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We often have individuals who say they can't get information from within. Perhaps it's because they do not trust what they hear or feel from their own inner voice — if they hear one at all — and so they seek answers about their lives from others. Yet our subconscious mind - our 'Higher Self' holds all our past knowing.

How does our Higher Self / Subconscious Mind communicate with us? Most of us communicate with our Higher Self through our subconscious mind using one of our major sensory modalities — we see, we hear, or we feel. If we are having a conversation with someone who needs to visualize information, while we need to feel things, we could easily misunderstand each other even if we are expressing the same idea. Many of us are kinesthetic — we feel the answers from our Higher Self with our whole body, but others may see or hear their information.

Trusting our feelings is a challenge for most. We do not trust or listen to our feelings or our inner voice because of past situations when we have trusted or listened and been hurt anyway. The first feelings or impressions that come to us are the messages from our Higher Self and need to be honored and trusted.

We teach a simple exercise to connect with Higher Self. Once you are familiar with this technique you can use it confidently to answer any questions about your life. Every one of us already has all the answers within ourselves.

For this exercise, sit at a table with paper and pen. First, clear and quiet your mind by focusing on a point on a wall straight ahead. Hold your head level and shift only your eyes so you are looking up at a point on the ceiling. This will quiet your mind immediately and take you out of your emotions.

When your mind feels quiet, write down the question: “Why am I here on Earth?” Then ask this question three times quickly, either to yourself or out loud:
Why am I here on Earth?
Why am I here on Earth?
Why am I here on Earth?

Always write down the first word that comes to you. The answers may come as words, pictures, or feelings. Some of the words you may get are love, teach, learn, play, heal, or share. It could also be a word that does not make sense. Do not judge it, just go on with the exercise.

If the answer is “to love,” find out what it really means by writing another question to your Higher Self. Whatever the words were that you received, write your next question using these same words, always pertaining to why you are here on Earth.

Ask, for example, How do I love? How do I teach? How do I heal? What do I love? What am I to teach? What am I to share? When do I Teach? Where do I heal? Who do I teach? Why do I teach?
Always keep your questions simple and use as few words as possible.

Questions can all begin simply with:

As you write each question, quiet your mind and repeat the question three times quickly — out loud or to yourself — just as you did the first time.
Then write down your answer again.

Perhaps the sequence went like this:
Why am I here on Earth? To love.
What does love mean? It means to take your power.
What does taking my power mean? It means to heal. How do I heal?

Continue this process using the key words from your answer to create a new question. Write down everything that comes to you even if it sounds strange. Go as fast as you can and do not think about it. Keep writing and asking questions until you start to write continuously.

Do this for five minutes and then read what you have written. Your answers will give you the key to why you are here on Earth and what you have been creating. You can use this same process to answer any questions you may have.

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