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Energetic Chakra Clearing Technique

This energetic clearing can be used on yourself, or you can use this technique easily with others. In our years of experience with thousands of individuals around the world, it appears that our chakras are imprinted from the inside - out. Despite all best efforts, no amount of external clearing can really clear the internal core of our own chakras. This release technique is very powerful for it empowers you (or the individual you are assisting) to actively participate in the energetic clearing of all the chakras.

Practice clearing your chakras in the bathtub or shower at least once each week. By being in water, you will be able to rinse your hand after each chakra releases. You will notice a lightening of your vibration and an overall easier sense of well-being. If you are working with someone else, rinse your hand into a bowl of water after each chakra clears. Water is fluid and the energy will just be released easily into the water without any effect on you or the person you may be working with.

• Place your open hand, palm side down, on your forehead. Men will use their right hand and women will use their left hand. Spread your fingers wide open to receive the energy easily. If you are working with someone else, place your open hand about two inches above each of the chakras, being cautious not to actually touch their body.

• Now tell yourself to release into your hand every single thought, feeling, and emotion that you have never been able to show or express. Releasing this energy may feel like thousands of tiny 'hits' on the palm of your hand. Leave your hand over your forehead until you are certain there is nothing more to be released.

• Next, move your hand above your throat. Release into your hand all the times that you have been killed in the past for speaking your truth, all the times that others have criticized you for sharing your words, all the times that you wanted to scream, and all the times when you did scream and no one heard you. Also release all the words you regret speaking and all the words spoken to you that you wish you had not heard.

• Just release all that energy into your hand, from your throat, from the back of your neck and from your shoulders.

• Next move your hand to your heart and hold it there for a moment. You will feel the warmth of your own love for yourself. This is the truth of your being. Allow yourself to be with that feeling for as long as you like.

• Move to hand to your third chakra - the area just below the breast bone and above your waist. Some call this the upper abdomen or solar plexus area. This chakra addresses all the issues that humans have with each other over power and control. Place your hand on your solar plexus and say to yourself over and over: I am in control of my body.

• Release into your hand all the people who have ever wanted to control you or wanted you to be different or act differently than who you really are. Release out of your solar plexus any distortions you have over power and control. Release all of the ways you may still be corded with others through emotional ties, traumas or through relationship.

• Next move your hand to your second chakra, just below the navel or belly button. Some philosophies call this the Seat of Consciousness, or the Hara point. This chakra contains our male and female duality which is the last duality of the physical self. Tell yourself that you are exactly who you are, not what society, or your mother or father or religion or the media or men or women have ever told you to be. Just Be who you are. Say over and over: I am a (man/woman), and I have the power of the (masculine /feminine).

• With that power, find the balance between your masculine and feminine energy.All that means is that in any of your life experiences or circumstances, you can be anything you choose to be in that moment - masculine if you need to be, or feminine if you need to be.

• Now place your hand at your root or base chakra which is in the groin area, at the “V” of your legs. Again, if you are working with someone else, be cautious not to touch them, but place your hand about three or four inches above the chakra..

• Feel yourself pushing out into your hand all the old thoughts, feelings, and emotions ever projected into you, onto you or through you. Release any thoughts, feelings and emotions you may have projected onto anyone else. Just push all that energy right out into your hand. Push out any distortions or any types of energetics you may have been holding onto. Continue the release until you can no longer feel anything coming out from between your legs. You will know when this is complete.

• Then, look up with your spiritual eyes and see the beautiful light shining down on your crown chakra. That Light is your spiritual angelic part - your Higher Self. Feel that Light part of you coming down through your crown and into your body. Bring that Light of your Higher Self totally into your being. Bring it down to your toes and feel it illuminating throughout your entire body.

Técnica Energizante de Chakra Clearing

Energetische Chackra Zuiverings Techniek

Eine Technik zum energetischen Reinigen von Chakren

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