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September 2000: Who Is Ready?

*Who is Ready for the Big Shift?
*Living Light Breath
*Creating Choices

*Who is ready for the Big Shift?*

No one I know, including myself. Are we talking about instantaneous creation? About loving everything and everybody? Becoming creators, gods and goddesses? Are we talking about letting go of everything that we are or ever have been? Until we have mastered these ideas / lessons, are we ready for anything else? Are we stuck on our ideas -- our favorites that we canıt move beyond. Itıs easy to see that we have work to do.

Are we trying to deny our lessons and separate ourselves? How can we become one with everything if we try to believe in something outside of ourselves more than we believe in our own inner truth. Without believing in and loving ourselves first, we are lost.

I have seen so much metaphysical bull sh__ out there. People tell us how to find the place of transformation or how to get ready for something that has never happened before. What is going to happen? Maybe we should start there. Maybe nothing will happen or itıs already happening. Are your relationships different? Is the way you create and feel different? Are you and others changing? Does it feel like nothing works the way it use to? Is your life going faster or slower? Do you feel like you donıt fit in with others or family or even the planet? Yes, I would say things are changing already. As a matter of fact, if life changes any faster I do believe something will fall off or implode. How can you stuff millions of thoughts and emotions inside of ourselves -- and not come to terms with them -- before they leak?

I donıt intend to paint a picture of doom and gloom here, but what do we do now? How can we become masters if we donıt trust ourselves to know our own answers or love ourselves for who we are now? First of all, if Iım sharing something that doesnıt feel right to you, let it go. Discernment is so important in our spiritual growth. I donıt care who says something. If it doesnıt feel right, let it go. There is so much misinformation out there today, itıs like a zoo. Look at your teachers. Are they happy and kind, and do they honor you? Are they in harmony with what they teach and how they live their own spiritual path? Do they accept your questions about their ideas without feeling threatened, telling you you donıt understand, asking you to leave? Is their teaching is based on fear or separation, or that it has to be only one way? Do they withhold information and ideas from you, telling you are not ready. If these things are true, run as fast as you can the other way. Maybe there is an easier path elsewhere. When we take our power, our true teachers should be excited for us, not mad or condescending or mean. I know many of you have seen this time and time again. Teachers should be excited about exploring all kinds of ideas and choices with you. Your teachers should support your choices, not tell you what they are. Choices equal freedom.

Letıs look at some basic things that we can do to allow ourselves to have more choices in our lives. How do we love others more than we have been loved? Do we know how to do that? Do we only trust experiences that we have survived in the past? Do we trust men who are like our fathers, and women like our mothers? Is this why we keep energetically attracting these types of people into our lives?

This new space that we are in now is uncharted territory -- there is nothing familiar that we can trust. Itıs new and feels uncomfortable. If we go back to the old way we have felt energetically, we know we will survive it. And yet, is there where we want to be? These old patterns are what other people in our lives are comfortable with, too. If we change, itıs like dominos, affecting everyone else. We may not be there for them like we were. We may be on our own.

Please donıt be so hard on yourself. We are the most serious group of people on earth. Lighten up! So many people that I work with are bound up in self loathing. Where did all this self hatred come from? How is it possible to change, shift, whatever, if we hate who we are? If we donıt recognize that we are perfect angels of God?

There is a simple clearing technique you can do each time you go to the toilet: think clear, pull your fields in, and love yourself -- including the list of what you donıt like about yourself. This only takes a few seconds to do. Anything you do all day long will become a state of mind -- to be clear, to be present, to love yourself -- this will change your vibration within three days. The next thing to do is to re-center yourself from your heart center to your pineal. This will allow you to feel more and not react to energy in the way you have experienced in the past. It will be easier for you to stay in your body. Remember, when you fell in love in the past, you went to the base chakra and began looping from there. By changing your center to your pineal, you can move back to your heart in a whole new way. Feeling everything full body can be very exciting and will allow you to open in ways you have never felt safe to do before.

Iım going to share with you a way of breathing that will make it much easier for you to be present in the moment all the time. It will open a new world for you right here and now.

*The Living Light Breath*

The complete breath consists of three natural, specific states of focus: inhalation, retention (a holding or pause state), and exhalation.
* Sit erect and comfortably with your spine straight.
* Place your hands in your lap, either in a mudra or with one palm loosely resting in the other. In the first mudra, the tips of each index finger touch the tips of each thumb. Use any mudra, however, which feels natural to you.
* Close your eyes, breathe through your nose, and relax.
* During the entire sequence of breath, keep the tip of your tongue touching the roof of your mouth, just behind your teeth. Keeping your tongue in the roof of your mouth connects the two major meridians in your body and prevents any energy from being blown out your crown chakra. When youıre not speaking, itıs a good energy practice to always keep your tongue on the roof of your mouth.
* Double lock your anus. This is accomplished by first locking the opening to your anus by squeezing the muscles of your buttocks together and pulling in your anus. This is the first lock. The second lock is accomplished by pretending there is a string coming out of your belly button that is attached to your anus. Pull that string. As you pull it, your belly will be pulled inward. This double lock prevents any energy from being lost through your first chakra.
* Begin the Living Light Breath by consciously drawing in a normal breath deeply through your nose. Allow the air to reach the back of your throat and flow down against your spine. Let your breath go all the way down until it canıt go any further. You will find the energy in your breath naturally flows into your lower belly and navel.
* When your belly is comfortably full, let the air rise and expand your ribs and let your chest rise. You are now full of air and energy from abdomen to chest.
* Hold the breathe for as long as is comfortable -- without straining. Center your focus at your Hara point.
* Now exhale through your nose. As you exhale, slowly and gently relax your body and let your shoulders drop comfortably. Your abdomen deflates automatically.
* You have just taken one complete breath.

Continue to breathe in this manner seven times. Each time imagine your breath traveling up the tube on your in breath, bringing in the Light of Source. Once you are filled with the Living Light of Source, bring your breath down into your Hara point and hold for as long as itıs comfortable, without straining.

On the eighth breath move your point of focus to your pineal gland and center your breath from there. From your pineal, you now will be able to connect to all your chakras in a new and non-polarized way.

Consider making this way of breathing a part of your daily life. Let it become a part of who you are. Do this breathing each morning so you can have the benefit of this energy and clarity throughout the day. The ideal state would be to stay centered in your pineal, breathing from that place all the time. In addition, breathing from the pineal allows you to consciously become a part of Unity Consciousness. Breathing this breath enables you to move into the timeless space of the moment and stay present and aware while connected consciously to the Creator. Breathing the Living Light Breath is a quick, easy, and harmonious way to bring the aspect of INscension into your body and integrate it into your very way of being.

*Creating Choices*

So now we are choosing to be clear, to be present and to love ourselves. We have changed our center to our pineal -- in alignment with all our chakras. We are now in the best place to choose what want to feel or not to feel. Our vibration has become so light or fine that energy cannot affect us. There is so much energy out there that if we never saw some of it again it would be too soon: war, killing, hate, evil.

So what else can you do for yourself during this time of change to create choices and an easy transition? What my family and I choose to do is stay physically active. We play, relax, eat properly, and drink lots of water. We spent time with each other, the land, and our animals. We swim and enjoy being around water. And we spend time exploring our passions. Passion is a key word. What excites you? What brings the spark of life into your being? Once you find what this is, enjoy it as often as you can.

I feel my personal energetics and the energetics around me are changing. As the electromagnetics change around us, our emotional, spiritual, and mental bodies are moving closer and closer to our physical bodies. Anything we are holding on to or have not resolved from our past is causing our physical reality to become energetically distorted. What I believe these times are focusing on is the collapse of time and our old emotional beliefs. The information in this book will help you enjoy that journey.

"Letting go" is extremely important. Let go of what no longer serves you, such as past emotions, old relationships, and the way youıve been in the past. Let go of worrying about the way you look. Let go of how you think other people should be and judgments you have about yourself and others. Anything you are holding onto in these times of change will intensify your physical reality.

We are creating very differently now than in the past; this is confusing. Working harder, sacrificing, and doing things as before no longer brings results. I believe the reason for this is we are all moving into instantaneous creation. We are experiencing the collapse of everything around us that is not true to and supportive of our heart and spirit. This is what happens when we become "conscious," which brings with it a sense of knowing and security. The closer we move into instantaneous creation, the clearer we need to be in exactly what we are choosing to create in our lives.

Loving, exploring what love means for us, and opening up more than we ever have before -- becoming naked inside out -- is where we are moving now. Itıs necessary to move through the veil of illusion and fear and be totally exposed -- to love yourself so much that you have pure love and compassion for yourself and all those around you. We are now coming together as family, as the soul of Oneness, with no separation.





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