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o The Long Trip Home
This is the first time I have missed a newsletter in three years. I moved at the end of December from California to Boone, North Carolina. This was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I rented a U-Haul truck and car carrier. The truck broke down three times and the trip took me 6 days longer than it ought to have taken. The truck was a 1988 model - the oldest in the fleet. On more than one occasion, I found myself wanting to quit - to just stay where the truck had broken down - California, New Mexico and just getting into North Carolina. Was this a test of my dream? Were these real obstacles being placed for a purpose or was there so much fear from my past or fear of letting go of what I knew and trusting the unknown to complete my Vision? Was I really to persist and continue pursuing my Dream? My old Indian friends in Taos Pueblo had always taught me that the greater the change, the more the forces would attempt to keep you from changing.

At one point, after leaving the interstate in North Carolina to travel on a two-lane road, ,about 75 miles from my new home, there was a loud noise and the truck began to swerve to the left. I was losing control of the truck. It was veering over the centerline and I was headed towards a cliff that led down the embankment of a mountain. I felt an angel put her arm around my shoulders and say 'it's all right - everything is going to be okay'. Time began to slow down. Everything became surreal, almost effortless. The truck remained under control, did not tilt over the cliff and I was able to steer it towards the driveway of an abandoned gas station that suddenly appeared. The moment the back of the car carrier was two feet off the roadway, the entire truck shifted and came crashing down on the driver's rear axle. Both rear tires were gone and so were the rims. The truck's axle ground itself down into the asphalt, leaning hard over onto the driver's side. My legs were shaking, my heart was pounding as I climbed down out of the truck - relieved to be back on solid ground - very aware of the presence of Creator-Source in my life. My new four-wheel drive SUV on the carrier had helped to hold the back of the truck in balance and not tip over.

I had to leave one life for another; an unknown life - a Dream. What were the things I was looking for? A safe place to rest in a space I could call my own, where boundaries were honored; people that shared my Vision of helping the planet and could support each other and me in my work. Being a Dreamer or a Visionary is a quality all of us have - it's an important ingredient in the future of this planet. Unfortunately, this is also a quality that has been hard on many of us. We can see or feel how things could be and we keep holding on to this picture far too long - we are stubborn and willful. We intend to hold on to the very end - kicking and screaming as we are dragged down the street, just like the U-Haul truck without its tires. Did you ever ask yourself 'Why does Source/Spirit look for the most stubborn, willful people?' Answer: Once you make up your mind, nothing will stop you. Do you think this is what's needed to help change our world? I think the greatest problem many of us have is communicating to our loved ones that this is a great quality and they should be happy with us!

Our personal relationships will be our greatest challenge; our physical body will be the last frontier of our spiritual path. Are we so spiritual and physically broken that we cannot meet our agreements to our Self, or to Spirit? Are many spiritual healers, teachers, giving up - saying 'I can't do this in the old way any longer?' You know the answer, you see it in your own communities. What's being shared with me from the metaphysical world, is that almost all of the information being taught today just does not work any longer. What I'm also hearing people say is 'this just does not feel right'. What I suggest that people do is ask their teachers: "PROVE IT - SHOW ME. I WANT TO FEEL THE TRUTH OF WHAT YOU ARE SAYING. DOES THIS EMPOWER ME? HOW DO I GET MY OWN ANSWERS?"

What we ought to ask is to have our spiritual lives manifest into our physical lives in order for us to consciously participate in our own creation.

People are beginning to remember everything and know everything. It is a great time to share. Metaphysics as we have known it is changing. It will evolve or end, just as organized religions are changing. The past is breaking down, the same way a new knowing is with us. I believe that almost all of the ideas shared in the world today are scary. What about ET's, implants, spells, curses, Lucifer, rebellion, entity attachments, negative forces - these are only a few of the hundreds of scary ideas. How can we remain open with such fearful thoughts held and taught by some of our greatest spiritual teachers?

We must remove fear in the way that we share information with others. We have a responsibility to empower each other. We are becoming conscious and we have the ability to help each individual in this world have more choices.

In my last trip, I witnessed such fear in so many people who could not let go of their past. Their fears had manifested into pain and sickness in their physical bodies - some illnesses and diseases that could kill them. There were a number of persons who could not even allow themselves to show up and complete their intention to do a session. Unfortunately, they were at a plateau and they were so fearful of the risk of being consumed by their own past, they were unwilling to let go. To see individuals choose death rather than life because they could not change, was very sad for me as a healer. I had such compassion for them. They felt that in letting go of even one more thing, they would lose their identity - the very understanding that had defined who they were. How much can we really let go? What will we become if we let go of everything? Do we really need our past to identify us any longer? What will our future look like to us if we let go of the past that defines us? Does time change in this place or does it stand still, become surreal long enough for us to examine ourselves closer, in a new way?

In these last years, most of the people that come to me have already sought healing or relief from their problems from many other healing modalities. They've been there, done that and have done it again and again. They no longer even know what or whom they can trust. How do we really trust? What exactly does the collective consciousness of this planet trust? Looking at the energetic dynamics of this planet today, I believe that individuals are still not energetically trusting even their own past. Individuals are stuck in the energetics of their past - old beliefs and old patterns of existence. The consciousness that surrounds them, where they live, and the beliefs that they attract, continue to hold them in old ideas that are out of their current moment.

Many of my clients have been told so many things that just are not true. For example, some say they have had spells or dark entities placed on them, or ET implants put into them. They tell every story you could possibly imagine. I ask them 'where did you get this information' and they reply that a healer or a psychic has told them. Once they believe what they have been told, we then have to help heal that belief. This becomes complicated and requires a lot of work. Why couldn't we just tell them that they are becoming conscious and aware of everything? Show them how to energetically take care of themselves?
It is so simple, so very simple to empower another human being when there is no fear.

It's not until we love ourselves, feel good about ourselves, that we can truly trust ourselves to step outside of our own space and begin to trust anyone else. The issue of trust goes back to the question of 'how much do we truly love ourselves?' The ultimate reality is to trust that which is inside you. Continue to be a dreamer, a visionary. Let go of how you think it has to look. Let go of all your ideas. Just BE - so present in the moment. Listen to that quiet inner voice, know that inner feeling and respond within that moment rather than reacting - that is your truth - the essential quality of a Visionary - a Dreamer.


o Other Realities - Other Choices - Same Time
Do you know that at any given time, there is at least a minimum of three possible realities that could be playing out in your existence? If someone tells you your future looks a certain way, ask what the other realities look like. All the psychic or intuitive is reading/seeing is the one reality that you are giving the most energy to - the one that has the most charge and color. If you change your ideas, or put your focus on another reality, your future will change. You should never believe what another person says about your future. It is only their truth based upon your energy at that moment. If anyone says something bad or detrimental about your future, ask them to give you ways of easily changing your energy patterns or vibrations to change the outcome of your future! This should not cost you. It is their responsibility to give you tools to heal yourself. You merely need to change the vibration and the focus. That alone can open up a new possibility - a new potential for your future.


o One or Separate - Creator or Victim
There are two things that you must get clear with yourself - are you One, or are you separate from everything? Are you a Creator, or are you a victim? If you are One, then you have to become One with everything. Unfortunately, there's so much on this planet that you and I would not choose to be One with all that exists today. Unless we change our vibration, we will not see or realize the unlimited choices we have in every circumstance and situation. If I am a Creator, then I can not blame others for my life. I can not save another Creator. I can only help them to realize choices they have not seen before. Why couldn't this work for the world? I know this is a big reality; remember most individuals are trapped in their own beliefs, their own ideas or vibration. They can not see or feel any way out of their own space. Nothing works, they feel trapped, hopeless… We can help guide them to new possibilities and choices. That's what one Creator shares with another - the opportunity to choose.

I am not responsible for the choices of others. I am only responsible to assist them or help them to create a space within which they can create their own choices. To Dream, - isn't that what Dreamers do?




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