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Holiday 2000: The Secrets of Heart & Soul Healing

  • Introduction to The Heart of Soul Healing


Introduction to The Heart of Soul Healing

When Spirit called me to lead a conscious life, I journeyed into unknown territories. I was a successful businessman, comfortable in the corporate world, and I entered a multidimensional world of wonder, delight, magic, miracles, transformation, and healing. The changes in my life were quick and permanent. As a spiritual healer, I became the full-time confidante of people¹s private thoughts, hidden secrets, and spiritual yearnings. I shared the stories of my early years in The Traveler and the End of Time (1996). As my journey progressed, little by little I discovered hidden wisdom in the stories of my clients. They showed me why we are here and why our lives unfold in so many different ways. The Way It Works (1997), my second book, explores some of these insights.

The Heart of Soul Healing has been my focus and passion for the last fifteen years. I share everything that I have learned on my healing journey to date. The philosophy, development, and practice of Heart & Soul Healing, the transformational process I developed working with my clients¹ inner spiritual and energetic worlds, is my main focus, but also important is the story of my search for the soul. Why I needed to search, where this led me, and my surprising discovery.

The Heart of Soul Healing is a text book for practitioners of the healing arts. Alternative healers, psychologists, doctors, ministers, counselors, parents, and all those in search of God and Spirit will find this book invaluable, because its healing wisdom is universal.

Spirit gifted me with the process of Heart & Soul Healing (formerly called Multidimensional Cellular Healing), which is a unique way of tapping into the subconscious truth inside each of us. Included in this book are sixty case studies that portray the healing transformation that we can all experience. In these stories, the strength and courage of each human spirit shines through in spite of sad and horrific experiences. These people revealed their divine natures as they persevered until they understood themselves and their creations. It is my hope that the courage, desire, and drive portrayed in these stories will inspire you as they have me.

What I Learned from My Clients

My clients showed me that we use the following concepts to grow spiritually.

  1. We are all Creators.
  2. We have been on the planet Earth for many lifetimes. We came here not only to master unconditional love for ourselves and unconditional compassion for all creation, but also to help balance all collective consciousness..
  3. Each lifetime we disguise ourselves, our companions, and our lessons in order to get a fresh start and a new perspective. In each lifetime we meet again individuals who are important to our mission and purpose.
  4. On some level, we to forget who we are and what our purpose is so that we could experience the joy and power of rediscovering ourselves as Creators.
  5. Everything experienced by one person is experienced by everyone, because we are all energetically linked by the life-force energy that flows through us. Anything that has happened, is happening, or will happen to anyone, is also happening to everyone simultaneously.
  6. We are multidimensional. There is an aspect of each of us in every space, time, plane, and dimension where life-force energy exists.
  7. We store within us as programs any traumatic experiences that we fail to completely understand mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually.
  8. Experiences that we do not fully understand retain an energetic charge and act as subconscious catalysts to draw people and events into our lives that will help us understand what we have created. This understanding is a requirement for spiritual growth because we are here to claim our creations and acknowledge ourselves as Creators in the highest sense.
  9. Once we understand our creations, we have the ability to help balance a specific consciousness, such as the consciousness of war, depression, or fear. The consciousness we agreed to balance is constantly around us. It also acts as a catalyst in our lives, bringing us our greatest challenges and showing us what we have yet to master.
  10. We become candidates for receiving the powers of instantaneous creation, the mark of true Creators, once we achieve unconditional compassion for all the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that make up human consciousness.

These chapters, which you can review or download for free at my website, contain stories detailing how I received this information over fourteen years. Revealed in these stories are techniques of the ancient mystery schools that will open your heart in a new way, allowing the soul and the heart to combine in the Sun of the Golden Merka-Ra. When the heart and the soul open, you will become a bridge to Source and can channel the healing energies of the creation. I share this information with you so that you can become totally empowered.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you wish to use the techniques offered in the first chapters of The Heart of Soul Healing, please be sure to read The Way It Works (free on this site) and center yourself in your pineal gland.



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