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August 2001 Message: Power

  • What Does It Mean to Take Your Power?

  • Sharing Your Thoughts

  • Ken's Thoughts On Power

What Does It Mean to Take Your Power?

Last month I posed a few questions and asked you to share your ideas and insights. The questions I asked were:

What does it mean to take your power? What does it mean to no longer have separation between yourself and God? What does it mean to awaken the Indigo light and vibration within you?

I really appreciated all of you who sent in your views. I will share some of them in this newsletter and more each month.

Sharing Your Thoughts

From Cathy R.: What does it mean to take your power?
For me it means not feeling afraid any more! As a younger women I persistently became involved with abusive men and consequently felt fear and helplessness many many times. Now I am older I find I would rather be without a partner than in a stifling relationship where my needs are not met on any level, where I am not cherished as an equal, where I am not given respect for my individuality.

What does it mean to no longer have separation between yourself and God?
For me it means not feeling so lonely...someone is always listening! For many years, in fact most of my adult life I was spiritually bankrupt and therefore felt an emptiness inside that nothing could fill. Nowadays I am making an effort to build a relationship with my Creator and make my Creator a friend in my life. Like any relationship it has its ups and downs but because there IS a relationship happening I find I am making more powerful and life-fulfilling decisions and treating myself with much more respect.

What does it mean to awaken the Indigo light and vibration within you?
I'm not sure about this one as I have never heard of the concept until today but I do know that I have always been attracted to the colour of Indigo!


From Pascale B., Verfeuil France. What does it mean to take your power?
To take my power means to breath freely and to have my own space. It means to behave as much as I believe deeply with consciousness and compassion. Taking my power means being responsible of myself and trying not to hurt the others. To love mother earth and realize that I am responsible of my karma. To understand my old bad patterns and understand that to face them and transform my old patterns in positive ones is the key of being free and responsible of myself and that way I will find the real freedom.

What does it mean to no longer have separation between yourself and God?
According to me, it means that we are all interdependent and we are all belonging to the cosmos. It means too breath here and now and to be present in reality. My self I consider I have no longer separation between me and the Buddhist philosophy. God is the world around me and mother earth. I belong to that world.

What does it mean to awaken the Indigo Light and vibration within you?
To awaken the indigo light and vibration means to be conscious to create peace and love around us and to love ourselves otherwise we can't love the others. Past is dead and living here and now consciously with love and compassion and deep understanding between one another could develop the indigo light.


From Kent D.: What does it mean to take your power?
To be in my power 100% means that I fully and completely know every aspect of myself - spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically - and that I unconditionally love, trust and honor all of those aspects without reservation. And as we live in a holographic Universe where we all ultimately are part of one another, when I fully and completely know, love, trust and honor myself, I will also fully and completely know, love, trust and honor all other life in Creation. And that is what true power comes from.

What does it mean to no longer have separation between yourself and God?
As part of the "ascension process" or spiritual reintegration process that many of us are going through right now, we are merging our conscious selves with our Higher Selves and Lower Selves (a.k.a. the subconscious or Inner Child). Our Higher Selves is that aspect of us that knows itself to be one with God. As I - my conscious self - merge with my Higher Self, I will on a more and more conscious level know myself to be one with God.

And as I know myself to be one with God, to be one with the Universe, it will be much more difficult to stay in judgment of others. My compassion and empathy will be able to grow tremendously, and I will be more prone to honor life in all of its forms.

What does it mean to awaken the Indigo light and vibration within you?
Indigo is the color of the Brow Chakra, inner awareness, intuition, imagination, etc. We contact our Higher Self and Inner Child through going within. Thus to me, awakening the Indigo light and vibration means becoming more attuned to my Higher Self and Inner Child and thus speeding up the process of reintegrating the three parts of myself into a whole and fully conscious entity that is one with God and all life in the Universe. Awakening to the Indigo light and vibration within gives me an express route to self-healing, self-empowerment and ending the separation between myself and God.

From Sarah, What does it mean to take your power?
Taking your power is simply honoring self. Recognizing what does and does not nurture you. the inside you. all decisions, actions and reactions are based on nurturing self. This equals empowered living.

What does it mean to no longer have separation between yourself and God?
This is a result of taking your power. Your spiritual birthright is immediately known and revealed to you and your contract with "God" is understood. When that occurs, you are in complete harmony - sync - with "God" and with your spiritual plan on earth. (Many have a mystical experience when no separation between yourself and God occur and say that they have touched the face of God and therefore can never be the same).
My personal experience is that I had been "birthed" by the mother, and delivered by "the father" and was held deep within his heart/love. Do I feel separate any longer? no way!! Can I ever go back to the way I use to be prior to my mystical experience?? no way!

What does it mean to awaken the Indigo light and vibration within you?
This awakening moves a soul from individualization, to group consciousness or the collective consciousness. Work in spiritual realms (such as healing, readings, classes, etc.) now elevate to what is good for the "group" rather than for individuals within the group. The Indigo light is a group conscious raising light that benefits change for all mankind both spiritually and earthly.

From Julei B., Toronto.
For myself, taking power began as a child finding and building "semi-permeable" boundaries for myself and eventually finding ways to teach/guide others to do so in small ways with daily practice. This refers to the property of selective filtration: letting in what is beneficial and keeping out what is not - as conscious choice with full compassion and Heart knowledge. My work brings me to many situations as 'midwife' in the literal pregnancy sense and the spiritual/metaphorical. I do childbirth work and community work where my role is to hold simply sacred space to honour and open space for spiritually-aware 'birthings', healings, and ceremonies. In this, I aim to place ego aside and serve to the best and highest interest of all. I love this work! It has permitted me to be a serve in people's lives in meaningful ways and honour my skills and purpose. When I serve in this manner, I feel fully connected to Spirit. My coworkers call it 'birth high."

Awakening Indigo light flows from this - or perhaps this flows from sourcing Indigo light. I know I feel different when this sourcing is 'on'. My children access it too - they are amongst those newer conscious ones arriving within the space Indigos have established. It is a privilege to share life with all the ones like this - and in childbirth work, I am seeing more and more of them.

From Kita: What does it mean to take our power?
It is my understanding that to take our power is to master our own existence with heart and awareness: to express the power of love and no longer the love of power through any of our breaths, thoughts, words and deeds; to love ourselves with unconditional love and thus any other living being (human beings, animals, plants, rocks, house, car, ...); to be aware that we co-create every single event that is happening in our life; that there is no victim; to be joyful, compassionate, grateful, peaceful whatever the event we face; to love without any judgment our dark inner spaces to transmute them; to be aware that we are responsible for any of our words/deeds/choices; to be aware that what we think is what we create; to be aware that we have always the choice; to listen to our intuition; to live our sexuality with heart and consciousness as a springboard towards the other multidimensional aspects of ourselves; to be aware that the perception of! the outer world reflects our inner world (the outer world reflects our inner world and vice versa); to know that what we give is what we receive; to know that like attracts like; to treat the others as we would like to be treated (other humans, animals, the plants, our house, car, etc.); to be aware that there is no separation; to be aware that when we eat we merge with the spirit of the animal/plant, likewise when we drink; to be aware that there is no separation from the Source and therefore that we are unlimited; to embody all the lifetimes in this one.

What does it mean to no longer have separation between myself and God?
Separation is just an illusion we have chosen to believe in for our experience on Earth. It is just an experience. However there is no such thing as separation between the Source/God/Great Spirit/Allah,... and us, for we have always been, are, and will be always connected direct to the Source: we are incarnated divine sparks having an experience on Earth in a human form. The divine spark we originated from chose as a vehicle a soul which chose the physical body we have in this life time. Therefore we all carry within the divine spark of unconditional love and light, all of us, every single atom in the universe. Thus we are all multidimensional beings connected to each others. Therefore there is no separation between us and any other particles/atoms in the Universe. So this is why for me there is no separation, it is only a question of perception we have chosen to believe in or not.

What does it mean to awaken the Indigo light and vibration within us?
Awakening the indigo light and vibration within us and thus all around us, is for me, to develop our inner vision, our innate sense of discernment, to enlarge our awareness on our unlimitedness; it is also to bring spirit into matter through our sexuality, words, thoughts and deeds; to be aware that at anytime we CO-create with our soul the reality that we experience (in other terms that our soul manifests every single event which occurs in our life).

Ken's Thoughts on Power

For the last few years I have spent four to five hours each night in a lucid dreaming state. When I used lucid dreaming to explore taking my power and being one with everything I saw, flashbacks from history appeared in my mind's eye -- images of governments, churches, groups, people -- all who had misused their power -- including myself. These reoccurring images lasted for a few weeks and showed me the part that I had played in the misuse of power and the ideas that were stopping me from mastering my true power.

In this conscious dream state, I continued to state that I wanted to take my power. I didn't question why I had to do this, I just knew that this was part of my journey, and I let the process continue.

Every night for over a year, I repeated this process, saying over and over that I was powerful. The more powerful that I became the quieter my mind and soul became. I came to a point where there was no more internal resistance to taking my power. There was a quiet knowing that there was no separation or fear of any kind. But more importantly, there was no separation between God and myself.

In my lucid dreaming process I sought to find balance with what it means for me to take my power and be one with everything without separation. When I am one with all life, there is no resistance with other energies. Karma and Dharma do not exist in the way that they have been experienced in the past. The future will be the challenge because energy principles will not work the way we have used them before.

I realized that God (or Source or Consciousness) does not put limitations on its creative ability. It was always me who limited my ideas and power to correspond to the time of my life that I was currently in. By no longer separating myself from God and limiting my creative abilities, Karma and Dharma no longer played the same roles in my life.

Our new reality opens a space for other vibrations and dimensions to be present and to help change the 3rd dimension as we have known it -- giving us more freedom to create. I believe the last spiritual duality in our three dimensional reality is the belief that we are separate from God.



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