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May 2001 Message: Speaking My Truth

  • Scary Talk
  • Gatekeepers -- The Union of Soul and Heart
  • Multidimensionality
  • Being Holographic
  • Clear Light
  • DNA Healing

Scary Talk

What IS scary is what I've been hearing around the country on my travels. It's definitely getting scarier and scarier. Some misguided healers and psychics are spreading a message of fear to their people by telling them things that frighten them without giving them the guidance to understand what's happening -- without empowering their clients to be in control of their own lives. What is the purpose of this?

People are so fragile when it come to understanding spiritual truth. Let's all be gentle and compassionate with the visitors who show up at our world seeking the truth about who they are. Let's treat them as the spiritual masters they are who have merely forgotten their way and forgotten who they are.

Gatekeepers - The Union of Soul and Heart

A Gatekeeper is a being who is interdimensional and allows energy, spirit, and soul to transcend through their vibration and back to Source.

If we draw hundreds of thousands of circles around the Earth, each one of these circles would represent a consciousness -- whether it is war or hate or love or anger or suffering or compassion -- whatever the consciousness is, it affects our vibration. A Gatekeeper finds a vibration within himself or herself that allows energy to move through these consciousnesses. If a soul is lost, needs help, or needs to find its highest vibration, it will be attracted to the light of the Gatekeeper -- whether the Gatekeeper is conscious of it or not. People continue to spiritually evolve whether or not they are conscious of their evolution. bEvery time you love something, every time you come to a completion with some aspect of your life, every time you forgive or find happiness within something that has created suffering, your vibration -- your light -- changes and you become an interdimensional Gatekeeper.

The actual Gate, the portal itself, is between your heart and your soul. The soul is behind the heart, and when you completely open your heart and are totally vulnerable, the heart and the soul merge and create a sphere, and that sphere is a gate with a vibration that draws to itself people, souls, spirits, entities, disincarnate spirits, or any type of energy that is ready to shift and use that gate to move into another vibration, a finer way of being.

In order to be completely open and merge your heart and your soul, you must "get into your body completely" to allow yourself to be open. Once you are open, you cannot close again, and that of course accelerates you into a whole new world -- the world of multidimensionality.


The components of our multidimensionality are that there are no limitations on who we are. The challenge for me is to believe who I am. And to believe who I am without the validation of others.

My multidimensionality allows me to integrate myself with any type of energy -- whether it is the energy of our human reality, or the energy of other realities, such as other life forces like the forests or the animals or even other dimensions that might occupy this space. I believe all dimensions occupy this space simultaneously and that when you are open to these dimensions and allow them to flow through you, your vibration changes.

Part of your Earth experience is to learn how to allow your vibration to become so light, so fine, that you actually become one with all things and separate from nothing. That is what I would consider multidimensionality: to be in alignment with all creation without separation.

Being Holographic

Multidimensionality is the full exploration of the dimensions that we have here on Earth. Most people are two-dimensional: good-bad, light-dark, positive-negative. The last duality that we physically have to master is the balance between our feminine and our masculine. The last spiritual duality is balancing our perceived separation between ourselves and God.

Once you understand that there is no separation between yourself and God, you will become holographic -- you will be one with all things. You can be a rock, you can be the stars, you can be the sky. You can be anything. You don't need your body as a reference point to differentiate between yourself and anyone or anything else. You are one with all things.

Multidimensionality is everything that we have created on the first, second, and third planes. Once you start to discover the third plane and move into the third dimension, it starts to become holographic. So multidimensionality will take you to becoming holographic, and even further into the finer realities. Our reality is already holographic, but it is something we don't recognize because we are not familiar with the energy and existence of that place. All dimensions exist here, and once we don't need our physical body to identify who we are, once we become one with everything, we open up into a holographic universe.

Clear Light

Clear Light is the key. If we use white light, it creates the polarity -- dark light. Clear light is between white and dark light. It is a creative light. It is a light that does not react to good or bad. We are choosing to find a center in dualities. If we attract white light, once that is diminished, the opposite fills in, like a void.

Many metaphysical people go back and forth -- into white light, into dark light, then back to white light. They are being thrown over the whole spectrum of creation. When you stay in the middle, centered in clear light, you are in the light that creation resonates with, so it allows you to be all you are and to not react so traumatically to people being very positive or very negative. It allows you to experience, but gives you more choices. It makes things easier and brings more stability to your own self.

Clear light is the key that allows us a quiet center place where the dualities of this Earth are not so threatening or hurtful. I can have positive and negative energetics around and still attract my lessons, but they won't be so severe; they will be clear and gentle.

Eventually, by being in clear light, your vibration changes and you will no longer react to white or dark light or anybody that is projecting their energy onto you. You will have such a fine vibration that energy will pass through you without causing an emotional reaction from you. You can react if you choose, or you can recognize what it is and choose how to be.

Clear light is the key to what you will have around you and what you will resonate with. You will see this in the Hindu tradition and also in some of the old tantric mystery schools. They knew that there was a balance between white light and dark light.

DNA Healing

DNA healing needs to be really explored. Cancer, for example, is the acceleration of DNA replication and cell division. If we learn techniques of accelerating ourselves and don't completely love ourselves or trust that acceleration, then we energetically start the acceleration -- and then our fears shut it down. Those fears could create cellular distortion. As we love ourselves our DNA heals. We must focus on mastering love for ourselves and allowing ourselves to energetically run all the power in our universe.

In this evolution, the physical body is the last frontier. The spiritual, mental, and emotional aspects of ourselves have to integrate with our physical bodies. This is our test. The physical body is our biggest challenge and our greatest gift. Remember we could have been angels -- we were angels -- but we chose the physical body to experience this lifetime and all these other realities.



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