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August 2000: New Template

*Sensitivity to Electricity - Sweden
*How to Heal
*Communicating with Higher Self

*Sensitivity to electricity - Sweden*
*How to Heal*

As you read this, I should be in Sweden, deep in the forest, staying in a beautiful cabin -- no water, no electricity, no indoor plumbing -- and no T.V. (ahh!!!). For the last two years, I've been working with people in Sweden who are sensitive to electricity. They cannot be around any electricity at all -- not even batteries in a watch. There have been major changes in these folks in the last two years. Some of them have been living alone in the forest for 5 - 7 years. They can't go to the store or be around cars, telephones or any kind of machines. These people are also sensitive to other people and their energy fields. Their isolation is so sad.

Here are some of the things this group had in common:
€ All the mercury fillings from their teeth were removed at once or very quickly. It appears this created quite a shock to their bodies. Some of the substitute dental fillings were not much better. This was done in late 1980 or early 1990. Some of them had to replace them again.
€ After the replacement, there was a very traumatic event in their lives -- a relationship breakup, death of a loved one, job change, accident or other stressful event.
€ After the above, their health changed almost overnight. They became tired, depressed and overly sensitive to everyday stimuli. They no longer could differentiate between themselves and others. Then electricity and chemicals began to affect their fields. Their electrical magnetic fields were fractured.

Sweden has one of the highest groups of people with this condition on earth. There are thousands of people with this problem today.

So here's what I think is going on with these people in Sweden -- and this is not scientific. There's a metal plate in the ocean around Sweden -- a large natural iron ore deposit off shore. I believe it affects people's electromagnetic fields because of how close Sweden is to the North Pole. I also believe it's there to help keep the North pole in alignment.

I was able to help my clients in Sweden by doing a Heart & Soul Healing session with them and giving them my clearing techniques to practice -- thinking clear, pulling their fields in, loving what they don't like about themselves You can find this technique on my web site (, or in my book, The Way It Works, chapter 8 (also on my web page).

People talk about love. My clients say in an altered state that they are using 90% of all their energy subconsciously to keep themselves out of love. There is a part of us that must feel love is not safe. Think about that. Basically, in most of our past relationships something went wrong. This is not even considering the possibility of relationships in past lives. There are a lot of us that don't feel it's safe to be totally open or totally vulnerable to others or ourselves.

Question: how do you know how to love more than you have experienced? Answer: You don't. Next question: How many times do you have to love yourself before you believe it? Is it 10 or 100 or 1000 or 10, 000 or a million times. Only you and God know. The great news is you only have to love yourself 1% more than you've ever felt and it can change your life forever.

When I work with my clients, and they are in an altered state, the average person says that at the age of 3 years old, a part of them said "I don't want to be here." "Here" meaning in their body on Earth. It's like their spirit looked around and said "I'm out of here." Well, a lot of us can relate to this. In the last year, how many of you have said "I don't want to be here"? As a matter of fact, some people say it all the time. -- "I don't like this place." "I want to go home." (Where ever that is.)

What if at the age of 3 years old a part of us subconsciously pushed our energy fields out to protect our physical body from others controlling or hurting us. Most people's energetic fields are out yards, or blocks or even further. Everything in their fields affects them and their nervous system. Do you realize that if we are able to bring our fields in, we would have a choice about what to feel or not to feel? Freedom.

What if our spirit has been watching us for all these years, like a part of God watching us. What if we became spiritually aware of this part watching us? We, in some way, would be striving to bring this part of ourselves back in to our physical body. This is what I call INscension. Is it possible that until we love every part of ourselves we will never feel whole or at one with ourselves?

This is what I shared with my friends in Sweden and it has helped them to regain their own space and their own lives. Heaven on Earth is being safe in your own body -- unconditional with yourself. To love what you don't like about yourself and to be in the moment of that beauty. Wouldn't the Fathers and Mothers of life be proud of us?

This work in Sweden was physically challenging for me. Each time I worked with a client it was like they were using my energy field as a template or map to rebuild their own. (I wonder if that's not what each one of us do when we help others.) People whose fields are so badly damaged don't know how to feel the oneness of God inside themselves. A person who allows themselves to be totally present, who loves themselves unconditionally, and has unconditional compassion for others will create a new template for the world. Remember when Jesus, Buddha or others reached that space, there were millions of people on earth. As you reach this space, there are 6.5 billion people. You are creating a new template for the next dimension or vibration of life -- a new template of mankind balancing the male and female.

On my last workshop tour, which would include my trip to Sweden, I was doing a workshop in Vermont, USA when and I received an e-mail from my Swedish sponsors. They outlined specific demands and changed our agreement completely. They finished by telling me that if I did not agree to all their conditions in 48 hours that they would cancel my events -- 2 weekend workshops, a 6 day Practitioner Training and 70 private healing sessions. They waited until I left home, betting I would have no choice but to agree to their demands. The next days were some of the saddest times for me. Knowing I could not agree to their terms. It was clearly blackmail. How could I put myself in a situation like this and stay for a month working under these conditions?

The only thing I could think about was not being there for those who needed me. My techniques and my healing work had changed so many lives the past two times I had visited Sweden. Why did this come down this way? And why is there this kind of energy around healing work? We know it's about power and control, greed, jealousy, betrayal, honor, humility and boundaries. These have certainly been some of my issues in the past. It's interesting how I've continued to attract this kind of energy. (TEST. TEST. TEST. TEST.) But most of all, it's about balancing the male and female. Most people could not have canceled this trip. I have lost a month's worth of income. It is strange how money forces us to do things we don't like or can hurt us. Some people would say money means freedom.

What I have gained from this experience is the knowing that I have a choice and with this choice there is freedom. I have received many answers from my Higher Self in the last few weeks and feel this experience was a true blessing. I have been given other ways to help the people who need me -- ways I would have never looked at if this had not happened.

I would like to share an easy technique for communicating with your Higher Self. This is what I used when I had questions about the situation in Sweden.

*Communicating With Our Higher Self*

Many people tell me they cannot communicate with their Higher Self. They do not trust what they hear from their own inner voice -- if they can hear one at all -- and so they seek answers about their lives from others.

How does our Higher Self communicate with us? Most of us communicate with our Higher Self through our subconscious mind using a major sensory modality -- we either see, hear, or feel. If weıre having a conversation with someone who needs to visualize information, while we need to feel things, we could easily misunderstand each other even if weıre expressing the same idea. Most of us are kinesthetic -- we feel the answers from our Higher Self with our whole body; but others may see or hear their information.

Trusting our feelings is a problem for many of us. We donıt trust or listen to our feelings or our inner voice because of past situations when weıve been hurt. The first feelings or impressions that come to us, however, are messages from our Higher Self and need to be honored and trusted.

I have a simple exercise to connect you with your Higher Self. Once you are familiar with this technique you can use it confidently to answer any questions about your life. You do have all your answers within you.

For this exercise, sit at a table with paper and pen. First, clear and quiet your mind by focusing on a point on a wall straight ahead. Hold your head level and shift only your eyes so youıre looking up at a point on the ceiling. This will quiet your mind immediately.

When your mind is quiet, write down the question "Why am I here on Earth?" Then ask the question quickly three times, either to yourself or out loud:
Why am I here on Earth?
Why am I here on Earth?
Why am I here on Earth?

Always write down the first answer that comes to you. The answer may come as a word, picture, or feeling. You will usually get answers like to love, teach, learn, play, heal, or share.

If the answer is "to love," find out what it really means by writing another question to your Higher Self. Whatever the words were that you received, write the next question using these words, always pertaining to why you are here on Earth. Ask, for example, how do I love? How do I teach? How do I heal? What does love mean? What am I supposed to be teaching? What am I supposed to share? Always keep your questions simple and use as few words as possible.

As you write your question, clear your mind and repeat the question three times -- out loud or in your mind -- just as you did the first time. Then write down your answer again.

Letıs say the sequence went like this:
Why am I here on Earth? To love.
What does love mean? It means to take your power.
What does taking my power mean?

Continue this process using the key words from your answer to create a new question. Write down everything that comes to you even if itıs strange. Go as fast as you can and donıt think about it. Keep writing and asking questions until you start to write continuously.

Do this for five minutes and then look at what youıve written. Your answers will give you the key to why you are here on Earth and what youıve been creating. You can use this same process to answer any questions you have.

So I have a question for you:

Until September -- wear sunscreen and remember you don't have to do anything. Love yourself. Remember how to play and have fun and laugh at yourself. Be silly.



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