trouble. Any dwelling or place can be "dehaunted" in a matter of minutes safely, quickly and effectively. Again, we strongly believe there are never any accidents or coincidences, even about the places we choose to live and work. If we have been drawn to a strange or spooky place, there is a reason for it. Each one of our choices, both big and small, fits into the bigger picture of our life. If possible, do your best to find out what has happened in the place you are choosing to clear.

    To release such a soul or spirit, simply place your hands on your chest. Look up with your spiritual eyes and connect with Source. Ask for a guide or angel to come down to help you and to gently hold the earth bound spirit or spirits which may be around. Ask that there be a guide or angel for each of the spirits so no one will get lost or left behind. Wait for just a moment and then count to three. At three, as your intention is to release any spirits, raise your hands from your chest, knowing the process is complete.

    More information about earthbound spirits, discarnate spirits, ghosts, and other entities and energies can be found in our book: "Heart & Soul Healing - Energy Techniques for Spirit Releasement" .

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